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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah all praise and thanks, gratitude and grace are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Much welcome to you all friends, peace be upon you, around you, and may peace emanate in all that you do. Welcome to prophetic legacy, part two. Today we are in our second edition. And I want to jump right in. Our first episode was exciting, and I'm very happy for you all. But in today's recording, I want to get to some content. As in our last episode, we introduced prophetic dynasty one an academic study, a more scholarly look at the lives of the prophets that came before Muhammad peace be upon him and how

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their messages related. Then we looked at the seal of the nectar, the Seal of prophethood, the seal Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, who came and close the door of prophethood, we looked at 99 characteristics or adjectives through which you could describe Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, up to this point, and I hope now what I'm extending to you is that you've developed a belief and acknowledgement and an admiration for your Creator. It's not some distant God, who you don't know and has emotional outbursts burst and retaliation against you. That's not the God that you've developed to know through the personality of his employees. I'll take a number one if that made

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sense. Were you able to grasp or better perceive your Lord by meeting those whom he sent as his employees? Absolutely.

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For so for you all here today, our goal and our objective is to take the next step, take that relationship, positive relationship with God, recognize he sent us many, many prophets, Jesus being amongst the last, and then we'll Hamad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam coming with that point established, I would hope that you all would be able to make the next leap. Well, I need a continuous miracle God, your prophets brought miracles and they themselves were miracles, Mohammed Jesus Tao, would you Jonah, Moses, Abraham, God's peace and blessings beyond them all. They all naturally were a miracle and brought miracles to the earth. But what else extension did I have from

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God, that I could continue this communication, and that is today's conversation, the world on the legacy of prophethood of Muhammad, peace be upon him comes through the living organic

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book that we have the Koran and why I call it living in organic, we'll come up to it momentarily. So today, let's jump into our conversation. Peace be upon you all joining us. And for those of you who are catching us in a more formal setting, go ahead and jot it down. Today's topic, what is does the Koran have to say about itself? And we added four or five points to this conversation in a previous episode, but I want you to feel confident here. What does the Quran have to say about itself? We're going to talk about it today.

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As well who don't want to worry a lot that

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someone wants to look that up? We want to recognize that God has said this is a declaration for all of mankind. Haha, Diana Linda. So what does the Quran have to say about itself? And then I would like to transition into the main meat of today's conversation being today's main focus being what is the Quran? So if you're okay, let's put that down in our chat box. That's our discussion for today. And if we can tail end out with finishing what the Quran is, so this is going to be a lot of stats, a lot of numbers and almost trying to stencil out what is this cosmic divinely inspired revelation? What is it? So that's we come today surah bacala and Surah Al e Imran are in Medina. And that's

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another so I said too complicated word surah which is there are 114 sections in the Koran. And and then I said revealed in Medina. So we're going to get to that today. What is the origin where How was it revealed? And I don't want to get into the reality where it was revealed to what time what people don't want to get there. So if you want to put yourself into a framework for today, that is going to be what is the Quran have to say about itself, you know that it is declared

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I am a declaration for all of mankind, the Quran is for everyone. Well who don't want mozzarella? Now, there's there's an interesting part here because not everyone is going to appreciate the message that God spoke to us through a book. But God doesn't single out

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that he's talking to one person or a single group. And it's a declaration for all of mankind. And to me, that is a God who's reaching out to all of us. What does the Quran have to say about itself? It says it's from God. It said that these are the words of God and I don't want to I'm going to try not to make this emotional. So please ponder pontificate. How would it be if you heard God reciting his words? Right, that's in fathomable. So then ask yourself What did the angels say when they heard God reciting the Quran? Assalamualaikum Dillard Jeevan family Good to have you with us. Good to have everyone joining us. So the question today, what does the Quran have to say about itself? And I'll

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just keep saying it says, I am the text the speech from God, I am unfettered I am unchanged. I am sent down to you through the angel Gabriel, which is not a new character to the story. And he brought the message of the Koran in an Arabic form in an Arabic language to the people of its time, it was

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to the people of its time.

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Pardon friends.

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I will be lying in a shape on our team. Okay, so we seem to have hit one small technical glitch on sound but I'm going to push forward. I'm going to push forward and pray that we have

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a secondary sound so let's see where that if I can bring in some sound for everyone. Thank you everyone.

