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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of driving a reliable car for long trips and avoiding waste of time. They also touch on the history of the Hadith, including the use of "has" in proposals, the history of the Prophet sallaviat's teachings, and the importance of showing faith in one's spirituality and deeds in order to receive salvation and receive a job. They emphasize the need for people to find the best people to work with and not behave like that.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala Keba to Lily Qin wala Illa Allah Valentin wa Salatu was Salam ala say you will our in our arena Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine brothers and sisters Welcome to a new episode in the series of tendering the hearts today Insha Allah, we will study together a couple of very beautiful Hadith The first one is with regards to the superiority of some people over others and based on what

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this hadith is narrated by the great companion Abdullah Hebner Ahmed Edna hotpot, may Allah be pleased with him. And his father, he said, Sameer to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called in a nurse who can easily

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learn lead that cared who tells you to feed her or Haleigh. That's it's a very short and simple statement, but it is very powerful.

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I'd like to see it again in Arabic in I'm a nurse who can even let the kid who tells you to Vihara Haleigh Abdullah in Hama rebel hakab. May Allah be pleased with him and his father rated that he have heard the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam was saying that people are just like cameras. In what sense? What is the similarity between people and cameras, he said, out of 101 can hardly find a single camel suitable to write for a trip for a long journey.

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And this is true. Think about it this way. If one has a stable, full of camels and horses and so on, but he decided to take a trip. Back then they only use the tribe to travel via the means of cameras, specially for long trips, camels and horses and so on. And that's why use those to call the camel the desert ship. It will sail in the sand.

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But would you just jump on any on the back of any camel and take off? No.

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The owner of the cameras knows which when he can take for a long journey. During the Hydra, the migration of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, when Uber cars they wanted to immigrate and he sought permission. The Prophet sallallahu selama said slow down Wait, maybe Allah will give you a companion to travel with to emigrate with then

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he share the secret with him that he's planning to perform Hijra with him. So go ahead and prepare two nice cameras that would fit for the trip or travel like 400 500 kilometres. It's a long journey. You need a good camera that would bear the long journey.

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Okay, we all know that if somebody has cobbled cars,

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one which he drives, like you know, the CC is very low and doesn't have AC condition. And he has another one which is like 404 50 cc and

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mashallah The AC is very powerful. The engine is very powerful. So if he's traveling between the states, he drives this one.

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But the car which is used and it's kind of old, very weak engine, his fears it for like within the city, going to the shop coming from a wardrobe in the school, the kids to school, but traveling for a long journey, you gotta drive a reliable car, we all know that. Flying likewise, is single plane engine, they can travel short distances, it fly for short distances. But if you're crossing the continent, you need a huge plane and a very good engine. Right? We all understand that state. What is the similarity between human P human beings since the Prophet SAW Selim said people are like cameras? Exactly. Just like cameras.

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out of 100 people he can only count on one person who is reliable, who's a good friend. He's a hard worker who is very ambitious.

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And the Quran actually supported this meaning.

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Look, in Surah in marriage,

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Allah Almighty says in one of the areas in in Santa Julio Kohan, who

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either Messiah who showed as who what

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either whole volume and

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illness only

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an insane refers to the human being mankind in general, are very impatient when you're Kahlua how there are so shortages you are when evil touches him is very impatient and complaining, making big deal out of every little minor thing. Where he then a soul Hi Roman Wah. And whenever Allah bless them with prosperity or wealth, he withholds it says all mine. I made it oh, I worked hard in order to make this worth to build up myself. And he will give all the credit to himself and you keep teaching his children and grandchildren. I'm an independent guy, I dependent on myself. I did all of that by myself started from the scratch. And he's very tight when it comes to spending or supporting

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Don't you think this is a very evil trait? Yes, it is. This is a human trait stinginess Muslim Ness.

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Impatience, Ill mousseline. Except there are some people who are being exempt from this evil quality. Some people who are different, chosen by Allah subhanaw taala, to be different. Then Allah started explaining the qualities of those who are different, they offer the prayer on time they give in a charity.

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They are very modest.

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They are very honest, the qualities of the believers.

