The World is 3 Days

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nutty Leona Fisher

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said the beautiful thing.

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He said this life and it has mostly is a follower of the tabea when he speaks ilaha illa Allah Allah subhanaw taala opened their hearts because they were conducted with Allah opened their hearts to say things spell Allah when we read it and say we through just don't think about it this way. And he said a dunya falada to am. He said life or life or this world dunya is three days. This is how he is looking at whole world is it three days and Muslims for cuddlebug MFI yesterday, went with everything it has with everything it has, whatever I did, whatever I said whatever obedience I did, whatever disobedience I did, it went what a modern but I look a lot to do recall.

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As for tomorrow, you may not reach it.

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I may be dead. I don't know if I'm tomorrow I'm living

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a mullet. as of tomorrow. You may not get it. Emilio as of today, this moment, it's yours. You own it. Family fi work and it work in it. World slife is a 380 Leona Fisher