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This was Piers Morgan just before I was on his show. Do you condemn Hamas? No, no, that's not quite right. Do you condemn Hamas? too soft? What is wrong with me today? If only they knew the sheer difficulty of my job?

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Who's there? Who is it? The guest is waiting piers. We're going live in five. Just a moment. I need to get these lines down a few moments later, Muhammad hijab, the controversial pro Palestine influencer with nearly a million YouTube subscribers.

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Or more was Hindi.

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Why did the word controversial come into play? I think you'll controversial. So you. Yeah, I wouldn't as always the ambassador. Why didn't you introduce her in that manner? I'm happy to say that to many people. Her views would be controversial. So why don't you introduce me as the Oxford graduate journal introduces? Yes. Okay. Or not for graduate? Go ahead. I'm saying give me a source. Yeah. You know, for Well, you've been fired from the Daily Mirror for fake images. And you can look me in the eye. You said the Jews are now

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don't intimidate me. Don't bully me. Don't intimidate me.

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Say it.

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Let me let me get the answer. The Unholy schmoly won't let me speak right.

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He can sit there and talk about all these things where the IDF his son Mende is being attacked by vibrated by the the rockets and he's selling him in the store selling by virgins for public emotion. notamment says apartheid laws No, there's no apartheid, the apartheid. So the explain that.

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You can go to Spain and show that if you have to ancestry they give you citizenship. That's Israel. Jewish. No, every listen. The country Arabs will know Muhammad Muhammad let me let me see.

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We live in a Christian country with a sovereign Head of State as a Christian, I'm a Jew. I never felt alienated from the fact that this is a Christian country. Arabs live as equal citizens.

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I see people on the Israeli side and on the Palestinian side and they scream at each other all day long. Right. They say some things that are right, some the whatever is involved in it. Well, you both said to me before we sat down, definitely take absolve themselves 100 to one ratio of being killed in Gaza. This seems to be acceptable to schmoly I'm holding smaller speak to be acceptable to him. Listen, it's even better the way Muhammad said it could be unholy schmoly the unholy schmoly such as even better than

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you say solution I well, you know,

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defend Hamas as a terrorist organization that just went and killed 1200 people burned them alive, beheaded them took Twitter

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You can get culture head into the debate and Congress.

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This man is being more slippery. He'd be more slippery than the lubricants that he sells in his daughter's sex shop. And that's the reality of the situation.

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Excuse me, no, you will not interrupt me if you will not interrupt it. You will not you will not you will not bully me you will not drop me. I am not afraid

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he will defend butchery running away savage route are you running? Why are you running? I hope you defeat this guy because he doesn't represent us we want to live we want to have good luck. We want to be religious or want to eat but we want to die from

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your Islam Mr. Muhammad Muhammad a question we asked Muhammad

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no democracy then becomes free to criticize.

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I gave you a great opportunity here. We give you a try and read this Come on. Well, fine. You can send me like give you an audience.

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I found that a quite a dispiriting. I've got to be honest with you.

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