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The conversation discusses the history and importance of humility in achieving spiritual success. It emphasizes the need to address issues and one's behavior with alarm clocks and action plans.

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Every one has a position of authority and exercises a level of influence on the lives of others in one way or another.

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However, the human experience all throughout the ages seems to suggest that man, more often than not, will fail the test of power when it comes his way. Because by our nature as the Quran describes us, we are weak, we are forgetful, we are hasty, we are stingy, we're unjust. We're in a constant battle against our evil commanding soul. So when power is added to that mix, a catastrophe is almost always not too far away, unless this person is grounded or tamed. And what better way to do that, than to discover and to latch on to the Name of Allah, and Malik.

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Travel the world and see the remains of civilizations and the ruins of the kingdoms that wants rose to power the ruins of Babylon and Iraq, the Roman Colosseum in Italy, the Parthenon in Greece, the great pyramid structures of Egypt, the ancient stone complexes of Petra Jordan, they are powerful reminders that the kingdoms of man do not last each and every one of them was dethroned. And what remained each time was an Melek, the one true King subhanho wa taala. This is a humbling reality, and a grounding one for those who are apparently climbing a ladder of worldly success.

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Unlike ours, the kingdom of a Melek is not limited to time or space, it extends from the eternal past and extends into the eternal future. A kingdom that covers the lowest point of creation to its very highest point above the heavens and spans across from what we know and into the realms of what we shall never know. It's a Kingdom that's untouched by coos revolutions natural disasters death. Allah was king before creation, He will remain king after their destruction and will be the true king when creation is finally resurrected from their graves. To then hear al Malik, himself declaring liminal Coolio

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To whom does the kingdom belong to on this day?

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You see, when a family of two becomes three, Allah's Kingdom has effectively expanded as he now provides for another soul, another member is added to his kingdom. So bear in mind that the global human population growth is about 83 million people annually, and the global population has grown from around 1 billion in the 1800s to 7.6 billion in 2017. And estimates put a total population of 8.6 billion by the mid 2030s 9.8 billion by the mid 2050s, and 11 point 2 billion by 2100.

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Then I shift your attention to the universe which has been expanding continuously for more than 13 point 8 billion years, not just that it's doing so at an accelerating rate. So whilst our kingdoms today may expand that diminish Allah's dominion is only ever growing and accelerating rate. And despite his spending on what is an ever expanding kingdom, his possessions are not reduced in the least.

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And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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You Had Allah He may Allah ly redo Han Africa, Sahara only when the heart that Allah has had this fool

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and it is not affected by his continuous spending day and night. And then he said our item and *a Moo halacha somewhat he will opt for inner Hulan yahood Murphy, he said, Do you see what he has spent since he created the heavens and earth? Yet all of that has not decreased what is in his hand and Subhanallah dad that is an Malik.

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A perhaps you've also noticed how the kings of today as their kingdoms grow. They have this tendency to drift further away from the laity of people and the downtrodden and slowly start reserving more and more of their time and attention to the elite to the important people.

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That's for an Melek despite being the king of kings and the owner of galactic dominion, that prostrates to him in full. He remains at the aid and the call of every creature of his hearing their individual dua acknowledging their individual pains, providing for the birds, feeding the wild beasts tending to the needs of underwater creature guide

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every insect to its home Subhan Allah, his supremacy and His Kingdom have not distracted him from his creatures. He gives them all equal access and attention. La ilaha illa Allah this is a law to be to be adored, and the Lord to be submitted to

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and that's his right a sovereign to be surrendered to.

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So when you ask, why is so and so member of my family yet to embrace Islam, despite my efforts on my dua, the answer is Allah's kingdom. He hasn't given permission yet. You say, Why am I still poverty ridden? Despite my constant efforts to find an income? We say it's Allah's kingdom. He hasn't given them permission yet.

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Why am I yet to recover from my illness? It's Allah's kingdom. He hasn't given permission yet. Why is it that happy marriages keep evading me.

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So Allah's kingdom

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and he hasn't given permission yet. So to know Al Malik is to know that he is free to do in his kingdom as he wishes. canalicular who Masha Allah set such as Allah He creates what He wills in the law, hey, if I will now ye sha Allah says surely ALLAH does what He wills. So instead of objecting, except his kingship over you, submit to His divine and royal decrees that come your way. And since he doesn't take things away from people in order to add to himself, you're left with one other plausible option

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that he's taken something away from you for you. As a million he said, he only prevented you from matters in order to give you

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and only tested you to give wellbeing to you and only caused you to fall ill to cure you and only gave you death to grant you life. He said So beware of distancing yourself from contentment for even the blinking of an eye. So when Allah

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knowing al Malik,

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not only makes it easier to be at peace with other destiny, it produces another really important behavioral trait in the life of a believer and that is true humbleness. When interacting with people. You can't help but find yourself changing, humbled, mannered, because because you live on the land of Al Malik, and you live on the expenditure of Al Malik. From the day when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conquered Mecca A man came to speak to him and he he began to shake the moment he saw the owner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was afraid.

