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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various political and economic events, including Mary's return, the loss of birth, and the use of words like "has" and "has." It also touches on the historical tendency for people to praise and down mildly at the same time, and the historical importance of Jesus as a blessing and stepping stone. The segment also touches on the challenges of establishing a positive life and the importance of gratitude and faith in one's own success, as well as the loss of everything in the past and the need for a child to carry on a memory.
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what's up

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Good build

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what I always be learning locally and consider what the

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collaboration of my youth

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was how it was

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possible as an economic watershed moment will happen there are two or so years where you'll have to read a couple of law courts accordingly what as opposed

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to most people?

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Yeah, but you will have some type of political point of view one way or the hands of General Motors

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because you get all the money so

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what's up a lot

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of can in a lot of mechanical property but

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yeah, but you can put anything on top of auto who Selita uses a couple now available for young people to know well, what are you

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thinking about?

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How do you think is

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what actually happened in some of our ecosystems are several going on that are gonna

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open up the dots and

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specifically the parts dealing with the story of Mary.

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This week the story continues but the focus shifts to her child ASA.

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When we return from her return to her people with baby you're

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born miraculously because Mary was a virgin. Her people accused her of immorality.

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But she had taken an oath of silence so that you could have to defend yourself

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a loss of

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on Caitlyn

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Jenner who is talking here,

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so she pointed to the baby and the people explained, how are we supposed to talk to someone who was still in infancy in the cradle?

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At that very moment football Tara will another miracle to happen. They be Jesus began to speak himself

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or in the outdoors on the outside and he's out of the woods. Yeah, let me

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Jesus declared, I am truly a servant of Allah. He has destined to me to be given the Scripture and to be a prophets.

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The Arabic literally he gave me the Scripture and made me a prophets. Let me start today he said that I will still have to live some time before being given those scriptures. Allah subhanho wa Tada uses the past tense for many of his decisions and the poor end because to him, the past the present the future, it's all the same. Anything he has willed a tie that in the future is so certain to happen. It's as if it has already happened.

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In the significant loss of time with our other producers, this particular miracle. At this particular time, we now see the wisdom behind very being told to take a vow of silence. If someone accuses you of something, it damages your reputation.

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It damages your honor, naturally, you will wants to defend yourself.

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Even if the accusation is true, many people will still defend themselves because nobody wants other people to think less of them.

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If Mary had been given permission to speak, she would have defended herself just like anyone else. But her people would have easily dismissed her as someone who had did something wrong, and now wants to cover it up. Instead of last accountable Avada refused her from having to defend herself. Instead, he will a third party, a neutral party to pamper the fact that the neutral party was the baby the baby just born. And babies, of course cannot speak makes this miracle the most efficient and the most convincing way of telling Mary's people to hold off on their assumptions, to not jump to conclusions that if this baby is miraculously speaking in full sentences, then the conception of

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this lesson child two was likely a miracle and not the sin that they are assuming, and are you committed.

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There's also a lesson in Jesus's declaration here of at salaam I am the servant of Allah. He says he Allah has destined for me to be given the scriptures and to be a prophets. Two out of the three things that a researcher says here.

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They emphasize his humanity and his submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala his first message, his first chance to make an impression on the world. And he places himself humbly under the authority of Allah subhanaw taala. In this statement, there is a subtle pushback against the historical tendency for some people to idolize the righteous, including the messengers. Some people see miracles, and they take them as a sign of divinity itself. Miracles are permitted by Allah as evidence of divine assistance. As for the one on Earth, who's performing the miracles, they cannot possibly be divine, according to the criteria Allah Himself has told us. So when we start a salon says,

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what he said here he is performing companies are fearful by even speaking at all, but at the same time, the content of what he is saying he's teaching the people that this is not him. This is not because he's divine, this is not because he is a god. This is simply because he is an instrument that Allah subhanho wa Taala is using.

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Then a law says, without the need for power, what kind of am I going to what Oh, sign is taller, one circa Nigel.

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He has made me a blessing wherever I go, and bid me to establish the prayer and significa as long as I live.

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There you saw that he said that his next statement has the same mixture of both acknowledging Allah's blessing and favor upon him, while emphasizing his role, Jesus's role as a service and the worshipper of a law Tada. Allah has blessed Jesus and so he is a blessing wherever he goes. He is a blessing even now, as a shining example, of pious of justice, and restraints.

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But Jesus is quick to add his responsibilities and his duties to his law.

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Lord and Savior Allah to Allah to establish prayer and charity. He says that these duties are upon him as long as he lives, meaning there will never come a time when he is excused from these duties.

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Then he says, What do you need a TV? Well, let me I need your power or something. Yeah.

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And so behind to my mother, he has not been the arrogance, nor defiance.

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In this verse, Allah Tala has placed goodness the parents rights next the prayer and zakat, meaning that these three duties are all on the same level, in terms of their importance, one cannot properly serve a loss of hunger without a if they are not also good to their parents, even if they pray, even if they give us a pat,

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then restarting Scylla he says that Allah has not made an arrogance nor defiance. Why does he make this observation here? What does arrogance have to do with the subject at hand, the subject at hand.