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The last point that I tried to make I don't know how much of a gap there was in sound, but the last point that I tried to make is that God said these words. What does the Quran have to say about itself? I am the words of God sent to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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There we go. topic to to conclude today. What is the Quran? So if you would with me, my live audience, go ahead, feel free to tell me what is the Quran? And I'm going to start with and start peeling away the yes there is the very initial answer. So let's start there. We have said that God

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took ownership of this bull on hammy, one time

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and in Surah, Yusuf de

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kita Moby

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God refers to it as his book God refers to it the book with no doubt God refers to it the self evident book God refers to it as a

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something that he will preserve that he will protect. A lot of them are in Allah The kirika

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was sugar liquor was nearby the tickets a supplication it's a prayer that I'm doing. So I'm pulling up a verse for all of us to look at and then let's let's end this discussion. I a 137.

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of surah Allah Emraan Pasquale, it will probably come sooner noon four zero fill out the form today. Okay, if I can activated mocha de bien. io 138 surah Ali marohn. So there's the opening chapter. Then there's that largest surah in the Quran largest section and then after that is Surah Al e Imran, the family of Iran. And as you go through the story in Isaiah 138, verse 138, you will see God saying how the biannual Linda's will who don't want to deal with the team in the previous recitation, I said more than that, that is my mistake. I think we can all understand that. Oh, thank you, Rhonda. Thank you so much. info rock, CA for an for land. Oh, I love it in Ronda Thank you so

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much. They'll call on Roger, good to see you was the Quran is the word called La gore and por la Koran, which means to do something over and over Torah to read over and over and over. I love it. So the Quran has to say so much about itself. I would like to say now

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Please type in reved r e VVD for Ramadan, part one and facebookers YouTubers and any other platform you're catching this on a much younger me, I had a wonderful part one and I really appreciated it a lot. So if you want to check that out you can as a lot more to say about what the Quran has to say about itself. Let's jump in today facebookers I am going to have to pause you for a moment to give you a little bit of a power source. But let's start filling it in. I would like to first say and then we'll move to before I lose you on battery for all of us. Let's work together on this. What is the Quran? The Koran is the unchanged, unfettered speech of God revealed to mankind through the

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angel Gabriel to Mohammed a prophet who was not able to read or write.

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That is what is the Koran it is divine speech, it is God's word revealed we don't want to say inspired, revealed to a man Mohammed peace be upon him unable to read or write the unlettered prophet. It was a book revealed to him, is that a fair definition for you guys to start with? And if you would, you all will wait with me here. It's a very, we're in a live environment, I'm going to move friends to get you all a battery. But does that work for you? A manual for mankind, Mona, I still have to establish that it's for from God. Right. So once, once I've, once I've established that it's from God, I can I can do a lot more from there. So I will be lying in a shape on a regime

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greatly appreciate your patience, we all need a charger of some time or another. For everyone out there who's looking for a definition that's been given already not going to do it. What is the Quran calama law this or that not going to touch it with a 40 inch stick guys, I'm not going to involve myself because that's what this legacy project is about is taking the discussion out of the books. And every human being who believes should be able to say, what is the Quran and that's my goal. So once we get into the cat's cradle, does that make sense to you? Once we get into the web, but game the game of well, this person said this and this person said that that will be stuck here pretty

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much forever? And that might also answer the question for you all. Why don't more people talk about the Quran? Why aren't there more discussions on what's the Quran? How many is internet? How many lines and verses because we can get caught up in the cat's cradle of discussion. It's a it's a string game you play when you're a kid jumping back in, you'll be learning in a shade la new regime. The war on is the book that's read over and over? It is God's message speech talking Gollum, I don't really I'm not touching it. It is the communication from the divine source. And I really wish that you could

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make that a very big part of what the Koran is, it is a communication. So would you if you drew an enormous circle here, if you drew a circle and said, God is outside of the universe, unlimited independent, God then reached into the universal portal through the cosmos, and said, I'm going to talk to you all. God is beyond words comprehension, size, shape, time, liquidity, but God chose to talk. This to me is one of the biggest things that the Quran is a communication from God. But then that leads the human brain but Whoa, how did God talk to you and how can we don't talk to everyone? Okay, you go to the next step. have other people said that, oh, this thing I have is a speech of

