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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and culture of the country and the rise of the nationalist movement, including the importance of dressing in public and the rise of the military. The transcript also touches on the struggles of a young man faced with revenge and refuses to admit to any wrongdoing. The transcript ends with a mention of a young man's actions, but no further context is provided.
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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. One of the key ingredients to quality of life on earth is justice, a society and environment a country and a planet devoid and bereft of justice really denies people quality of life. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, either Ghana or Morocco era can what are the neocons somehow? We're all neurochem Sure. avena come from the Hiram in botany Ha. When three things are found, then there is quality to life on Mother Earth, is that Ghana? Amara Akuma era when your leaders are the best among you, the cream of the crop the finest of humans they are in a position of governing is that Ghana or Moroccan

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era come? What are the Nia organs somehow organ and the effluent and the wealthy amongst you are the generous category from among you? What Murugan Shu, rabina Khan and your matters are resolved through mutual consultation and not unilateral decisions. You sit down you discuss the ease of mutual consultation, then there is meaning to life on Earth. Unfortunately, when we look around us, by and large, all three aspects have become absent. We look at the rulers by and large waka Valley can only bhava Valley mean a bank of america New York seaboard. One interpretation of this idea that we will put evil people to govern over evil people.

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A nation in which there is no justice there is no fairness there is no equity, then you really ask yourself, you know, what's the what's the meaning to life here? What's what then distinguishes us from the wild? What then distinguishes us from from the land of the animals with the mighty thrive, and the weak or vulnerable one preys on another. Now when we look into the annals of Islamic history, then the name of Satan Armada, the olana is synonymous to justice, you think of armor justice comes to mind. You think of justice or armor or the Allen who comes to mind. And it's imperative that we try in our daily interactions, that we align ourselves towards justice in the

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law, how you have been moccasin clean, Allah loves those that are just so today I share with you an amazing incident once again, from the rich legacy of Santa Maria Alanna and the books of Hadith are replete about the narratives and the incidents when it came to the justice of armor the Allahu anhu to the extent that once he asked people in an open gathering, he said that if perchance you see me stray, or you see me deviate, what would you do? They said that we will straighten your armor with the same sword with which you straighten us. We will straighten you. I mean, this is the subject telling the ruler, we will straighten you with the same sword with which you straighten us. And I'm

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gonna have nahata Rolando said that Alhamdulillah he led the Gylfi Almighty Mohammed, may you come wimo era ga Roma bcfe. Omar All praise belongs to Allah, who has kept in my area in my subjects in the oma of the messenger sallallahu wasallam people who will straighten aroma when he goes off the mark and of the line. So there was a companion by the name of Pharaohs de la mirada, the Allahu anhu, he was appointed as a governor. And as we all know, our model, DLR had a very, very strict, he had a very strict eye on his governance. So if he would find them indulging in comfort and luxury and affluence, then he would summon them up and then you know, what matters would be addressed. So

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he wrote him a letter and he said that Bella Vani and the hookah Chevelle aka kulula, Bobby bill Ashley, I have been informed that you are now eating refined bread with you know, good quality honey and you now preoccupied yourself in indulgence etc. So for Isabella haka, kitabi Haida, when this note and this letter of mines reaches you * with them, then please hasten and come towards Medina. I would like to meet you. So it's the reign of armor of Nakata. He's heard about this governor and he wants to address him. So he obliges, he complies and he starts traveling and he comes to Madina munawwara first, then, he asks permission to meet with Armada vilanova asinelli who

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consent is granted, and as he comes to the place of Amara de la

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Whoa. And he's about to enter the hammer who fetta mean parish. He gets into a little argument between him and a young Qureshi person. So that person was also trying to get in and Feroz de la mirada. Yolanda was also trying to get in. And in the factor of rage momentarily, he lost himself Feroz de la mirada, Ilana fell upon and fell kurachi that's the narration. He slept the sled he slept the sled, but inadvertently unintentionally. This lab proved to be more fatal than then intended, he thought just a little gesture, and nothing so severe, but it proved to be more fatal, and it injured and bruised a boy and his nose was bleeding quite profusely for Dahal. alfetta Allah

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Omar mustard Mia, so the young boy comes in the presence of herb nahata, the Allahu anhu and his nose is bleeding profusely. So hammer the Alon who said, What's the matter what happened? He said that Oh, Rama was just about to enter, and then came Feroz de la me and then we got into a bit of an argument and he slapped me and this is what what you see before me. So hamara the Alanna then summoned him immediately, and he was brought in he was ushered in the presence of armored Nakata rhodiola Wang, who, when he gave him a hammer the Alanna verified the facts. This is what this boy alleges. Is it all in order? He said, Yes, as intelli when I'm done Lahu that old rumor I had seek