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Arrogance is the biggest obstacle. It's the biggest obstacle to establishing the pressure to get into camp and to survey one's paths.

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The person who does not pray, he thinks, I don't need to pray to be a good person, I'm fine the way that I am. This person has been blinded by their arrogance. They don't realize that even if they weren't the best person in the world, they have a lot to thankful for that. And simply being grateful for what they have will require them to spend every waking moment in prayer. One of us one of us out is more merciful than math. He's only asked for five, five every single day. That's all he wants.

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Similarly, the person who doesn't get the cat he thinks I'm the one from this money. It was through my efforts, my intelligence, my shield, why should I have to share it or give it away? This person also has been blinded by their arrogance. They don't realize that everything that they have every dollar every penny, every award, every skill and ability, they're all from Allah subhanho wa taala. If they were to give from their money, according to what Allah Tala actually deserved, that they would have to give it all away. But Allah is the Schoop. He is content with very little too common. So he only asks for a little bit 2.5% of what has accumulated after a year, if it goes over a

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certain amount.

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The person who doesn't serve the cameras, similarly thinks these people are foolish, they're backwards. They don't understand me, they are only an obstacle to my success. They only hold me back or try to control me.

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This person has been blinded by their arrogance. They don't realize that everything that they are, they are and then first of all, Allah subhanho wa Tada. And then to their parents. Even if your parents are not perfect, they make mistakes. Even if your parents are less religious than you are.

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You owe them

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and you will never pay off that debt. You will always be indebted to them, and they will always deserve your obedience until their dying breath.

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One time, I felt like he was a marathon hatch.

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And he saw a man who was making a walk around the car when he was campaigning on the shoulders, an elderly woman.

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So he asked this man and Harvey who is this?

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The man replied, calling and we'll get in the house.

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That's the only thought of my face will have to hire

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the man record this is my mother. Do you think I fulfill my duty to her?

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I believe in her body response. Before that I

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will lie magnified. So we have

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double quotes towards happiness.

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It almost says I swear by Allah, that whatever you do, it will never amount to even a single contraction that she suffered during your birth.

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This is why arrogance is so deadly. It's so dangerous. This was one of the problems with the Lombardi was he said that whoever has

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As much as a mustard seeds worth of arrogance in our hearts, that person cannot enter paradise.

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Because arrogance ruins the whole process, it makes obedience impossible. It makes Dubey impossible. It makes sincere abortion impossible,

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then recited to them because

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they're more or less humble in some way on a motorway on my home or apophenia. Peace be upon me the day I was born, the day that I die. Today, I will be raised back to like, a lot of Tyler gave me sorry, he said that even as a baby understanding of the true nature of our lives and the phases every single one of us must pass through. This understanding is one of the secrets of piety and righteousness, one that the prophets never forgot. Every single one of us first we are brought into this world, then we die, then Allah is going to raise us talk to life once more. If we were able to keep this simple reality in mind at all times, each one of us would be a better, more complete

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believer, I thought of when we had our stuff that Allah had a wonderful place

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to do.

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This would

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have happened with a couple other people sort of

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struggling to be able to study let me know what was going on what happened afterwards. So that was good to see.

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After giving us the true accounts of recent birth, I think a lot of that direct directs our attention to the controversy around how Raisa is remembered watching a man and a usual God himself, or something else entirely. A loss as a result of ammonium. Oh, the hump day living up until June. That is Jesus, the son of Mary. And this is a word about which they disputes. My family, not the me I'm talking about the weather. So the ham,

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either lowball offer, even if

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it is not for a loss to take a son, go repeat to Him. When He decrees a matter. He simply tells us the additives. By using the Arabic instruction or man can, a lot is indicating something unchangeable. Meaning it was never possible for a lot to take her son

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by using what's known as Arabic grammar. So

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when Allah says midway,

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Allah is saying that it was never possible to take anyone as a son, not just Christian.

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So we have two linguistic devices of emphasis here Allah is saying that in no time or circumstance, would he ever have taken a son

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that also comes on and he says Subhanallah when we say Subhan Allah, through this phrase that we probably say every day, what do we mean? And why the law students to say it right here. So when Allah establishes Allah's perfection, due to the things or isn't, and the things he doesn't do, Allah does not forget. A law is not temporary. These things are part of the meaning of Subhan Allah, it distances Allah from any imperfection, or shortcoming. It's the opposite of the Shangri La, which is praising Allah stablishing His perfection due to the things that he is, and the things that he does. Subhan Allah and 100 There are two sides of the same coin, complementary parts of proclaiming

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Allah's greatness and perfection.

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Allah wants to clear his name here by saying Subhan as he does throughout the Quran and similar situations, the implication of our statements is that if Allah took my son or had a child, it will disrupt and violence and contradicts his profession.