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So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam wanted to calm him down. And he said to him, how when alake become relaxed for him needless to be Malik, I am not a king in them and abluminal team in Mecca can attack Google credit. I am just the son of a woman from Mecca or Qureshi who used to eat dried meat. So what was it that helped him see past the glory of being revered by people, it was his knowledge of a medic, his acknowledgement of a medic.

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You see, there are things out there that are so much more intoxicating than drugs and bring about more drunkenness than alcohol, things like money and power and fame authority.

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They can be far stronger hallucinogenics you've seen it. That's why on the walls of certain governmental buildings around the Muslim world, they've actually written on the doors of their quarters, the sentence that says lo dama to Lehigh unique, now wa salatu Lake if it had remained with those before you would never have reached you. It's a reminder to themselves to stay sober, humble and grounded. If it had remained for those before you meaning or authority, it will never have reached you. Meaning this position that you now have was once upon a time in the hands of people before you. And just as it had to leave them to get to you. Remember that you will soon have

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to suffer, you will have to suffer the same fate. And you're going to have to hand it over

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there reminding themselves that Allah is and Malik, your degrees, your savings, your health, your splendid appearance, your land, your fame, it's all unknown to you, and shall soon be given back to the lender and many quants, your examination through these things is complete,

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then the verdict of this test shall be issued to you on the Day of Reckoning in the court of Allah subhanho data.

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And so when you know this, you can't help but feel every last speck of self importance and entitlement being stamped out from your heart consciousness of Melaka above you, you find much lesser interest in being praised by people. Their attention doesn't excite you anymore. The titles of honor that they they offer you makes you uncomfortable because you remember that terms such as

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And then I and delete mine and the end I have they were terms used by the worst of creation by shaytaan and by the Pharaoh on Macedon to Pharaoh was minister. As for shape lon he said, I know how you don't mean who I am better than him meaning Adam and the Pharaoh he said Alisa Lee, MOLKO Minnesota who has the hill and heritage dream daddy, is it not that the Kingdom of Egypt is mine and these rivers flowing beneath me from Cairo when he said in nama ot to who Allah Haman, MD, I was given this money because of knowledge I have.

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Don't use those terms. And when you need to use these expressions, it should only ever be in the context of humility before Al Malik, I am the sinner whose failings have burden to him. Ignorance, shortcomings and weaknesses are mine. I have a long way to go. I have little to be praised for I have a heart that needs remedying

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SubhanAllah. Some of our elders whenever they hear a young man speaking highly of himself, they would say to him, I wouldn't call him.

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Kingdom is Allah's Kingdom is Allah's profound short statement. Allah is Al Malik. When an Arab Bedouin was one scene, traveling and he was shifting huge amounts of money from place to place, they said, Who does this money belong to? And he said,

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he feared it it belongs to Allah, he just placed it in my hands. So knowing and Melek really does cause you to see the world differently. It causes a paradigm shift in attitude and behavior.

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And look at the words of Abel Tamia, Rahim Allah who would frequently we heard saying, The Merli shape what I mean the shape Walla fie shape, I possessed nothing, I've done nothing, I am nothing.

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hearts that have recognized as Melaka are humbled hearts. Knowing al Malik is to know that the money that you count today was counted by many hands before yours, and will be counted by many hands after yours.

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It is to know that your home was inhabited by people before you and will be inhabited by people after you. Knowing allelic makes it easier to offer and accept apologies to give excuses to people who fall short towards you to give the benefit of the doubt, to show patience towards ignorant behavior.

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And to be far more interested in discharging the rights of others than claiming yours. Why? Because you've recognized and Melek you've been humbled before him. Now with all this said, I want you to imagine how people would react if a well off businessman

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was to set up an office for himself in the middle of the city announced that anyone who requires a profitable business idea, an interest free loan to charity or grant could come to him.

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What if this office belong to a prince or a king even? Now, a quick glance of how people behaved during the sales of festive seasons gives a fairly accurate portrayal of how people would react.

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I offer this analogy

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because it does exist, it lends itself to on a nightly basis. The difference is that the giver of this opportunity is no mortal. No businessman, no earthly king, but Al Malik himself subhanho wa Taala and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah descends every night to the lowest heaven

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when the first third of the night is over, and he announces an Al Malik and Malik I am the king I am the king man the levy yet only first ajibola Who is the actress supplicate me so that I answer him when the levy is alimony for all clear who is there to beg of me so that I grant him when the lady yesterday

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who was there to beg for forgiveness so that I may forgive him

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if he continues repeating this announcement until the day breaks.

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So I'll Malik subhanho wa Taala has made himself available to you.

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So set your alarm clock. Take your problems and ambitions to him.