Sufism And Importance Of Dhikr

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The speakers discuss the importance of Dicker as the most virtuous thing and the high level of pride in the culture of the world. They also mention the importance of being in the company and the presence of God, as well as the use of Varian in actions and the importance of rememb receipt. The success of the Islamist movement and the importance of education for Muslims are also highlighted, along with the negative impact of slavery on society. The speakers emphasize the importance of educating people about the principles of Islam and creating a culture of peace and civilized society.

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It's in Sahih Muslim so it's a sound Howdy. So I am with my servant when he remembers me. And if he remembers me in his own self, I remember him in mind. And if he remembers me in a group I remember him in a group better than the group he remembers me.

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So, and then he says there are three types of thicker, thicker with the heart thicker with the tongue and the two together. So he says know, that Vicar is the best of all actions. If you took all of our actions, Vicar is the best of all actions, even though there are some studies that have been related that say that other things are better like prayer and its time, which is the outcome and things like that. And that is because they contain the meaning of remembrance and presence with God. And the proof for the benefit the the proof that dicker is the most virtuous thing is from three aspects the first Alberto and no sahuarita to be tough lady Alessandra, man, the many

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texts that have been related that prefer it over all other actions on us on the law, and it will set an alert when a bill come the Haiti medical SCA and the medical board, happy de la gente como Hara local minimum and Papa happy with fidelity. Pisa vt de will hate a local telco I do work on the top variable unaka home without the Revo afrikan. Arabella Yasser Allah, Allah, Allah wa sui rasulillah salam wa and it was a NEMA. Are you the Ameri have been the chroma key did a decrease of MLG had disability da da da da da da da da he to be safety he very carefully had a and a copy as a full copy I say for who we're talking about them in the Canon adecuado appdata Minho. So the first reason is

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all of these Hadees that have been related, that prefer it over other things the prophet SAW said him said in a sound Hadith is related as a bollock as from a Buddha, the Hadith, it's related in the walpa, it's multiple, which means a Buddha doesn't say he heard it from the Prophet but generally malkuth of Malta is from the province of Iceland. It's more for in other texts. So even Tara may be related and others should, can I not tell you the best of all your actions and the purest of it with your king, your sovereign, and the highest in degrees, and the better and better for you than spending your wealth, your gold and silver in the way of God and better for you than meeting the

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enemy on battle and striking him and him striking you are striking his neck there next and then striking your next and they said indeed, tell us Yara soba, and he said they could a lot remembrance of God. And once the Prophet slicin was asked, which are the best of actions, and he said, remembrance of God that God Allah. And then it was said to him, his Vicar better than jihad is thicker, better than jihad. Remember, it's better than a piece of beauty down in the way of God. And he said, even if the Mujahid

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was striking his sword in the cafe, until his sword broke, and he was covered in blood, the one remembering God would be better than him.

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Now, the owner must say the reason for that and that's related by Academy and even manager, even imagine, the reason that Vicar is better is because Vicar is an end in and of itself, it's not a means that we were created for the purpose of remembering God. jihad is a means a means is always over an end is always higher. And some of the odema say

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that jihad is better when jihad is necessary, like to defend the lands is you don't sit in the mess, you know, I'm doing the goods better than the Mujahid out there to say, No, you go out and you defend the land, and that's the best. And then he's also stressing the fact that Vicar in your actions. If your actions are devoid of vicco, then they're not

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beneficial actions. So if you're out in jihad, struggling in the way of God,

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then you should be doing dico as well and the Prophet told them to do thicker the Mujahidin and so difficult now we talk about Jihad and in the environment we're in it's very sad, but jihad is very high thing. And our religion is a religion of struggles as simple as that. I mean, somebody said to me,

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Muscles really want to take over the world. I said no, they're just reacting violently to the fact that we're taking over the world.

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It's just so strange. You know America, they want to take over the world and meanwhile, we're taking over the world 143 bases around the planet.

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Just amazing.

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anyway, no politics.