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God. Yes. Other people have claimed to talk to God, and so Musashi Salaam, an example did talk to God and brought back miracles. So can we define that the one the prophet who is able to claim that X, Y or Z is from God must be able to break physical law? Isn't that that's fair, right, he's going to be able to break one of the chemical thing or one of the sole physical laws that God has set into the universe. fire burning, dead coming back to life blood to

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the frogs, the Locust various punishments and miracles. They break physical loss, bleeding the moon, if I may take the Locust and frog back. That's more of a split slip, slip of the tongue. I'm not referring to that as a that's a mis categorization. That's not the miracle. I was

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referring to. So it is a communication from God. And number two, are you willing to jump in and say, Well, how did the communication get to us? It was sent by a, a character we've known through the millennia, would you agree? Gabriel Gibran email

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jubo la isla de la isla there are multiple pronunciations for Gibraltar l in ashrafi. Rod. Anyone want to chime in to the comments on that jubo Isla de voto E and not want to mispronounce it, there are multiple variant pronunciations and recitations of his name. So Gabriel jibba el, we know him. And then in comes this third component, which wouldn't you agree without a law give Gibraltar el and the third character, a definition of the Quran would not be complete? I really like the way we're going. I like where we're going with this. In order to start the legacy and have the discussion about Quran itself. Do we need to include the post delivery guy on a is Salatu? Was Salam Excuse me,

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I'm trying to I'm I'm irritating you here a little does the delivery person Salaam audio Salaam matter to what the package is? In most cases it doesn't. Except in this case, this is not just a delivery, it's a full installation.

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So Mohammed sallallahu wasallam came to deliver the Koran, or fully installed the Koran. Boom, first.

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This is our first, I guess, shift in the way that we're going to look at this. Number two. So are do we all agree on this? That the Koran is a communication from God? How did the communication get to us? through a portal of divinity? meaning God gave it to the angel the angel went through the light spheres, the universe, whatever you want to Star Wars, you can fill in the sci fi part of this, the angel had to get there. Is that okay with you guys, you want to fill in the sci fi part of this. The angel had to get to our universe somehow. Okay, he's made of light. He traveled faster than light, X, Y and Z. Was there some entry point? Like, go ahead and give yourself the surrounding? Does he

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have to enter our atmosphere? Does he appear? Did they act? Do they like fly here? So you're like, oh, wow, this but this event took place. You have to establish that mystical element in a neurological way. You have to be able to stop and say, Okay, this doesn't just happen once. mystically, this was a constant journey. So can we go to the next stage here? How long did the Koran come down in so yes, you know this already? So did the angel come down be like, hey, Mohamed, Salah LaGuardia, what's up? Here you go, God delivery dong, dong grata gram? Is that what happened? And of course, because if you can laugh at that, then I can kind of poke you a little to say, but why don't

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you see something, you should be able to fill the gap and then say, Oh, no, he came over 23 years, six months and three days, let's like to try to get down to it. 23 years and six months, the angel came and reviewed and said, God said, there's a pretty big deal. I think you're all with me on that.

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So what is it communication from God, transmitted through the angel? Now this is where belief gets involved. You can't see an angel, but you definitely believe in it. Can you use

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it? maronna? Good question. Why didn't God speak directly? And and now look at the irana a simple question, why why not simple but early question. Why didn't God talk to him directly? Friends, what's the size difference just in terms of text between the 10 commandments and the 632 pages of Quran? So right off the bat, I think we can say it would have been really hard for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to receive all the grant the same time. But I think in bronto, what you're doing for us is you're kind of hinting at the well, well if it was just for all mankind, why didn't just come down to all at once? Because why did let's deep go into that 23 Why did the Quran come down

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over 23 years? Right?

