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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of actions and actions in the afterlife, including actions that cause harm to others and actions that cause harm to oneself. They emphasize the need for justice and a strong message of excellence in life, while also acknowledging and proving one's actions as evil and oppressed. The speakers also touch on the negative language and the use of negative language, as well as the importance of faith and not just a "theology." They emphasize the importance of being a person of faith and not just a "theology."
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And Allah subhanho wa Taala will ignore or delay the requests we make in anger, just as He will ignore or delay answering your DUA, if your DUA is against your best interests, and we're talking about best long term interests, what's best for your afterlife, Allah subhanahu wa taala will ignore your duty to remove hardship from you in this life, if that hardship is your ticket to Jannah. If that hardship is your ticket to Paradise, and Allah's mercy,

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but some people might misinterpret this, they might take it to the extreme. They might assume that if Allah subhanahu wa taala puts something difficult in our lives, that attempting to remove it is a sign that we haven't submitted to Allah's will.

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For some things this might be true. It might be true for things that cannot be changed. But for other things, this is not true at all. If you are in an abusive relationship or marriage, do you think the loss of Hannah huzzah Ana wants you to keep quiet and not do anything to change your situation? If you are oppressed if your rights are being taken away and trampled upon? Do you think Allah subhana horadada just wants you to smile and take it? Does it mean that we are not contends with Allah's decree? If we try to change our situation, or hold other people accountable? No not at all. The prophets of Allah while he was

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also a hall after volley men, old men blue men, healthier brother, whether he is oppressor or oppressed. Philia Rasul Allah had on us not to whom have lumen for Keita and Surah, who either Catalonian man replied, I can help someone if they're oppressed, but I don't understand how can I help someone? If they are oppressing other people follow?

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Jesus. What time now women have voted for that he cannot school. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam replied, you stop him from oppressing other people. That's how you help him.

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We see this in action. When Hynd came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam to complain about being treated unfairly by her husband Abu Sufian. Obviously this is after they both accepted Islam. She said yeah rasool Allah in other Sofia Anna Raja loon shave. Well, they say you will clear any Marryat Fini mobility in a hot Tomiko Wahoo.

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Color foodie may have 50 Well what are the what are the bill marabou O Messenger of Allah?

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I will so here is a miser he is stingy. He does not give me what is sufficient for me and my children. Can I take some of his money without him knowing it? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said, take, take what is sufficient for you and your children, and the amount should be bitten at all. just and reasonable. The prophets Allah Allahu Ani, he was salam did not tell her to just be patient. He didn't tell her sallallahu alayhi wa salam to just make dua. He told her son the long run and he was salam to take what was rightfully hers. It's not doing EVO Soufiane any favors in the afterlife. If Hynde were to put up with his oppressive behavior, she was expected to stand up for

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herself, to change her situation and to prevent someone else from doing her wrong. Fighting against oppression. Whether on behalf of yourself or on behalf of someone else, cannot be confused with rejecting a laws decree. In fact, Allah azza wa jal puts us in situations where oppression happens to us, or he puts us in positions of power over other people to test us and see how we are going to behave. That's why Allah subhanahu wa Tada talks about the importance of being just and establishing justice in the very next verse of Surah Yunus. what are called magnetic photo and Polycom LEM Borden.

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We'll watch ads for Mizzou who've been begging You naughty woman Academy we do kinetic energy, the Pope and Mussolini and we had already destroyed generations before you when they wrong. And their messengers had come to them with clear proofs, but they would not believe. Thus do We recompense the criminals. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in this area that our actions don't only have consequences in the afterlife. They also have consequences in this life. Allah subhanahu wa Tada specifically says that he destroyed entire nations because they wronged and oppressed other people. Their actions in this life earned them a punishment that they did not have to wait around for.

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When they wronged that's what Allah says, Allah use the word of Allah,

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which comes from the roots of all lamb mean, which has two meanings. The first one is darkness or shadow, such as Allah statement, Allahu Allah, you're Latina Avenue, you're free to whom in a little mathy. In a note, Allah is the Protector of those who believes he brings them out of darkness into the light.

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Second meaning of law them mean is to put something out of its proper place on purpose. And this is the meaning we're talking about here are those

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wrongdoing, oppression or just that putting something out of its proper place? In this verse? Allah subhanho wa Tada does not specifically say what type of wrongdoing or what type of oppression caused their destruction. There are many types of voting. Allah Subhana Allah wants us to stay away from all of them.

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One type of voting

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is idolatry, a should Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Look, man in Shipka, the Goodman Alene certainly idolatry is a great wrongdoing or a great oppression. Idolatry is literally a volume because a person takes something that belongs to Allah, like their fear, like their love, like their hope, like their worship, and they put it in completely the wrong place. They devote it to an idol that is deaf and dumb that cannot create and surely cannot resurrect.

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And there is no doubt that there is nothing more evil. Nothing worse than people making things up about Allah subhanahu wata or people making up things about the religion ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, Well, men other than men, men, if there are other law, he can't even Oh can never be a yachtie. In Neville law, you have different men avoiding ruin. And who could be worse than someone who invents lies about Allah or denies his signs. Certainly the oppressors will never succeed. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the worst thing worse than murder worse than genocide worse than racism worse than drugs ship. The worst thing is making up things about Allah subhanho wa taala. First of

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all, because it reveals a lack of respect for Allah azza wa jal, you don't honor Allah enough.