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authentic and aloha to Anna haoma dakka dakka amor a bit Vickery. athanor. added that Kareem was startup a fee here to cateura waka Kuru la hora de crankin era. Where am Mr. dareka? Pisa? Iran I'm a 32 unnecessary victim asiya here the whole house the lady said the lady we're here to huddle for the hadera digital era portability Abdullah and Hamada men and mogera set you and Maria for inala Talia photo Anna Jerusalem and currently we are under the Omni IBV one ama with the Quran. So the second is that whenever God mentions Vica in the Quran, or commands people that Vicar Not only does he praise the that getting, but he also places the condition of doing much remembrance of it. So he

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says, oh, the koala, remember a lot, the Quran kathira abundantly, so do much remembrance of God. And He never says that in any of the other actions he commands us to do. So when he says fast, he doesn't say fast a lot. He doesn't say do jihad a lot he doesn't say. But when it comes to Vicar, he always says do much victim. So if it wasn't the best of actions, there would be no need to emphasize the importance of doing much of it. And then he says also Vicar has a certain quality that is specific to it. And it's doesn't there's no other thing that has this quality, and that is the presence of the highest, that have the highest Divine Presence. So and also arrival to near pneus to

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this divine presence that has been articulated in what has come down to us in these texts about being in the company sitting with and also being in the company. So Allah says, for instance, a lot exalted says on a gentleman that currently I am the Companion of the one remembering me. I mean, Jenny's literally means I'm sitting with, right but we don't take that literally. I'm the Companion of the one and I'm with I'm in that gathering. And also in the Hadith that was previously related. I am in the opinion of my servant, whatever my servant thinks if he remembers me, I'm with him when he remembers me. So the mania of Allah and the Hydra and the presence of God. Now this is where it gets

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very interesting. When in NASS even MK said the Vickery mccammon for mcsa that Amity st Sabbath or mcsa that has a three or four door or vein and maka main for combat, read a campaign and yet at yahoo home and water or hijab, avena Manya krobo hottie akuna Maha syllabub he had

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one decra Anwar and Katia Ratan Tata Harrier with us via with a clear what hamdallah to what how para to warehouse para to where they could or could the amendment as Matt in the heater Ottawa Serato. Adam Davies have a lot and it was a NEMA. What is the follow up? I do that it could be the cannon house here to North American or Binda Hitoshi era Minh has has been on va.

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So amongst the people, there are many different reasons and or purposes for doing dico.

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In other words, sorry, amongst the the people that and their purposes for doing Vicar, there are two stations.

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The purpose of common people is to gain rewards, they want rewards that you know, like if you go in gym actively, they tell you if you do this, you get this, if you do this, you get this, you do this, if you do this prayer, you get 100. And you can get your calculator out, start adding it up, because there's rewards and they're in the Hadees. And they're mentioned. He's saying that that is the the more general people they want these rewards. But the end of the purpose of Vicar for the the people of distinction, the hosta is nearness and presence. They want to be near God and feel his presence. And he's saying what a great difference between these two.

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And what a difference between the one who takes his reward from behind a veil.

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So you get the reward from behind the veil and between the one who draws near until he's from amongst the beloved's So, and then he says, Hey had to or he had to he had he had his Arabic expression, you know how far off the mark Hey,

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what Adam and then he says know that Vicar has many different types. There's Talia saying that in a coma, you know Hallelu in English I say hallelujah. That's where that comes from Peleliu really not making that up. It's an actually, no Webster's dictionary from 1832. He actually takes it back to Arabic, and says it's from the Arabic Hindu, which is to shout for joy.

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In a Christian Hallelujah, yes, a shout for joy. Hallelu Hallelu Hallelu you know, let's say La la la la.

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This is what it means I'm not making that up.

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They just don't know we have to teach them.

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So and then to spear saying Subhana Allah takbeer saying Allahu Akbar hamdulillah saying Alhamdulillah help Allah saying how La quwata illa Billah hasta la saying hospital alone, Emma will kill every and then all the various vicars of the names from the names of God. And then finally, the prayer on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so you have all the vicars of the of Allah. And each one of them is different. And then you have the vicar, the remembrance of the Prophet and prayer on the Prophet, and his dead father asking forgiveness, and those last two he says for last, because they're the most important ones towards the end of time, that's why the is default, and

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solid, and an AVI are very important in our time.

