Jesus Not Scourged and Crucified – More Authentic Historical Evidence

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There's a woman who was she called in and she was asking she's really close to accepting Islam. But she was stuck she wanted more clarification like what's the Quran mean what happened to Jesus? Because they say so historical event that he ended up dying right they say he was crucified but then the Quran and she's confused that okay someone was replaced an image of him and how does the actual you know how do you like to explain this situation? We have a follow up the live NAB S, which is really the, you know, that when prophet Esaias salat wa salam ala for Nigeria Tabari, the author of the series Don, who come by this author, authentic, that when Jesus peace be upon him, already felt

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like they are advancing

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to come and grab him and execute him. He stood up and he delivered a short sermon, this is what they refer to their last supper, you know, what are the why, in essence, this is our virgin here. And he said,

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what will happen and he has to go and all of that. But Who amongst you would accept that my likeness would be thrown on him. Now we're getting this from, from ignore best, Africa best, its authentic, the statement of Abdullah hypnobirth This is the companion of Ilana, who's Abdullah abbess is the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is number one. Number two, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a very special invocation for him. He said, Allah Houma Lim, who will, Oh Allah, teach him the interpretation of the Quran of the book. When, when when you have when we read up the liveness but but we have to be very careful because some of them are weak. You have

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to look at the chain of transmitters make sure that the generic is authentic. Yeah, yeah, the chain is authentic. Yes. So he's saying okay, let's start with the Quran. What does the Quran say? And then he's giving exegesis of the Quran. Yes, here yes, that Tafseer of the Quran. He is diverse and solid regarding Jesus regarding Jesus in a chapter number four Surah Nisa, I can give you the number later. What we call free him walk only him Allah Moriyama Bhutan and Avi, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the Jew, the Jewish community, who rejected the message properties.

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Because they disbelieved and they utter

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allegation against Miriam that she got Jesus out of wedlock, but she did adultery. Yes, for a

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walk only him in cottonelle mercy her as of now Maria Maria rasool Allah, and because of their utterance, that we killed the Messiah, the Christ Isa, the Messenger of Allah, look at this now, one Cthulhu they killed him not one masala boo hoo, they crucified him not where Lakin should be Halla home, but they were made to see that

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that's what I believe in our best comes to explain.

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He said when they approached the location where Prophet Isa was hanging out with His disciples, He Allah, Allah informed him that they are coming to grab you to execute you. So he stood up and he delivered the sermon short term, the Last Supper, yes. But I mean, there is no wine in there, right? Yeah. So. So he said, Who amongst you would sacrifice

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that my likeness will be thrown on your face?

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And you will be crucified in my place and you will be my companion in general.

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The youngest of them stood up and I are rasool Allah.

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Now some people may have the right to as companions, one second said me or messenger of God, yes. He said on Messenger. Yes, I know Rasul Allah, not saying God, no, no, no, I know, Allah. He said to them, Allah who raised me up, and so that there is another messenger will be coming, and then I will come after him to complete

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his work. Yeah, that's his second coming. But here it is.

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Christians or anybody who hears this has the right to ask, Why did this have to happen this way? Why this scenario? Because I tell you why this scenario, because would Jesus have been risen up, taken up by Allah to the heaven without this scenario? The Jewish community would have killed all his disciples.

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Because they would be looking for him. They are not going to believe that he was taken up. Right? They'll believe he's a messenger to begin with. Yeah. So now they're gonna say what is Jesus? Oh, he went up, come on. So they're gonna execute all of them. Now who will

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spread the teachings of Jesus

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after him, the disciples so that disciples have to stay alive. So that's why the Jewish community has to be convinced that they gotten rid of Jesus. You're getting that. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So, and this is what happened. You see, when when when these disciples survive this hardship, they went around the Spirit what his teachings but around what around the area where Jesus was sent to see Jesus was not a universal message messenger. Jesus was sent to Benny Israel, he even some you know, in the New Testament, some guy came from the Gentiles asking him a question. He said, No, I was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. I'm not that you're, you know, so. So the

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disciples stayed in Jerusalem,

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you know, to teach to spirit his teachings and they succeeded. They kept the fort for a while until the self claimed disable poll you know some guy who you know like the extreme sofas gonna experience he said, I saw light you know, some people like the Muslim or they say the I saw lie, that's what he said he saw like, I saw a lie there and somebody sitting out there and telling me, but it's just like, you know, accepting Hitler after he persecuted you know, the Jews well, and then saying that he got revelation, would they accept him as a messenger? Well, look was he was a bounty hunter. Look, look. Well, Tito, wasn't he? Yeah, he was a bounty on Yeah, he was killing? Yes, yes, he was.