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Why? Because the blessing of children and offspring that we have is rooted in an inability of ours. Yes, that ability is that we are only alive for a very, very short time. We cannot act on Earth past the duration of our lifespan. 2100 Today

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Here's 1100, all of us will be gone.

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Since we cannot act in that future, and we want to have an impact on future events, we need to have offspring. We need to have children. If we want our names to be remembered, after we die, we have to have children to carry on a memory for us. There's a lot to add to have such a need.

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Is there some corner of the universe or some distant time in the future that a law cannot act upon? Directly whatever he wants, so that he would have to have a child to do the job? Absolutely not. Allah Tala anticipates this that he anticipates the saltiness via reasoning and after sentences.

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He reiterated skip all the Kriza thing. He merely such to a D could play a home and it is no intermediate, no middleman.

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This is perfect with that type of perfect swill that allows homeless and sorted for con, that divine being has to have the perfect ability to bring about what she wants, without having to ask permission, without limitation without any chance of failure.

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The fact that a loss to Allah says this exactly in this way, pushes back against those who say that a law can do whatever He wills, including taking us on.

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We would say to such a person, that this is not an issue of Allah's equivalence. This is an issue of a loss perfection. Part of a loss perfection is his uniqueness. Children Are there patterns. If you have children, if Allah have children, then his uniqueness would be over. Anything that compromises a loss profession, it simply can't happen. It simply can't exist. So a law can't have children just the same as a law Casper against just the same as a law can make mistakes. Then on top of that, he says what a lot about me or a co worker who

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comes to Me, Jesus also declared surely alone as my Lord and through the Lord. So worshiping Him alone. This is the straight path.

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For those not convinced by the logical arguments that a law never took the sun, Allah tries a different approach here. In this verse, Allah has now appeared to be explicit WORDS OF JESUS during his lifetime, his time on earth. He says, quote, a lot is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him alone. The statement is not only in the Quran, this statement is actually in the Bible that is even left over for us today.

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Quote, Worship the Lord your God, and certainly only in the quote from a Christian is called the Gospel of Luke, chapter four, verse eight,

00:23:09 --> 00:23:10

when we take something

00:23:11 --> 00:23:31

as a crucial point of faith as a cornerstone of what we believe, do we rely on clear segments? or ambiguous ones? Do we rely on explicit statements or implicit ones? Do we rely on points that are made over and over and over again?

00:23:32 --> 00:24:10

Or do we rely on things that are mentioned once, if at all, any person with sense would base their faith on clear explicit statements that are made repeatedly over and over? That person would be on clear guidance from their Sustainer? This is the argument that a lot is making here. If Jesus were God, or part of the Trinity, and if this was the most important thing to believe in, such that eternal damnation or reward would be decided on this one issue. Wouldn't we have numerous clear explicit statements about this in the Koran and even what's left in the Bible? We will.

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Allah is not going to quiz you on footsteps.

00:24:15 --> 00:24:34

I was not going to quiz you on the index is going to test you on the main points, the main points, stress over and over again by Allah Allah for HANA and even what's left of the Bible's to worship Allah alone, the Almighty the creator of the universe, that is the straight path, but

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the leading him away from the template will be nationally or in RDM. Yes, there are various different among themselves about Jesus, so rose to the disbelievers when they face a tremendous day. A lot is referring to the battery of sects of Christianity here the different bitterly over the sheer nature of Jesus after He was gone, once Jesus would die, or was he a human

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And once he both if he was alive, when did he become divine and all of these issues that they debated for centuries. And in the end, the official position was the one that got the most political support. Along comes through all of the skin fighting for mourning those projects face.

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Us the law, the finances are in for a rude awakening. A lot of places this warning against Schofer immediately after describing the way of the Christian disagreement about the nature of Jesus studies, the implication here is that much of that disagreements between them involves either in the conclusions that they came to claiming that besides an animal survive, or that they focus on these obscure issues at all, instead of the clear message that a subject

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that's maybe they might have a theory of doing that can employ more than half the water will be how clearly they will hear and see on the day they will come to us. But today the wrongdoers are clearly extremely well. Young man Kaspersky is

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one of the law firm to work on low

00:26:15 --> 00:26:24

and more level profit or material regrets with all matters will be settled. While they are engrossed in heedlessness and disbelief

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in the National Day for powerful woman what you're doing know your general Indian this week, or last time it was out and we'll succeed the earth and whoever is on us, and to us all we return nothing and this creation comes to a loss of data access asleep, including visa and Muhammad salallahu. Salam and the rest of the messengers.

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All of a sudden in order to be able to come out on the local public forum at the border in Novato.

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Lunarlon Yeah.

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Somebody personally moved the scene. On Sunday I happen

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to have a commercial Greta wedding walking out of there, in logging in the cameraman will receive 100 of one

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come out. The other one is logging into Majeed. A lot of humble work people to watch him Alana wants to

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learn the wrong message here. I'll come around in my own have also been asked about what element

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was finished in an event in a locker yet.

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Anybody tried it? Well, you're

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done. Yeah.

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Well, oh, man.

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