Tom Facchine – Confront Your Doubts

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of confronting one's doubts and having a spiritual and social benefit from having relationships with others. They also mention the need to take responsibility and search for answers to one's doubts. The speaker believes that everyone has specific points and takes on the responsibility to seek out answers.
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Dealing with your doubts is an extremely important thing that's only become more important in the era that we live in.

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You know, some people think that okay, maybe you're in doubt about the Quran, and how it was preserved? Or maybe you're in doubt about the Hadith. Why are there all these weak Hadith? How do we know that some Hadith are authentic? And some aren't? Right? Or I don't understand how a law created this or that of the other, I don't honestly understand this part of our how can people get punished eternally in the afterlife? Right? When they're only alive for so long, you know, they only have so much time a sin in this world, right? It's really important to confront these sorts of doubts. And I think everybody has a responsibility, to search and to seek and to find, it's not going to work to

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just be like, well, you just got to believe and you just got to keep on praying and keep on believing, especially in the times that we live in, especially if you happen to live in North America or Europe. It's just going to build up resentment, and it's just going to build up hypocrisy. And you're going to get to a point where you're wondering, why am I even doing all of this? Right? And this is something Shaco would tell us that you have to confront your doubts, you have to if you don't know, you have to you have to ask. And that's a spiritual, you know, question in itself, to have the humility to ask. And it's also there's a social benefit to it. Because you

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have to have relationships with other people who might know more than you do. You might have to go to other people to learn something. So you have to be humble, right? And you have to go and ask questions. And you have to be prepared to not get the right answer from the first person, right? Some people make this mistake, they go they do ask, they get up the courage to ask one person and then it's a ridiculously, you know, misguided answer. And then they're ready to just quit. You know, Bob, man is religion stuff is all the same, or, you know, all these scholars, you know, they're just, et cetera, et cetera. That's not how it works. You keep on searching until you find what you

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need to resolve the doubt. And that's something that I've undergone. You know, I think every individual has specific points that maybe it doesn't even reach to the point of doubt, but it makes them wonder and back their heads. I wonder, you know, like exactly how this works. And everybody has to take on the responsibility to take it seriously and seek out answers and,

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you know, harmony for those doubts or else it's only going to get worse over time.

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