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The segment discusses the loss of various women in a couple's relationships, including Xena, Ilana, and Y Boulevard. The couple had romantic relationships with various women of different civilizations, including Xena. The couple also had issues related to their reputation and reputation among peers.

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Osaka Samarra shopping Marines at Nam Hammond wala and he was happy he married my beloved brothers and sustained Islam Islam Allah.

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Allah hi and thank you so much for joining us this episode 28 of our series the bliss of women around the messenger sallallahu sallam. In this episode we'll continue talking about a mother Xena being dejection rhodiola. And her will talk about her life with the prophets of Salaam as his wife, interaction with the other wives of the Prophet SAW Allah and her death in sha Allah. And just again, let us quickly go through our list of our mothers. We spoke about Khadija jolanda. We spoke about soda. We spoke about Ayesha, we spoke about soft we spoke about Xena being hoceima we spoke about Oussama Yolanda. And now we're speaking about another Xena being dejection. We spoke about how

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we mentioned how she became the wife of the Prophet also lump following the divorce of by zayde, adopted son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We mentioned the controversies around this marriage, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala used this marriage to sort of complete the lows of adoption, the lowest between an orphan and his adopted foster parents. And then we also spoke about our mother's lineup. In terms of her personality. We said that she was a very independent woman, she had a high self worth self opinion, which at times might have even boarded along vanity. We spoke about how she was a crafts woman, she was good with her hands and she had a business. She was a very passionate

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woman, a woman that would be very intense in her emotions. She would be someone that was not scared to mention what she believed in what she wanted. And even if it could turn into conflict with someone else, you didn't mind voicing her opinion, a very strong, strong woman. And of course, we said she was a deeply devoted pious worshipper of a lot. She was extremely given to Salah she would spend the night in a bar up to the point where she would become tired, and she would cling on to a rope to keep her from falling asleep during tahajud. You spend the day in fasting. And of course, the thing that she really excelled in was that she was extremely generous, her personality.

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Naturally, we said we'd come into conflict and clash in particular with someone very similar to her mother, Ilana, and I said what the law says in

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Zainab was my equal in beauty and in the prophets love for her. So the problem was, I liked her a lot. And cinema also says that the Messenger of Allah wa sallam liked Zainab very much, but he also became very frustrated with her at times. So at times, you know, she would annoy him even, but he enjoyed spending time with her. Ayesha also says that Xena was very proud of her time with the prophets of Salaam, she was very given to spending time with him and to be romantic with him and to be passionate with him. And she wasn't afraid to show this and even if it meant that it sometimes sit on the toes of the other lives, she would do this. So last week, we spoke about how it was a

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clash. And there'll be a number of classes today that will speak about between her and I shadowed Yolanda. So we found that when it was last night, and the Prophet Tomas was with Ayesha, Xena came over, and the professor extended his hand, and this obviously upset Ayesha, because it was a night and there was a confrontation and Xena raised the voice and I should raise the voice. And there was an argument. Another incident that comes to mind is that the prophet SAW Salem, it says that the prophecy was with me the evening and he was having supper with her and she had prepared a meal. And so you know, we said Ayesha was not the most domestic of women. So for her to prepare a meal was was

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quite difficult. And she said now like we can imagine all day in the kitchen, preparing this meal, and the getting down the two of them. Maybe you could call it romantic moment. She's been waiting for him for maybe a week and the spin this time was her time with him. And now they're about to eat and then the gift, you could say a knock at the door, someone has come to the door. So in comes this person is given permission, and it's one of the servants of signup. And Zainab rhodiola and her servant comes with a bowl of food, Xena cooked something and sent it to the prophets of Salaam. Now, final law, this naturally will frustrate our mother. I hear she just spent all day and here comes

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this plate of food. And as the servant is about to put the plate down, Ayesha strikes the plate and he falls on the floor and he breaks and this is awkward silence we can imagine you know, people are watching this is now in public and the prophets of Salaam. He sees these beautiful words I shall vccc did something wrong and the problem diffuses this awkward moment and he says you have made your mother jealous. You upset your mom. So you basically says you upset your mother. I say your mother, you've upset her. And then the professor picks up the plate and he picks up the food and he says go ahead you can eat there's nothing wrong with it. We even from the small incident. We learned that

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when food falls on the floor. It's hot out to eat there's nothing wrong with it. And you can go and eat it and when when the when the meal was done. The profit wasn't SR I show you Oh Zainab edition you owe her plenty you broke the plate. So you owe her a new plate and so he took one of those plates and he gave it to the servant to give the sign up. Another main

