The Story of Qarun

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One of the most relevant stories in the Quran for us today especially the Muslims of North America is a story of God when right so you'll find at the end of the 28th chapter of the Quran surah, teleclasses. inopportune was according to the scholarship Tafseer and back to the son of a cousin of Musa Alehissalaam. And yeah, he was somebody who was kind of used by theotown as a henchman, almost like a foreman over the slaves of any Australia. And because of his position, he was given all this wealth and, you know, Allah subhanaw taala says that the keys to his treasures, you know, were so heavy that it would take several men to lift them. Now, this is an amazing sort of, you know,

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indication of how wealthy this guy was, and the position of what strikes me as as extremely relevant. Two things, I guess, first of all, the fact that it's always an insider, right? This isn't someone from the islands family that is lording over the benefits, right, you as slaves. It's one of their own, right. So there's treachery, and there's always somebody on the inside. And we as Muslims who have experienced European colonialism, right? It happened with people from the inside, you know, like, without collaborators on the inside, would it have happened at all? Would it have happened in as bad of a way as it did? Who knows? You know, only Allah knows. But it shows the importance of

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being united. And the important the importance of trying to shore up unity, and not having these people who are sick at heart who are ready to collaborate with the enemies of Islam from the inside, and how dangerous that is. And then the second thing that it shows, or the second, I think, really significant point is the attitude of Bennett, Australia, instead of having spied for this person, instead of saying, Listen, you are an open enemy to us, because you're a collaborator with Iran, they actually treat him like a celebrity, they actually look at him and say, Wow, this guy's got so much money. He's got so much wealth, he's got so much power, right? And they they envy him, they

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said, If only we had what, what God would had, because not where we are today, right? Like, we're looking at all these collaborators and hypocrites and as celebrities, like I wish I could be like them and assuming and this is something that a lot of tries to refute and problematize throughout the Koran, trying to refute our association with celebrity of our association of celebrity and power and material wealth with success, true success, meaning success to Allah subhanaw taala and the afterlife. And so people worship celebrity, we see that today, you know, people are just they dress like celebrities, they talk like several celebrities, they get their hair cut, like celebrities, are

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those people that you should be imitating right? Is it an indication of their approval, or that they're doing something right, that they have so much money in cars and this lifestyle? Absolutely not. And then so we have, you know, the small minority of people who understand the scholars have been in Australia warning that people saying like, you shouldn't really want to be like this guy. This is just the last $5 just given them rope to hang himself. He's going to be punished, like allows just building the case against him. And then of course, yes, he's kind of just destroyed, snatched up all the sudden him and his wealth. And then everybody says, Oh, it's a good thing that

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we're not like him, you know, when just yesterday they were wishing to be like him. So as you know, the Muslim community in North America, we have to be very, very careful not to be be dazzled by the American dream, and by middle class comforts and social mobility and sort of the convenience of the dunya and the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam said, you know, he said, I don't fear for you poverty, I fear for you that the doors of the dunya are going to be flung open to you and the wealth is going to afflict you and it has right and we we need to be careful not to let the kind of upper class upper class mentality or upper class aspirations shape, our dollar shape. Our fifth shape our sense

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of allegiance shape, how we're running our massage and our other organizations. We need to make sure that what we're doing is right and right within the deen and we need to not be so easily persuaded and influenced by power and wealth.