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the consent and consent was given to me. So it was my right to enter and not his, and he kind of overstepped me. So that enraged me and yes, in a fit of rage, I momentarily lost my composure and that is exactly what has happened. So Marina hottub then said to Pharaohs, the enemy who was the governor of his place LTS ours is ours. Well, then retribution has to take place. Revenge has to take place. So he said armor but I mean, I'm a governor. This is a youngster. He said, well in Islam, that's justice. You've heard him he needs to take revenge. We're in Tibetan Ferrante boo boo mithuna Maru Tibetan be that if you've been hurt, then you can hurt proportionate to the pain that

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was inflicted upon you. For Jessa Faye Rosen, Ella rock but a that Governor comes and he kneels down on his knees. he kneels down what calm? And will Fattah and the young man stands to now take revenge from Feroz de la mirada, Ilana. So the purpose of summoning Pharaohs dilemma was something else because the hobbit heard that he had, you know, he was enjoying and indulging in luxury and comfort. But then subsequently, there was the snag and and setback and challenge and, you know, sequence of events changed differently. So let's just picture this. It's already wrapped up. It's the it's the era of you know, soon after the demise of VOA salatu salam Abubakar had just passed on the rule of

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Abu Bakr Al Baqarah delana was barely two years. I remember the olana of course, his falafel was 10 years, six months and few days. So he was a relatively long period.

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So Pharaoh's daughter, Yolanda is on his knees. The young man is standing and justice has to be meted out, because that does then there's quality to life, then there's meaning to life, then there's value to life. So, Amara vilano comes to the young man and he says Melania Fatah, a young man just pause for a moment. It's perfectly within your right to take revenge. But probably you are not acquainted with the profile of this man. If you allow me can I whisper something in your ears? My word? Can you imagine the jury? Can you imagine the the proceedings in the court, right? All are equal, above all are equal in in the court of law. Nobody is above the law. There's no

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discrimination. There's no nepotism there's no preferential treatment. Nobody's exonerated nobody is immune. Each one is on one level, yet there are sensitivities to the case as well. So he says to this young man, I heard the messenger sallallahu Sallam saying that putting a Layla LS Where do Lana see katella Hola, Abdul Salam Pharaoh's de la me. The Jesus just prior to the demise of Nadine sallallahu wasallam some of the false prophets had laid claim to Prophet wood and then they after the demise of Libyan Salaam they continued. So amongst those who laid claim to Prophet wood was a sweater, or a sweater aniseed. And it was the man who is now kneeling before you Pharaohs de la me

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who rose up to the challenge and destroyed this person who had claimed the false falsely claimed the Prophet would. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam acknowledged him praise them prayed for him and complimented him. So just to put things into perspective, young men, it's within your right, it's within your right. For example, you know what, maybe a senior has offended a junior it's within the right

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Have the junior to take revenge provided of course it's not something sinful. Somebody has used vulgar language upon you, you cannot retort in a like manner you cannot retort in a like manner, because vulgar is impermissible unlawful. But if a person has probably given you a punch, or he has given you a slap, then within reason provided it's not, you know, more intense than the blow that was inflicted on you. It is within your right, and it's perfectly fine.

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But look at the sensitivity and the maturity and the vision of armor the alano so you asked the young boy, are you still going to take revenge from Pharaoh's day? Let me after you heard what I've told you. So he said, No, no, no, but if this is the case of this man, and this is the profile of this man, then I forgive him. I forgive him. I forgive him. So now look at laquan the the governor Feroz de la me Is he has knelt down, right? He's in a kneeling posture. And Amara Ilana is having this dialogue with this young man to impress upon him the profile. And this is no do less that has been imposed upon the young men, but just for him to appreciate the sensitivity of the profile of

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this person. So when this young man tells Amara hottub, no, no. Then I'm backing off and I forgive him. So now Feroz de la mirada, la no looks at Roma. And he says, Do you believe that him pardon me without any Judas on me, will acquit me on the day of the AMA. Overall, I still have to face this case before allowing the day of the AMA of Fatah aroma. Do you believe that there are for whom I need regular Omicron that is pardoning of me without imposing on him will just settle my account and on the day of the AMA, I won't have to answer. So Hammurabi Allah said yes, because he is woefully by consent and choice forgiven you. So then Feroz de la mirada, Yolanda said oshi, Luca, and Farsi

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was safey with a Latina Alfa mymind de Botton la who, then Omar I make you a witness the horse that I was riding on which I came, and the sword that I have, and the $30,000 hums in my possession is a gift to this young man, because he has pardoned me in this world. Otherwise, on the day of the AMA, I will have to pay for this mistake through the currency of our man and good actions. Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, look at the fabric of a society look at the makeup of that community. And what does armor the Allahu anhu say to the young men, iPhone Jurong or de Milan Cathy Ra. Oh, young man, you pardoned Feroz de la mi and your agenda was secured. He compensated you with monetary return and

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your worldly matters are secured. So you For you it's a win win situation. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to instill within us a glimpse of just a you know a wee bit of this profound justice of Amara, the alano Be it between our employees or our children or our siblings. In all regards. Justice is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala loves. When there's justice. There's meaning to life.