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The clash between our mother and Xena was a story that we had left on pause. Remember, I take your mind back to Osama. When we said that the prophet SAW Selim, he would receive gifts from the Sahaba. And the Sahaba would make a point to bring these gifts during the day of Ayesha. So I shared with her in her house, she would benefit from these gifts, and the other wives naturally became upset about this and so they began to complain. So they told him Salma you go and speak to the professor's on them, and you ask him to tell the Sahaba to be fee if we could say in giving in distributing of gifts, and Salah approaches at one time two times three times and the province of alum doesn't

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respond to her and basically says to her, don't upset me in this regard, you know, don't do this. And inshallah we said, the mature, diplomatic, elegant lady that she was when the province for lumps she could see she was annoying him she lifted her that she didn't argue with him. Then we said the lives when to Fatima, his daughter, and they say to Fatima, go and speak to your dad, and tell him about this issue of Ayesha. And so Fatima comes to the prophets of Salaam and she speaks to him and the prophets. Allah says to her basically, oh, Fatima, don't you love who I love and I love Ayesha. So love Ayesha don't upset me. So Fatima also leaves the meta and she says to the boss, and then I

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went to love who you love. And so she goes to the other wives and she says to them, I want nothing to do with this matter. I don't want to upset my dad. So don't don't involve me, I'm not going to get involved. Again, the wives are not satisfied. They still upset about this. And then Xena Beatty jack, she was now one of the wives. And she basically said Well, then, if I'm Santa, you're not going to do the job and Fatima you can do the job, then I will do the job. And I'm not basically scared to bring this issue up, and I will address the matter. So she walks and she doesn't even wait for the prophet SAW Salem to come to her house and to speak to him privately. She goes to Ayesha's

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house when the problem is with her. And she asked for permission and she's given permission. So now the property is sold. I'm sitting with Ayesha Ayesha today. And she talks to the prophets of Salaam and Ayesha again, this hadith is needed from Russia. So Russia says so Xena began to complain. He basically said things about me that were hurtful. She said hurtful things, but I didn't respond. And she was saying, basically, we have the wives want you to be fee in the way that these gifts are distributed between us and the and the and the daughter of abubaker. She doesn't even say I just named her sister, the daughter of a worker. And she goes overboard actually. And she says things

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that hurt Ayesha, and I guess I didn't say anything. But I looked at the eyes of the professors. And I'm looking basically give me permission to respond and waiting for him to give me permission to respond. And when when Xena went to a certain level, and she we don't know what you see. But she said something. And then the professor basically gave Ayesha permission. So I should have been responded to sign up. And I should say I responded to her so fiercely, that Xena was completely quiet, she couldn't see anything. I basically put her in a place. And when Xena was now quiet, and we sit when no one makes enough quiet. And I said I did that. So when the professor smiles and he

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says to Aisha, you really are Abubakar, his daughter, because abubaker Golan when you learn his biography, that you had a very eloquent way of talking, when he came to a company, and especially with your students, he had a way of making his voice heard. And at times, he even had a bit of a sharp tongue that basically kept other people quiet. There's more incidents between Ayesha and Xena. So the V famous incident of the honey, the very famous incident of the honey, which is the reason as most of them have a city and mentioned the reason why the first verse of sort of the first verse of the hymn was revealed because of this, this incident, we mentioned how the Prophet peace upon him

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would visit all his wives during the day, and he would go and check up on all of them. And I would always say that because she was the youngest, he would visit her last. And so we imagine on my shoulder, I'm always anticipating and excited for him to come to visit us, even if it's not too much time, but he's going to come and visit her. And she got to know his routine. So even though he never watches she obviously would estimate around this time of day, he's due to come and come home. And she found that a few days now he's coming later and later. And he's not as on time as he usually was. So I shadowed a lot on her. us hafsa why what's happening? Why is he delaying? Why is he coming

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late? And so they found out that the professor was staying a bit longer by Zayn up in Joshua, when he when he was visiting Xena, he stayed longer than normal. And why would he stay longer than normal? Because Zainab Ludhiana had just purchased some very nice honey, we see that she obviously had this business, she had a little bit more than the other wives, and she bought this nice honey. So when the professor would come, she would feed him some honey and the Prophet peace upon him had a sweet tooth. And so obviously, he enjoyed this and we spend some time and this now delayed him. And we can only imagine he delayed him for a few minutes, 510 minutes at most, but this obviously for

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the lives of the person was something which upsets him

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So they decided what are we going to do we can't allow is enough to keep taking that extra 10 minutes, we need to do something about this. So Zainab, Ayesha and soda and we see the three of them were sort of a click, they agreed amongst themselves. Look when he visits you, and he kisses you. And this obviously, again, side note here, it shows you a number of things. Number one, it shows you the prophets of Salaam, when he would come to his wives, he would come home, he would greet them, you would actually kiss them on the mouth, this was used you sooner. So they would say that when he comes to you, and he kisses you on the mouth, ask him what is this bad smell on your breath? Because

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the professor was extremely concerned about his hygiene, very strict for his hygiene, at least five or more times a day, he would use the miswak is like brushing his teeth five times a day. So for him any bad odors, was deeply offensive to him. And him of all people was very strict on hygiene. So to have a bad smell coming from his mouth was very embarrassing for him. So they agreed when it comes to you have so many kisses, you asked him, Why does your breath smell so bad? And he would say, look, the only thing I ate was this honey from Zainab and then they said we will agree to tell him that maybe the honey was made from some kind of butter SAP and therefore it's giving a bad smell.