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You don't revere Allah enough to Cana if you're ready to make things up about him. If you don't triple check your sources, and make sure that the thing that you're saying about him was something that he actually revealed.

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Second of all, making things up about Allah is the worst thing because you are misguiding other people, not just yourself.

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Now, we might read these verses in the Koran and think I'm gonna love we're safe. We're far away from this sort of thing. The people who come to mind first, they're the Jews and the Christians and other Muslims who have various ideologies. They say that Allah is part of the Trinity, or Allah is everywhere or Allah is love at cetera, et cetera. But I guarantee you that this issue is closer to home than you realize. Look at your social media. Look at your Facebook, look at your WhatsApp. Look at your telegram look at your Instagram and Tiktok how often do we see something about Allah azza wa jal or Islam that we like and so we forward it along without thinking twice.

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Most of the time, it does not have a source. It does not have any citation. Our only criteria for passing it along is that we like it.

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What if it's not true?

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You just told a lie Allah, Allah.

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And Allah told us in his book that that is the single worst thing that you could possibly do.

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And if we respond by saying now it's just an innocent mistake, you should know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Kefauver, the money you can't even and you have data because they mess me up. All it takes for a person to lie is that he repeats every single thing that he hears.

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This hadith in Sahih Muslim, this goes for all the companions and the righteous people from our Ummah as well. In my experience, the most misquoted person online is by far, Ali are the alarm.

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When it comes to Ali, the people have no shame, they will make up quotes that even a non Muslim would stop and think, Wait a second, that doesn't sound right. Someone with a sense of humor was spreading. And allegedly folks from rd to highlight this issue. It had very pleasing imagery in the background and very professional looking graphics. It said Stop misquoting me online. Sincerely, Adi.

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We need to be more careful about what we share and forward. The stakes are higher than we realize. Muslims are people have process and having a process makes it easy for you. If it doesn't have a source, don't share it. Don't forward it. It will potentially save you from regrets on the Day of Judgment. Apple we've already heard there was a lot going on what he said and I've seen him equilibrium but first

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of all Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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idolatry, heresy, spreading false information about Allah azza wa jal or his religion and Islam. These are the worst kinds of wrongdoing and oppression. But if Allah azza wa jal only wanted to include those things. In this verse, He would have used more specific language. He could have said that he destroyed the people who shut up who the people who committed idolatry or the people who kept out over the people who denied and he did not say that he said bought him. This word of wisdom includes all types of oppression, not just heresy, and idolatry, not just spreading false information about Allah. Another type of volume, and one that is very common across North America

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today is turning people away from the MSG or discouraging people from actively participating in the MSG. We need to make sure that our community serves everyone fairly. No one should feel like they don't belong in the MSG because they are a woman.

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Our women should not feel like there are barriers between them and enjoying the programs that the masjid has to offer. They should not feel like there are barriers to volunteering or serving on any of the messages, boards or committees.

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No one should feel like they don't belong in MSG because they are black.

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No one should be treated with suspicion in our messaging, due to the color of their skin, or their style of dress,

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are African and African American brothers should experience no barriers, no resistance to taking advantage of the mesh chiefs programs, or serving on any of the mesh chiefs boards or committees. No one should feel like they don't belong in the masjid because they are a child or because they're a young person. The young people especially the teenagers and college students and our community, mashallah they are very smart. They have good ideas and they are ready to be involved.

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If we don't listen to their ideas now, or involve them now, we shouldn't act surprised when they don't have any connection to the message later.

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We have an enormous responsibility.

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And Allah azza wa jal is watching how we will behave he says it very plainly in the next verse, full Magellan natural color if I fill out mean babby him linen, Boracay Katana Loon, then we made us successors in the land after them so that we may observe how you will do.

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Didn't our old mesh G on Campbell street belong to the Jehovah's Witnesses before we bought it?

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What happened to them?

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Where are they now?

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Wasn't there

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this very building that we sit in right here isn't Wasn't this a Methodist church before it was purchased? What happened to them? Where are they now? Do you think that three generations ago, they thought that their house of worship would have to be sold off to people of a different faith?

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Do you think that when they were laying the foundation and putting the carpet in, and the future seems so bright, do you think that for a single second, every single one of them imagine that their community would fade away,

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and that their doors would eventually be shot?

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A loss of hope subhanho wa Taala replaced them.

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He replaced them with us.

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Now we are in their situation.

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We are building our new Masjid. We are growing. We met our fundraising goals for our carpet. We met our fundraising goals for the outside work in the blacktop. Every week, people reach out to me I have this idea for this thing. I want to get involved. I want to volunteer. We have a lot of excitement, and a lot of positive energy. This is an enormous blessing. But it's also an enormous test. Allah subhanaw taala is watching to see what we will do with this opportunity. Brothers and sisters in faith. We must be fair and just if we are fair and just Allah azza wa jal will bless us and the new MSG he will help it not only prosper and thrive, but he will help it remain.

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We are responsible for creating an environment where every Sunni Muslim feels welcomed and valued.

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If we don't treat people fairly, ALLAH SubhanA Mutanda can ruin us. He can destroy us, he can replace us. Allah azza wa jal has the power to do that. And he has done that time and time again.