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I made that example. Like, let's say, for instance, was doing that and what he was and they came, he did what I'm looking for. And that's what every Christian should, should should should read in the book of Corinthians. That Paul, became so famous in Cyprus and southern Italy. His teachings is a story the teachings of Christianity became so famous that they invited them you know, when you hear that there is this famous scholar in America. Let's invite him to come and give a speech. Yeah, but right now, you could go online and listen to some of his speeches are this guy's fake? Man, this guy's not real. He doesn't teach Quran and Sunnah, then you cancel out his trip. But at the time,

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he's a famous guy who's walking around spreading them, but they don't know that he is giving up the store the the, the doctrine of atonement, the sacrifice the foundation for the Trinity. So they invited him to Jerusalem to give a talk. In the book of Corinthians, the first book, maybe you can look at, I'll show you the source there. They chased him out of the Jerusalem. He got chased out because of the teaching. What are you teaching? This has nothing to do with the mouth? These are learning people. Those are the Learn people. Yeah, I did like it. What a David pastor when you tell the pastor's as a Christian, what does he say? You know, subhanAllah guy this guy, but I think one

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day he was going to be a Muslim inshallah. Pastor. Yes. Very nice, man. He's, he's really, he's really into it keeps coming back. I think that's he's going through a struggle. Jihad himself. Yes. Right. I think he's, he has so many followers

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behind him, and he wanted to be sure that Subhanallah you know, he comes in, he writes what I say, yeah. And the hope I see him writing, recording and even after he asked me, he said that word in Arabi. I didn't get it. You know. So what did you mean by that? So, so maybe I'll go back to now this situation with Paul, what were you saying? So the bottom line here is here you are you brought the guy that the Christians now following and he was face to face with the disciples of Jesus. Barnaba is one of the disciples of Jesus, the one who said you walked him out? Come on, this guy is gonna kill you, man. Come on about James his brother Jesus. Yeah. They chased him out. What are you

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teaching? What is this? This has nothing to do with what Jesus taught the pure message. Yes, the purity ism. And you see, he came up with with Morpha idol worship kind of, you know, formula. And that is, that is why it received a very good acceptance or the acceptance was very good in Europe. But but look at the end of the day, Eddie, you know, this, what I'm trying to say is, you got to theologies evolving, progressing, and the Roman Empire because Palestine Judaism at the time was under the reign of the Roman Empire. Actually, the Blooding to crucify Jesus was in between the Jewish community and the, the emir, the leader of tourism at the time, who was appointed by the

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reckless, you know, her Hercules. So

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you got those two

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brands of Christianity evolving, progressing?

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Until they started clashing, they ended up clashing. Yeah. It's like that that shouldn't be, you know, very close to that, you know, so the Emperor Constantine, Constantine the Emperor, they have 318

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His mom was more into the poll. His mother Constantine's mother, yeah. So he said, I don't want these conflict, these religion, religious conflicts in my empire. He gathered all the Christian theologians from both sects from both groups, in a place called Nicea,

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which is Turkey now stumble. It was his summer break, you know, he goes in spend a summer. And he plays them inside the room. And he said, You're not coming out until you figure out who's Jesus? Is he the son? Or is he just a messenger? Is he Subhan Allah, the people, the proline because of the politics come to play. That's one of the most dangerous things when the imperial power interfere with faith. And the whole environment. If you can paint the picture, the whole environment is a pagan vegan and vitamin E See, whatever goes closer to paganism is easier. So yeah, it was appealing. Yeah, you know, like they want to do now with the you know, the imperial powers is

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working hard now to actually influence Islam, you need to know that too. They want to create that new brand of Islam.

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You know, and, and people in governments are investing money to come up with this Abrahamic you know, that one religion thing and all of that, but they don't understand that this is not going to happen because the guidance is preserved, you see in Allah is divine knowledge. Allah knew that after Jesus, there will be another messenger will come and rectify things, finish what happens now. So there he saw basically, basically, he said to the, the over 300 of them, they were there. They said, I agree, I want you to come out with one religion, not two. So what were the two they're deciding? One group is saying that this is, is a messenger. They're not claiming that disciples and

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the teachings of the disciples is the messenger of Allah. He's the slave of Allah. He came to call people to submit to Allah, there is a day of judgment. That's what we believe in what we believe in now. Yeah, that's us. Yeah. Yeah, he was Muslim. Okay. So then the other version is what? The Trinity He died for your sins. Yeah. So the other one is the Tereus. That alone tells you something. Yeah. Right. You see what I'm saying? Just that alone, that there's a debate with all these heads at that time, the beginning now, of when all this happened? What does she tell the intelligent person like hold on, even as the debate by the way, this is history. These things are history is not

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something like that could make it up? Yeah, actually, we got this from their own books. Yeah. Their own narratives. Now you can try to explain it away as much as you want. But yeah, you know, it's straightforward, common sense. Why is there this debate? Not why is there this group? There's the group, they're in there, right? They're saying no, these earliest sources, you know, the earlier groups, the ones closest to Jesus