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And then when you go to soda soda, when he kisses you say the same thing when it comes to HSA the same thing, eventually, this is gonna happen, this will frustrate him. And this will basically get back and say no. So it also side note, it shows us as brothers as husbands, that our lives if they are at home, for example, and we have to come home at a certain time. I know I'm guilty of this at times, our wives are anticipated excited to see us all day. They haven't seen us. And therefore if we are maybe 510 minutes late, any woman, every woman would naturally get a little frustrated. She's excited and to see you. And if we don't delay the process on them, encouraged us as men that when

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it's time to go, don't delay, don't spend even if in the masjid. Don't spend longer than you need to be because your wives are looking forward to you. Maybe you the only adult conversation she could have all day all she's only people she's speaking to other kids. And now she wants to spend time with with a husband. And even if it's 10 minutes, 15 minutes for our lives, it might seem like a very long time and they will get impatient. This is the case even with the best of women. And the prophet SAW Selim. He's the most busiest of men, you know, ever there was no man busier than him. If anybody had an excuse to say, Elijah, why are you stressing me out? Why are you hassling me? I've

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got the concerns of the entire room on my head. Surely you can be paid if I come late, I come late, you know, I'm busy. This isn't the attitude of the prophets of Salaam. And if that's the prophets of Salaam, then for us really, and I speak to myself first. We should not get frustrated that that time is her time it's our Huck and she wants us to come home at this time. So we should make an effort not to infringe on that time. So I should have saw and soda agree to this. So the problem when you went to them, and they said your breath smells bad. So the professor seldom said look this. This is from the honey and now today I've made honey haram for me I have prohibited myself I'll never eat

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honey again. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals the verses in the Quran Allah says Allah Allah yeah you and maybe even to hardly mama Allah Allahu la casa de Matata as watching, oh prophet of Allah only of Allah. Why make haram what Allah has made Hello? Why do you make honey haram always meditate on turbidity metadata as well, so that you can for the purpose of pleasing your wives. Again, this is a verse in the Quran, which is a slight reprimand to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And again, this is something which the prophets of Salaam is it's kind of embarrassing for the professor number Allah has to intervene because his wives are bothering him his wives are

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conspiring. So again, this is another incident where the wives liberal salon basically stepped out of line. And this was something wrong from Ayesha and hafsa and soda. So we see this tension between Russia and Xena and they will this intense arrivals when they will one another at times we don't even find that these nice words. But when you see to piety of these women that it never got in the way of the taqwa and these two incidents that comes to mind. So we spoke about the, the cylinder of Ayesha salon de vida when she was accused of committing Zina, we know that this was the most difficult time in her life and in fact, she was separated from the prophets of Salaam. And during

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this time, the prophet Allah was not sure if the rumors of Ayesha's infidelity was true. And he seek advice. He spoke to his aid. He spoke to Sonali even then went to Zainab. Now he knew he specifically went to Xena why, because Xena was the one wife that didn't get along with Russia. And she was the one wife that argued with her the most. So if he wanted to gauge from Xena what Zeynep says about this matter, and I she says I shouldn't read this hadith. So in spite of the rivalry, I should say is that you know what a pious woman Zainab was because when the promiseland went to her and asked her about what do you say about I share an incident? So basically saying upset to the

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problem. I know nothing.

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Have Ayesha exceed good. I cannot say one fault about Allah Subhana Allah. This shows you that through taqwa of our mother Zina, and to make it even more the level of Xena. Her sister Zainab own sister was one of the founders of the if they were one of the people that began spreading the rumors, and when we asked her why did you do this? So she said, I wanted to bring Ayesha down to give my sister Zainab to make her the one that all the love of the problem was I wanted to get out of the picture for the sake of my sister's aina but name Xena obviously, she was the one that came to defend Ayesha to the prophets of Salaam and said look, I don't know anything about I should

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except good. This is something which is not possible for our mother, I shadowed Yolanda and this went both ways. at a time. When Xena was in trouble you found our mother I shared with you a lot on how standing up for her. So I should tells us that it so happened that towards the end of the life of the Prophet Salaam, the Prophet peace upon him went to perform these Hajj and all the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim join him so they're all within it all traveling together from Medina to Makkah. Now one of the wife Sophia will get to speak to her in coming weeks in sha Allah. She wasn't a very good rider. And she began to fall behind, and her camel got lame. And as she falls behind,

