The Issue of Morality & Virtue

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the origin of the word Islam and how it is a habit that is difficult to overcome. The speaker also talks about the origin of the word haven't and how it is difficult to overcome. The speaker emphasizes the importance of worshiping Him alone to be thankful.
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Allah subhana wa Tada All praise is due to Him Al hamdu lillah le flam is still rockin gins Oh, praise, Nila. It belongs to Allah the primary praise and in the fact that He created everything and the secondary praise derived things that we find if somebody's good Masha Allah, He recited the Quran so beautifully Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala is the one who enabled him to do that we work together to build this beautiful Masjid Alhamdulillah, Allah Subhana Allah is the One who enabled us to do that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah puts his praise here beside something. And it's the most important thing that he brings up again and again and again to convince people that they should only

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be worshipping him, Allah, the Halacha, somewhat evil out of the One Who created the heavens and the earth, because creation is unlike any other power or ability that anybody could have. If you were to go through all the C fats and all of the abilities of Alaska on to Allah. The one that he references the most, in order to convince us is his ability to create because his ability to create is completely unique. It's not like you and me, if I want to make something in the kitchen, I want to make food, I have to take something that already exists. And then I change it in some way. I cut it up into pieces, I mix it up, I apply heat to it, and then it becomes something else. Allah azza wa

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jal is the only one that can bring something out of nothing that can create something that never existed before and make it appear from absolute nothingness, which is why Allah is bound to otter. He continuously challenges the sense of worship that the corporation has audience have, how can you worship anything that doesn't create? It's the simplest thing. It's the most fundamental binary that we have. If you create in the true sense of the word, then you deserve to be worshipped. If you cannot create then you don't deserve to be worshipped, and I lost power to audit. It says that he made the Lumads Well, no. And not many of them are festooning they say that there's a reason why I

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lost the power to Ana, he uses darkness and light but literally, he says, darknesses blue mats, Jim, and he says no, no flood, which is singular, many of the scholars of Tafseer they say there's a reason behind this because the truth, the note is one as well. But when you go to the Lulu mat, the paths of misguidance the different ways that you can disobey Allah Subhana Allah are the mistakes that you can fall in. They're not just one there are many and there are multiple formula the you know, cathodal Biragi him yeah, they don't last fall to Allah says then after all of this, Allah azza wa jal All Praise be to Him, He creates the heavens and the earth. He makes the darkness and

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the light then from the people who kefir who who deny who reject they, they go astray. They reject Him. They don't acknowledge his right to be worshipped by himself. Subhana the origin of the word Kafka means to cover something. And if it's done with test data, align Kafka, you get furutech Fear, it has to do with even more. So this is a deliberately taken habit. This is not somebody who is unconvinced. And this is something that's important to understand the level of Hajah that existed upon the outcome of the Quran. They understood, they knew that the Prophet Mohammed Salah Saddam was a Saudi. I mean, they knew it was true. They knew the Quran was true, and yet, and yet they could

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not bring themselves to believe it was not an issue of information or of not being convinced it was an issue of morality and virtue. Abu Lahab you have an entire Surah dedicated to him to have that to be the hobby on WhatsApp. All he has to do to prove all of Islam wrong is to become a Muslim, Allah azza wa jal promises him he says tough but you have you would have said he's ruined. He's done say Allah not on that. I will not have all he has to do he can disprove the entire Qur'an if he says that, you know, hey, Lola, Muhammad Rasul Allah, he can't, he can't why it's not because of information. It's because of the virtue or lack thereof in his case to Campbell. He's too much pride

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in his heart. He can't do it. From Medina. Kapha Rubia Robbie him yeah, they don't after all of this after every favor, everything Allah azza wa jal gave you after all of that, that people have Cofer. They lean away, they turn away they go to something else, they resort to something else. So this is something Allah subhanaw taala does in almost every page of the Quran, when he's trying to convince us and trying to bring us into a bar. He's trying to bring us into compliance, right? We said in the beginning, he doesn't just get do it because I said so. He convinces you you'll pay OIC right? How does he convince you through your chakra through your indebtedness, he reminds you of the neon he

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reminds you of the blessings that he's done for you this and this and this and this and this until you feel indebted. And then he says if somebody realizes how indebted they are to Allah spawns out and the only thing left to do is to try to be grateful to try to be thankful and the way that Allah azza wa jal wants us to be thankful is through worshiping Him and Him alone.