Common Errors in Salaah – Tying the Hands

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In terms of the Messiah of surah. Now yesterday we explained what is the proper way of doing the debate at the Halima just a quick recap, we said the palms must be facing the Qibla. So the pumps must not be inwards, you mustn't do this, the palms must be facing the Qibla. The the thumbs must be in line with the ear lobes, possibly even touchy. touchy, but in line with the yellows, and the fingers must be straight up. So sometimes what we do is we just do this, you know, it's like almost like a mirror indication. But no, we must lift the hands up properly. Thumbs in line with the yellows, palm straight facing Qibla and the finger straight, facing upwards and then allow it well,

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not today, I just want to show quickly how we should tie the hands after we've made the tech beat of the hammer, the three fingers meaning your index finger, your middle finger and your ring finger should be resting on the outer portion of your left arm and your ring finger, I mean your baby finger and your thumb should form a ring around your wrist. They don't necessarily have to touch. So you have your three fingers like this on on your arm on your left arm and these fingers are facing your elbow, the facing elbow, so not like this, where the fingers are facing down like this, the fingers the three fingers are facing the elbow and the two fingers are facing the the fifth two

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fingers are forming a ring under your wrist. And then just below your navel just below your navel. That's how you tie the hands. So the baby finger and the ring finger on the wrist, the three fingers on the top of the left arm facing the elbow. So not like this or not like that. Don't worry about what you see in the bottom that is hanafy that is humbling yourself if we can if we flick. This is how you tie your hands like this under the wrist, the ring finger and the baby and the thumb. The three fingers on the forearm of the left hand facing the elbows and then both the arms just below the navel. me a lot of articles on this the understandings panel