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Talk to me here. So let's split those 23 years, six months in a few days into

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the first

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Heart of Revelation, which was revealed in the city of Makkah, we don't want to get into historical geographical stuff right now. It was in the middle of the desert there. It was mcca, a hustling and bustling city at the time. There God revealed the first revelation. And Can anyone tell me how many years of revelation came consistent in Medina to in Makkah, how many years were in makup. So I want to keep moving here. So, over 23 years, God communicated via an angel to the Prophet peace be upon him unable to read or write in various situations, and this is where I got. I don't think most people know this. Everyone just assumes, like God just said, and beat your wives and have four of

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them and fight and kill the infidel. And they're all just came at once. Isn't that a convenient narrative though? angley God smashes things are right, it's too convenient. So

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can we in our next installment ask? So was war something foreign? To the people of the time? Right? I don't want to get into that. But was it absolutely foreign to have

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four or more wives? Was the four cap actually a cap, it was putting a cap on men would have multiple wives and the society at the time was being reformed and Quran came as a reform, not as something backwards and old. But that's a question. Did they fight wars? In Ronda a lot of wars, lots of wars. They fought wars the way we watch NFL Monday Night Football. Why do I say it like that? The people would show up to battle. And if you ask the teenager, the youngster amongst the battle, what are you fighting for? My dad to mukamal Yo, yo, who bought the bus some caps? Right? It just became a tribal, it became a generation after generation. Oh, they fought war was a very normal thing. They

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would bring their women and children and wealth out, kind of like wearing all your jewelry to an Instagram photo shoot. Like they would flex. There was elaborate singing, there was people who would rap battle at the beginning. You know, I'm not making this up friends. I don't got time to waste here. They would send out the best of the poets from the Bloods and the best of the poets from the Crips, you know, whatever, battling sides, and then they would go out and they would diss each other and I'm not joking here. If I could diss your family. Oh, if I could dis your your wife. Whoa, but the lowest, lowest level

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to anyone could go Does anyone know this? What's the lowest level you could go? You'd be like after your mama jokes and after your, your your face is ugly. What would you do? You will cut out someone's horse. Your for your horse? got fat ankles. I didn't want to say it. But your horse has got fat ankles, and like both sides and then No, you're like what? Literally both sides. Whoa. And in some cases, I'm just trying to get into the mind here so you can watch just a little scene. In some cases, certain skirmishes little battles, a little like a turf. beefs would get squashed. And no fighting would take place because one MC would totally destroy the other one poet would put the

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other one in his place. For real guys for real Like what? Could I make this stuff up? like really? sat there and be like, yo, how can I make Jay Z and NAS be fit into this era? A lot of friends look up the history. That's what I'm trying to say is. So now you're laughing and you're enjoying but now if I said and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in order to consolidate power and upon the consolidate his enemies, he fought battles. This was not foreign to them. They weren't they the Muslims were not a terrorist organization, plotting and plundering against people.

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big shift, what is the Quran? It is a real time communication through the portal of gibreel alayhi salaatu wa Salaam to the

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trustworthy. Honorable Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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Are you seeing it? Do you see the fact that the God of the heavens and the earth so I will say this point once and I hope not to overwhelm you with it. The God of the heavens and the earth we human beings have egos the size of our

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Mount Everest, we are stubborn we are worse than mules.

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And we judge God. We do that God

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who has every right to be above prideful, full of who's worthy of arrogance, that God decided to reach out through the cosmic portal and speak to mankind. Does that sound blackmailing to you? Am I emotionally blackmailing you there? At that point to me settles a lot. If you're the God that the universe right now the world's like summit, they perceive God as angry. If you're that angry God, do you reach out through the divine portal and reach through the cosmos to a little circle in the middle of that desert?

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What is the Quran? Allahu Akbar? Allahu Akbar. Thank you Allah. And again, there's my bias. There is my spiritual inspiration. Oh, I can feel it. I'm not trying to go there with you. I am trying to say I am trying to make a connection for you today. So that we can all conclude what is the Quran, it is the continuous it is the communication that took place in real time. I II.