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And then there are other things as well. And he says, Every Vicar has a property,

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and a fruit. So vigor is like a seed, and you're watering. And the result, there's a fruit that comes from it. And, and without laws tofi up to this path of realization. And he's enough for us and the best of protectors, Bab mokum, thammarat, adkar, the section on the station of the fruits of Vikram. So now he's going to tell us what these records do for you.

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And I'm gonna talk about that. Yeah.

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Let me finish the sections. And if I haven't answered the question, because I'm going to answer that question in the section. So if I haven't answered the question in the section, then you can ask the question.

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But sometimes the question that you have, it's going to come because if you have the question, usually then well, I live has already thought of, generally, or the one who's given the commentary on it, because it's it's a very valid question. It's related to the topic.

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Yes, that's those are the best kind for during this. Yeah.

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They have the means in the end. Yeah. So it's very high. Yeah, no, there's things that about the majapahit that are related that are amazing. So Jihad should never be belittled in any way, shape, or form. But, but but a lot of people what's important to note is when people there's a lot of people that think that Islam is just about one type of jihad. And and so it becomes military. And that's all they can think about military is, that's a certain type of even the prophesies. And not all of the Sahaba were of that nature. Most of them were because the Arabs are military people. I mean, when the unsolved came to the property to bear they said, No, I hadn't heard of, I've never

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heard of them was Helga, you know, we're, we're the sons of war, because their environment was a belligerent environment. Now, when you're in civilized societies, and theirs was not civilized by the standards that that we understand today. There was vengeance there was blood writ. There was,

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you know, somebody killed your cousin, you went out and killed anybody from his family. That's how their culture was. If you're in a in a country like England, for instance.

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Most people are not belligerent. I mean, they might get drunk at the pub and become belligerent. But generally, when you're dealing with people, they're not belligerent. And if you have altercations, they'll solve them in ways that aren't violent. It doesn't mean there aren't violent people amongst them. There are but the society's norm is not violence. The society's norm is civil, and that's called civil society. And the healthier a society is, the more civil it is. So when you have civil societies and you're focusing always on militaristic qualities and characteristics,

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Something's very seriously wrong. But when you're in an environment under siege, then that emphasis is very important. So the Muslims have to recognize emphasis, like right now the most important thing education.

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In America, Zani didn't fight jihad. Even though during his lifetime, the Palestine was under occupation, but he thought it's a waste of time to try to free Palestine if you've got a bunch of barbarians that are freeing it,

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because they'll just end up killing all the Christians and it'll be make Islam look bad. So his focus was on educating the Muslim and that's why the school system that was laid out during his time produced Salahuddin at a UB his generation was produced by a mama khazaria. Nanny. There's no set up without that groundwork that was laid by these intellectual scholars who were re educating the oma to the true principles of Islam. And there are many people who have criticized him out of Azadi and said Why isn't there a Babel jihad in his area? Why didn't we write that back the whole book, that's the whole point, that whole book, what predicates, any type of martial and every you have to have

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spiritual people. And that's why the Sahaba weren't allowed to fight for for 13 more than that 14 and a half years they weren't allowed to fight. It was all purification they were being prepared, because you don't want people that are vengeful, and violent. You don't want those people fighting because they're just gonna they won't care about people. Even some of the universe had only reason that war was the only

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repository for slaves all other forms of slavery were abolished in Islam before Islam that you were born a slave you indentured servitude you know you got into debt you became a slave you can be just captured kidnap a lot of different ways. Like now there's, they have all these types of slavery out there. But Islam only allowed slavery from war. That's the last and someone said the whole point was because when people are fighting, and they think that gotta be slick, they don't want to kill the people that actually want them to live. So it's actually a mercy for the people that you're fighting. Because you know what awaits