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And in Surah, to last very short and brief Surah but very powerful. Allah Almighty said while lost in

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sir Santa Fe horse is sold to the time which most people waste. Most people are negligent of its value. Guess what? Most of mankind our loss. They don't appreciate this nama this time, what should they got? The greatest acid that we have brothers and sisters is time is life itself. We can do a lot of things in time, a lot of good things, but rather most people waste their time and that's why I said in the internal of your hosts last of mankind or a loss except who's exempt? Who is the exception minority Lavina

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saw you had you are also Bill healthy whatever else so we'll be a sub except the believers who do good deeds and enjoy one another to the truth and enjoying one another to patients. How many are they very few.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Allah Almighty on the day of judgment would ask Adam to call from his offspring, those who will enter fire. He will say Who Who are they? Allah will say out of every 1999 people.

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Vast majority of people will not be saved. Why? Because they chose some

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Kali. The few have been admired in the Quran in more than one position. In surah. Allah Almighty said, while Kali alone, Minaya Diaz Shaku, few of my servants are those who are being grateful and thankful to Allah, thankful Yanni, they are believers, they recognize Allah has countless blessings upon them. So they turned to Allah with gratitude.

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They're very few.

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And he said in another as well as you Xsara home, check eating, you will not find most of them being grateful most of mankind do not believe in Allah. Look at the followers of every Prophet. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said in the Hadith, that on the Day of Judgment, a prophet would come with a handful of people.

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And another would come with three or four people. And a third would come with only one follower, and some prophets would come on the Day of Judgment, with no followers whatsoever. What happened to the people who live in at this time? None of them. None of them listen to their prophets. None of them obey them, none of them had sense to recognize it is the truth none.

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While I tells you to axon, check it in.

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And this line, Allah Almighty is telling us that out of 100 people, you may find one person reliable to take it as a friend

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they say in English A friend in need is a friend. Indeed, if the person is wealthy and healthy and handsome has a good job, you will find many people around him, especially if he throws parties every weekend, and barbecue and invite people, you will find lots of people who are willing to show up. Why because there are beneficiary enjoying the free ride. When this person loses his job and loses his investment. And he's afflicted with cancer, he has to sell his car, his house, and now he's looking for somebody, to force them to stay with him. For the remaining few weeks or days in his life, who would be willing to do that? People will delete his number.

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People would actually block his number from calling them very few who will be ready to help and fewer number. Maybe only one person will be willing to go visit and say, Do you need anything? You My house is yours. Any amount of money as long as I'm capable to assist you, I'd be more than happy to assist you. This is the meaning. And also, in addition to provide us with this news.

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The hadith has an invitation inducing us to be different, to be unique, to be ambitious, and abuse Allah Allah Allah Salam says les Hakuna hadoo comm M Ma, the word in MA in Arabic means like a tail.

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Blind follower,

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whether in good or bad, in what sense he says, if people do good, I shall do good and shall go with the flow. I'll be like them. So for everybody in town is praying why not? Oh pray to

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and if they do bad, he does bad too. He says I go with the flow.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said the believer should not be like that. They'll get in people in good or in bad. Rather he should be a leader.

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If people do good, he does good. And he compares with them in doing good. And if people do what is bad, he still does what is good, because he is different.

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He's different. When the Prophet peace be upon him said how amazing how excellent and impressive is the condition of the believer?

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Because He's unique.

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He says if good happens to him, you thankful to Allah and it bad touches him he is patient. He does not object and not behave like that. But the believer, very low, very few. And that's why you're on top may Allah be pleased with him once heard somebody who is making a DUA, very, very, very strange. He was saying oh Allah make me of the few. He asked him What do you mean of the few who are the few? Who said Allah says in the Quran who call Illumina Iberia Shaco? He said so little mineral award in our colleague Illumina read, the few are being always admired in the Quran. I want it to be of the inhale like that. May Allah grant us guidance. Show us the state path and keep us steadfast when he

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is the best. We'll take a short break. We'll be back in Sharla in a few minutes stay tuned.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome back. In this segment in sha Allah will tackle and your Hadith the hadith is narrated by one of the gay companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him whose name is Mo Devaney, Jebel Ali, Allah Juan. He said, Mina Anna NRD for NaVi your sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was once riding behind the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. And every time the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam would have a companion with her old or young, riding with him on a camel on a horse or whatever, he would seize this opportunity to teach him. This companion would share with us those teachings in order to benefit the whole human well we have many Hadith who

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have been rated while the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is having some of the companions riding with Him, He will teach him something and he would share it with us. So in this hadith

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Maha the punishable may Allah be pleased with him said Wa

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Writing behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the Mr Deputy jabber

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call to let Baker rasool Allah He was at a

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call helter the man have por la Khaled a bad call to Allah Who are also who Allah.