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When I say real time, can you all give me some examples of before the Persians fought the Romans. So this is like a bookie you know, watching from outside, the Persians are his greatest superpower versus the Romans greatest superpower at the time, or fighting each other and the four onset fee builds largely seen within this many years, these this group will become dominant, I don't want to get into it specifically. It's sudo rooms who are 30, you can read just the first three verses, section 30. And when you do, you will recognize that God's not revealing like in the future, you're all going to go in the hereafter. God's talking in the now this will happen, or Muhammad peace be

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upon him frowned at the daily pressure of a blind man asking him and him losing out on a conversation he found. God said, I've asked how what the one law that does that does that give you shivers? God said after the power Prophet peace be upon him frowned at a blind demand, who was asking him a question will. He was talking to some influential person, he was talking to some influential person amongst the poorest. And a blind man wanted to talk to him, he couldn't see that he was talking. And as this person came, you know, the social lights don't want to mix with the riffraff and they went away. A sense of the face came over him. God then revealed after he made the

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face, obviously, what the one law? And who am I a surah? ad is an ad. So what am I asking you? Is it a communication of some tangible far distant God? No, it's a God who understands our emotions, our feelings, and is talking to them in the now. Now there's a little bit of a line here. I don't know if you want to cross it with me. Well, God talk to them in the real God talk to them in real time, but he's not talking to us in real time. And no spiritual or emotional blackmail here. I'm asking you could you handle God talking to you in the real time? rent facebookers could you live the life you live right now? Knowing that God was speaking through a portal in the real if God mentioned

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something and revealed something about the flat earthers and Logan Paul

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as a you know, something

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we'll be able to take that you will be able to handle that.

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I have thought about that on many occasion. Would you be able what side of history would you fall on? If you were just born at the time of the Prophet peace be upon him not Muslim or not? Right? You were just born you live in Makkah. Now your social status what you know about God your parents, your self resolve, whether you are a strong willed person that's all going to affect whether you believe in God or not. So

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is God speaking in the real time? Enough of a miracle? Yeah, it is. It is. We we all don't want to deal with having to God speaking in the real time the guilt shame regret that we deal with Mona are we are we here on this guy's I feel like it. I'm good with knowing. 1400 years ago, God said all these things and I'm like, yep, I'll tell you this.

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Very few. Because if anyone wants to cross the line with me you can I'm leaving it to you but to you, my,

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my friends,

00:30:11--> 00:30:19

friends, do you believe that you would be able to change all the the things that are ill right now?

00:30:21--> 00:30:53

I believe that I would just brush it under the rug, just like any other miracle. So I know that's hard. And you're like, Wow, that's so no, bro like you're missing the point. The people who saw the water split with Moses, I saw Islam. They were worshiping a golden calf in 40 days or so either I have to be judgmental, be like, Oh, those crazy but he is real. I'm so much better than they are.

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I feel like God was telling me about human psychology. God was telling me about what humans are capable of. Not Jews. And I hope that's another because if I'm correct, I quoted you What does the Quran have to say about itself? Have that biannually know leanness? This is a declaration for all of mankind. Well, who don't and a guidance and a miracle and a mower a law living with the team for the mower a lot doodle living with the team.

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For those who are God conscious, aware of God's mercy and fearful of his punishment.

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So is the grand teaching me to hate Jews? All those Jews? And all those Christians all they're so emotional? You that's, that's what God told me?

00:31:46--> 00:32:02

Of course not. But have we allowed our human emotion to then tell me what the Quran is saying? Thank you, I really liked the way today is going. So friends, I know this may be a little like, it may have been a few pieces. And it's not as

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professional if it is that for you. But it's really working for me. So if you can go with me here that what is the Koran, it is a standing testament, a declaration, a communication from God, that was in the real time. Another thing that happened in the real time a historical event, please tell me if I'm wrong here. Like you also believe that there's a historical event, not just a Muslim event, US hobble feel the birth, the year of the birth of Muhammad peace be upon him, a man came to attack Mk. The city, specifically trying to destroy the black box because the black box called the gabaa was an enormous tourist magnet. I mean, it was built by God's Messenger. So like, it was a

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real, it was a real magnet, people came to it. And Abraham was like, Look, I'm going to smash this thing up. He brought elephants to Arabia. They never saw elephants before yada yada yada. I'm just saying this to you like, and then God

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sent a bird that destroyed the elephants.