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she begins to cry. And she you know, tears are rolling. So the problem stops the entire caravan. 100,000 Sahaba. He stops them. He turns around and he goes to get Sophia and he makes the camel kneel and he takes Sophia. Sophia was very short. She was very petite, very delicate. We'll come to know that she's the only wife that was originally a Jewish lady, which means she came from a much more cultured civilization. The Arabs were a lot more rough. So she was a very pampered girl. And for her This was very difficult for so the problem takes her off and she's bursting. She's crying and the promises and we mentioned this he takes off the camera and he wipes away her tears with his

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with his thumbs. And Sophia says the more he wipes away my tears, the more he makes me cry, and now she blames him and she says, You gave me a bad camel is because of you. My camel is behind and I'm I'm behind and she's inconsolable. So then the prophecy says, oh, Xena, Xena. I've had many camels because she was again we said she was the wealthiest of all the wives. So he says to Zainab, Zainab shame, give Sophia one of your camels you've got extra camels given one of them. So Zeynep said something to them. So she said and publicly, she says, me give my camera to that Jewish that Jewish lady never, I will never give her one of my camels. So the professor was extremely annoyed with us.

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He just he kept quiet and say anything, but this upsets him deeply. And so Sophia is crying. So the problem says, guys, look, let's just stop everything and we'll campea and it's Sofia, calm down and login for his wife. He makes the entire Hodge Gemma slip so that his wife can calm down, but he was really upset with Xena. So he says, I should tell us the story. Because of that the Prophet basically so Salim basically ignored signup for a number of months to such an extent that I've had a special mattress for the profits of them. She had a special beating that when he would come she would take that beating out so that when he slipped in our house that he had a you know, a nice

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place to sleep. She actually packed that beating away. She said, call us the processor will never ever come to me again. And then he says I was with him one day, and she thought about Zeynep and obviously she felt bad was enough sake. So she began to talk about Xena like you know, forgive I haven't you know pardon her. She spoke out of turn It's been three months now. She's so broken up she's so sad go and visitor so he says it was he remembers the day the professor winked and he went to go visit sign up. And you know, sign up took this beating out again and he was so happy. So in a saddest moments, I should actually stood up for this relationship as we said, it was that they were

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rivals. They fought with one another they argued with one another dishes and plates flew sometimes, but when it came down to it, do you know when one was really in a bad spot, they taekwon never allowed him to harm each other. They stood up for one another and they there was this mutual arrival that He has for this mutual respect. And after the profitsystem died, the Cena Of course continued to be such he continued to to be a businesswoman he continued to charity. And of all the wives of the profs alum, she excelled in terms of her generosity. And I should tell us that after the death of Sonam, it became a standard the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, they will receive a salary they

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will receive a salary from the government see Norma was the halifa the Muslim woman expanded so he gave each of the wives of the professor a stipend, like a little salary. And when Xena received her salary, she was very disturbed about this. She didn't like it. And she gave every cent of that money away she gave the charity wynnstay not only heard about this, and he says what a blessing to human this lady's a nappies and he gave him more money and she gave every cent of that money away. And she made it throughout that year a lot pick me not see this money again next year. I don't want to see this happening. Again. I don't want the salary again. And it's

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happened that our mother's a neighbor of Yolanda, she passed away 10 years after the death of the officer lamp. And she was in fact, the first wife to die after the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And now the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim understood something we remind ourselves back to, so that we see that so that was the biggest largest of the wives. And then the prophet SAW him and told him, and again, picture this, probably somebody said, his wives, and perhaps this was when he was ill. And they asked him, Who of us who will be the first to be with you in general. And he said to them, the one with the biggest hands the longest, or the longest hands, she will be the one that will join

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me first. So they had like a competition annually, that they would get together all the wives and they would measure the hands of the teeth, and every time so that would win, because her hands were the biggest two was the biggest one of all. Then when Xena died first, they understood the lives understood Ah, he wasn't talking about having the biggest hands physically. They mean the one who was the most charitable and Xena was the one that gave the most charity as final Allah subhanaw taala blister, that she would be the first that would die and be you and I were the prophet SAW Salem. And it's no more befitting words to say about our mother Xena, that after she died, I shot

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all people and we said the relationship between Ayesha and Xena was perhaps not the best at times. But when she died, I share basically said of her. Allah have mercy on her. The praise worthy woman this praise worthy woman, the devout and sincere worship of Allah and the protector and the comfort and the refuge of the orphan and the widow is now gone. May Allah have mercy on her? What a great woman she was. Rahim Allah Amata Zeynep into jash she was the first to be reunited with a profit salsola she passed away as we said, around 10 years often a visa Salaam she was about 53 years old when she had passed away. We continue next episode with our next wife, our mother inshallah Habiba

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the daughter of Abu sufian insha Allah, Allah hi Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh counter