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Paula help Kula Hanalei bad AI boo. Well as you should recall, he che

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so McCall, Yamaha was

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the hub Coulier Abadi, Allah Allah, Allah to Allah Who are Rasool who Allah, Kala helpful a beggar thy Allahu Allah you have zebra whom?

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Indeed this is a very beautiful Hadith.

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The first statement is when Maha dibny General was writing behind the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in his journey or whatever, they said, Omaha dibny Jabber. He called him by his name and the name of his father. So ma didn't ever listen attentively and he answer saying let Baker Sadek. I think you're familiar with that word, love bake, but may not be familiar with the word sad. When do we say love back? We'll say love bake whenever we intend to enter into the act of a haram proceeding, or the first pillar of Umrah or Hajj to commence into haram was ala bake along mela bake. What does it mean? Love bake alone Mala bake love Baker from a loo Bab Al Bab which means I am constantly at your

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and Coniston constantly an obedient servant to you. So it shows compliance respect and honor to the speaker when you say to somebody who calls upon EULA bank, I'm at your service whatever you say, I'm willing to fulfill it.

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This is what you say when you say to Allah Allah Baker, Allahu mela back here I come to Allah to perform whether or Hajj why because Allah Almighty say to Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him, whereas the Finn Seville had yet to carry Jalla proclaim has to mankind they shall come to you and forth and every lien camel from every distant mountain on highway, the area. So we perform Hajj or Umrah to answer the call of Ibrahim was actually called in order to call upon us to perform Hajj based on Allah schema. And so we say to Allah, here I come to fulfill your order. I am indeed at your service. In the Hadith, the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam assayed whenever the Hajj the person

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who's performing pilgrimage,

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puts on the Haram and is ready to take his right and he says lab Baker, Allahu mela bake here I come to you or Allah to perform

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my duty towards you whether Hajj or Umrah

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if this person's earning was lawful Akula from heaven would respond to him. Allah would respond to him by saying let Baker was a headache. Well, how you Robaina headache? Now we hear the second term which is worse are they in duel?

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You come to fulfill my duty,

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to fulfill my rights and to fulfill your duties towards me. I come to you also with a word and acceptance. What's harder, it is taken from the word sad. The root word is sad. A sad means happiness and pleasure. It is the blessing that Allah will bless you with the word that Allah will grant you when. So what's a headache? It's like more Hi, they've responded to the call of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by saying I am your loyal, sincere servant. And most certainly I shall make you happy.

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Yes, oh prophet of Allah, how can I help you? He doesn't even know what would be the following command. He said, Yamaha says he's going to ask him a question. Do you know what is Allah's right? Upon His servants?

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Even if you knew it, and it was very obvious, because Allah had many rights upon us, and more highly knowledgeable is amount of knowledge. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam entrusted him with some very serious and important tests such as spreading Islam, in Yemen, teaching people the judicial system and judging between them. He's very qualified companion very knowledgeable, so he already knows

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But while Shala suggests an answer, if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is the one who's asking, maybe he will say something else, you will teach me something new. And that's why out of a ticket, politeness, he said, Allah who are rasool Allah, Allah and His Messenger know best? We hear people awfully say, Allahu wa rasuluh Allah, you ask him, do you know what is my car keys? Do you know what is such and such? Allahu wa rasuluh alum imitating the statement of Mohammed interval and their companions in 100 tallada in the farewell Hajj and Farewell Sermon. Is this right? No, that is not right.

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Why isn't it right? Because Maha dibny Jebel answer the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by saying, Allah and His Messenger No, because the Prophet was asking him about something that the Prophet knows.