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I'm asking you a question. Did that take place? Yeah, it was that a miracle? God showing his intervention into the divine story, right? Usually God doesn't push any buttons in between the story right? Things just unfold. But when elephants are coming to destroy the Kaaba, you see this cosmic universal kind of like the end of avatar, when all the animals like join together, they were like, okay, so if you're ready for that, it wouldn't be a dynasty. It wouldn't be a prophetic dynasty or legacy without some fun. So if you can make that connection that that event took place, would you say that it would be a little less impossible for their people to then say, a few years later, a man

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who was born amongst us is saying there is a God he's revealing us hobble feel he's coming down with verses about that miracle. Would it be just a little less impossible date? Yeah, well, we just saw a miracle a few years ago. And and Shazia and friends how long would it take with some and you you bro alone says how long would it take you for that miracle to wear off? And don't tell me a story right? Like, come on. Let's be real. We would never I wake up for pleasure every day. Come on. How long would it take to wear off? How long does it take for the Ramadan? 27th ramadan dewata and I know I it feels uncomfortable. Why is he poking at my room? It's because we're we're not fessing up to our

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humaneness. And that

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We do need to read the Koran over and over and over we will forget our own mother's like this. Who's God? What is the haoran the continuous communication in the now that was so raw, that it's miraculous nature isn't enough for me now and I still haven't talked about how the Quran is talking to us now it is speaking in the now today. I am only saying what is the Koran outside the box outside believing it's from Allah subhanaw taala x y&z I am saying it stands itself saying that it is from God that it was revealed through an angel who's come to the earth many, many times through various stories. He came in revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam with great detail Okay, just a

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quick dip your toe so how do we know Mohammed Salah some didn't make it up?

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Well, hang on, because narrations from the Torah stories and details about the life of Jesus about the birth of meridiam salam O Allah, about Mary's mom details about the the people of Pharaoh the construction of the pyramids that time

00:36:12--> 00:36:57

that the prophets of the past are what about the story of Noah the creation of man? So that's all going historically backwards? Like in the history in the past? What about the embryo and the multiple stomachs of the cow that single routed plant versus the multiple routed plant? These are all words right out of the Quran. Yo, where are we talking about this in the middle of the desert? Yo, so I don't want to talk about that. This is not the Quran is real, because it's scientific. This is the what is you figure out what you're gonna do with it? How many of us try to cut to the No, no, I don't want to do that. Look, bro. I'm not gonna ask you to do nothing. I'm asking what is it?

00:36:58--> 00:37:28

That's a Ferrari. I don't want to drive it. Yo, bro. What is it? Right? Oh, sure. I can't what is the Quran? It is that communication. And it was so raw and so real and outside of the Quran, the Koran had this kind of neon sign the event of the birds and us hobble field one bird few birds who dropped the stones kill the elephant. And the people were like, okay, that just will Alright, that happened.

00:37:30--> 00:38:01

That as a prelude, and then the we're on itself is enough of God turning the light switch on and off. Like we've all like, God if you're there, give me a sign. And God turns the lights on and off on the universe. You're like, Alright, I got that one. Isn't that the equivalent? If we're like God, we need to sign birds cover the sky few years later, a prophet is born. Israel Mirage takes place and God is speaking through the book. What is the Quran? Oh man, what is the ground

00:38:03--> 00:38:51

communication in the now continuous through Angel Gabriel we want to talk about Gabriel a little bit more. But he doesn't fit the discussion as of now and we know who Muhammad peace be upon him is so what is the Koran is that text and communication that God sent to us? How was it revealed through Gabriel in two scenarios in the in the now like the Prophet peace be upon him would be in a situation and a heavy weight would come upon him what could be deemed a pressure a sweating, what I believe was referred to as epileptic seizures. Oh, we're gonna go back that far. What could be considered as an out of state experience

00:38:53--> 00:39:11

heaviness of breath a detachment from the now a focusing everything here drifts away and my nubby said it was like trying to focus on the dim ringing of a bell. Wow, hello. Scenario number one.

00:39:12--> 00:39:16

It was revealed upon him in the now.

00:39:17--> 00:39:39

And in another situation, the angel Gabriel would read it upon him in the cave, or in a place where he would it would be really inspired upon him through the angel the angel would say, say these words and he would repeat after the angel. There was no such I feel it inside me. I'm just going to start saying these words. He would say that Angel Gabriel has taught me these words.

00:39:40--> 00:39:42

I feel fair, this is good.

00:39:43--> 00:39:57

The continuous connection to the Quran is for those of you who are like wow, I want to buy this I like this, the buying part is keep that continuous connection. So that all the scenarios that took place in the now

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

back then can have

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

Connection some basis for you that last sentence making constantly read the Quran know the time and place what was going on what's the backstory and you will see a lot that you can relate to your life

00:40:13--> 00:40:53

the Quran was revealed by the angel and it he got and then he would repeat it and gather it in his head memorize it, mmm. And the second was the concentrated focus on like the ringing of a bell. Those are the type the ways it was revealed upon him other ways angels, groups of angels Surah anom was revealed with a, an entourage of angels 1000 plus angels came to deliver 900 plus came to deliver one surah other times single verses came down, and other time entire sections came down together.

00:40:55--> 00:40:59

The next differentiation and this is where we are going to conclude at the top of the hour.

00:41:01--> 00:41:49

We said 10 years was revealed in 10 years worth of the Quran was revealed in Makkah, and 13 years of the Quran was revealed in Medina. This is where I'd like to pause, because then it we get to land our ships. Now for part three, which is we get to land our ship for part three, which is where was it revealed? What's Makkah? What was going on in Macau? What was the business of Makkah? Absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much friends, I felt a little odd. I felt in a downer place like literally the minutes before this. So for those of you who caught this, and our prophetic dynasty, fellows from the first series, Thank you friends, I felt great again to get over that whatever that

00:41:49--> 00:42:29

nastiness feeling is that ends in not wanting to do it. Thank you. Thank you for accepting the vulnerabilities. Thank you for being with me along the journey. And when you catch us as a recording, sure, it's gonna look super smooth. And oh, I don't even know what he's talking about. But showing up to the plate. And this is my little extension to you. For me personally. It's not about doing everything perfect. It's about showing up every day. And those around you will notice not that you're spectacular, and every single thing you do. That's not necessary. It's about being present and aware. Every time you show up, show up as often as you can to the things that are

00:42:29--> 00:43:14

difficult in life and do what you can for the minutes that would it was difficult for me. I got over to them because of you. I I was standing here if if this means anything to you, I don't know how close the frame is. I was standing here turning on a light and I said do it for them, bro. Do it for them. And so for you, yes, you who I've never met never spoke to but we have been together for four years through four albums now. Our four series Thank you. I you motivated me today as possibly I may have motivated you before. Let's keep going. Let's land our ship. From what is the Koran to where was it revealed? Always a pleasure friends, thank you so much. Thank you should be better audio

00:43:14--> 00:43:42

today. facebookers you are who you are. Thank you for being with me. And jazak Allahu claytor does that prophetic legacy intends to go all the way friends, I hope that this doesn't convert you that this gives you a means of communication with God. And if that can get you away from depression away from anxiety away from paranoia, hopelessness addiction, and increase your self value and self love.

00:43:43--> 00:44:34

Then wha hoo don't mo Are you allowed to live within this Quran is for everyone. It's a declaration for everyone. But I hope you become amongst those who are aware conscious and hopeful of God. Thank you so much friends always a privilege. Hope to see you all on the other side was Salaam wa Kumara de la this live and or recorded April 4 or fifth 2019 in 48 hours probably by the time you view this, I will be with God's mercy in Makkah to the mocha Rama I will be doing omura or in Medina. I'm headed for the small pilgrimage in sha Allah with God's mercy and 48 hours. I think that's kind of cool. I mean to the whole cosmic lineup. So when you're watching this recording, and you're like,

00:44:34--> 00:45:00

wow, God's amazing, God's beautiful. Someone might be praying for you in majan dubawi saying, Oh Allah, all the prophetic legacy viewers, Allah guide them, bless them, give them a share of my happiness, or increase their happiness for being a part of my journey. Always a privilege, friends, thank you so much. It really did make me feel fulfilled. A Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah. Peace be upon you around you and all

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

That is clean and pure is from Allah so made emanate in yourself, in your routines in your habits and in your energy that you bring to the world that said I want a camera with the law