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Allah has revealed unto him, but does the Prophet peace be upon him know the unseen, no one knows unseen but Allah, including the prophets, Allah the Almighty has informed the prophets with some of the knowledge of the Unseen some events which would have happened in the past, or will happen in the future and that's it, but they don't have an access to the unseen in general. So should not be saying Allahu wa rasuluh. Allen to everything.

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With regards to the dean, religious or daemon, he has Allahu wa rasuluh Allah. Now, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam liked the answer, and he said, How Kola he Allahabad, the right of Allah upon his servants, and all of us are His servants, that we should worship Him alone, and not to take partners or say partners to Him in worship. Yanni, when we do any act of worship. It should be done with absolute and utmost sincerity, because he is a creator.

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And the worship is not only fulfilling the five daily prayers or fasting or pain, Zakah or Hajj, no everything in life should be perceived as an act of worship, you know, sincerely for the sake of Allah Almighty. You can turn your habits into acts of worship, by formulating an intention before you do it. Eating, drinking, having sex, traveling, having fun going to sleep.

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Why do you do this? Having a sexual relation with my spouse in order to satisfy this desire so that I won't have it and Haram is an act of worship.

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I'm buying food and clothes for my family, for my kids for paying the school tuitions. Why? Because seeking knowledge is an act of worship. So also supporting my family members is an act of worship, feed and your pet.

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You will be rewarded for that. But

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that should be done with sincere intention. This is for Allah anticipating the word only from him any Abu and wait a minute, he did not just say any Abu due to worship Him alone. By he said an emphasize while I usually go be shy

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and not to associate with him any in worship,

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not even 1% or 100%. Not even 1% should be given to any other than Allah Almighty whenever the act is an act of worship, he must be paid entirely totally and wholesome for Allah subhanho wa Taala anticipating the reward only from him.

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Then he asked him the following question said yeah, my eyes

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and you know, what will be the servants right upon Allah? Do the servants have rights upon their Creator? He did not ask this question.

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Rather again, he said Allah who are rasool Allah, Allah and His Messenger know best, and I know nothing.

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You said Allah, you Isaiah home, the answer is to be saved. Liu as Abraham is simply to receive salvation

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to be saved, when on the day of judgment, and what would that entail? What does it mean? What will it result in it will result in the following?

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This I

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have seen surah Allah Imran, in which Allah the Almighty says

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colonna, I've seen

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your cartoon note. We're in Nana to a phone that would want to call me a woman looking

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for a man

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Zohan in order feeler, Jen Falcone.

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One I'll hire to do near

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In meta, or is a very powerful AI, it summons it summarizes the whole story of life and even after life

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and after this and after the election, and even in the immortal life and eternal life, whether in heaven or otherwise. Allah Almighty says this life is short and brief Kelowna says a cotton mouth, every soul shall taste death, everybody acknowledges that, and this is inevitable,

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then what is next. And it is only that

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on the Day of Resurrection, you shall be paid your reward, you shall be compensated for what you did, the good for good and the bad for bad. In number two a femoral dura chromium LTM. And accordingly, people will be categorized and classified into two main categories, feminine Z, Z Han in theory, he will be removed from the fire of hell.

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And eventually if you remove from fire, if you're safe from fire, if you receive salvation, you're not just going to stay in the middle of nowhere. No, you will be admitted to agenda. Feminists are fuzzy hmm. And in theory, we're all Hillel Jana and was admitted into paradise. The cat FERS has indeed succeeded. That is the ultimate success. That is the greatest success. Women hire to dunya ilimitado the whole life of this whole is nothing but the job description. Well, if this is the case, then the statement of La Zeba home that if they fulfill their part, their duty to worship Allah alone, not to sit partner same in worship, that means they will be saved, not in compensation

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with what they did, rather because of their spirit, sincere intention, and through a man in Allah subhanaw taala Allah will bless them we're aware of them and will magnify their word for their humble simple deeds because of their loss, sincerity and email, and save them from fire and make them eligible to enter paradise. Shouldn't we say oh Allah make us from amongst them? Yes, of course. Allah Madonna I mean Allah Jenna. Oh Allah grant us the highest place in heaven, which is alpha del Sol Allah Ameen brothers and sisters were an hour fine. And until next episode, I leave you in the care of Allah, wa Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh