Hasan Ali – Surah 23 Al-Muminoon, The Believers Verse 97-118

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a blog called "The Work of the God" that describes individuals who have failed in their job and have caused harm. The blog describes a group of individuals who have failed in their job and caused harm, and the goal is to forgive and have mercy on them. The blog also describes a woman who lost her job and caused harm, and the goal is to forgive and have mercy on them.
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surah, number 23 I have a 97 on without realizing the shape on rajim Bismillah Rahman Rahim well, overall being out, we'll be coming hamazon the shale clean, and say, My Lord, I seek your protection from the snares and from the traps of the devils. Where are all the beak out of being born. And I seek your protection, my Lord, that the devil's might come in my presence. This is a very good blog to say if you want the devil's to be away from you

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had them either

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all build your own, until death will arrive at one of them. And that person will say my Lord send me back return me back to the world. Luckily, my lasagna hang fee man docked. So that I may do the good actions which I was supposed to do and I left behind can never Allah will see in Kalamazoo all

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these are just mere words and statements this person is making just to get out of the situation. Why mean? Or he bubbles up in a yummy bath. And beyond every person when they die, there is a place called barossa which is the time between death and the Day of Judgment where every person has to live, lie on your bathroom until people are resurrected, that he then will feel how feel fully felt and say about my you know, my eating while he is

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alone. And when the horn will be blown into meaning when his rival rallies alarm will blow into the horn, then there will be no ancestry or no family ties between people on that day, nor will they ask about each other because mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters sons daughters will all run away from each other, nor will they ask why is my sister my brother on this day? The man

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was he know who

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he can remove from your home? And whosoever scales are heavy on that day, heavy with good deeds, then they are the ones who are truly successful they will be successful, while man half fat now as a new Hoover.

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And as for those people whose scales are light, light with good deeds on the Day of Judgment, they don't have many good deeds for all

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it can Medina hosue four seven v Jan mahali loon then they are the people who have lost themselves in Hellfire to live there forever. Then for who do have now welcome fee hack le rune when the fire will engulf their faces, it will be all over their faces and in the fire. They will be in a state of carlier home which means that they top part of their lip will be will be melted to the top part of the face and the bottom part of the lip will be melted to the bottom part of their chin.

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lm tekun de la confecting we had to get the moon were my verses not recited to you that you should read that you should deny my verses. All Oh Rob Burnett wala Batali Nasha Pooja to now Vokoun, Palma mod glean, they will say Our Lord our bad bad luck took over us our bad situation our unlucky situation took over us and we became a people that were misled or burned

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out m in fact in Northern Africa in Walley moon, our Lord, take us out from Hellfire from here take us out from here. And if we are to return back to the ways that how we how we had behaved before, then surely we will be of those people who have poor who are regarded to be the volume and people who are wrongdoers.

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all upset woofie why led to Cali moon, Allah azza wa jal will say Be quiet.

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Be quiet Indian, keep your mouth shut. While I had to call him on and do not talk to me. This word is so was used by the Arabs to talk to a dog and tell the dog

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To stop barking, so allies of jello will be very angry and tell them to just keep them out shop or not to talk to him in Ghana very

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badly pulu

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men, though villanelle will have

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the honey Omar II mean, for surely there were a group of my servants who used to say or our Lord, we have believed. So forgive us and have mercy on us. For you are the one who is the best of those who have who has mercy

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that have to move on. The yen had

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come to the Katy

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High School and you people in Hellfire you took advantage you started to make mockery out of these people out of my good servants who believed until they made you forget their situation was such that you making so much mockery that you forgot to remember me and used to laugh at them in New Jersey to my emails about Oh, an affair.

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I have rewarded them today for their patients that they've had. Because they are now truly successful. Por la can lobby to fill out via either destiny. Then Allah azza wa jal will ask you will say How long did you stay on the earth? How many years did you stay all Lula with me young men l bow.

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de they will reply by saying we stayed there for seemed like a day or part of the day. I ask those who have a record of keeping the numbers or like Elizabeth tune in for Nina Lowe and

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Dr. lampoon allows, as a result, he will say, You stayed there, except for a little you stayed there for a little time. You stayed there for a little time. If only you knew, if only you had knowledge of how long you stayed there for huseby tomb and holla upon Kumar I bet then when I come in

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to their own, what did you actually think that we would create you for no purpose? And that you would not be returning to us? That they

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wouldn't medical help.

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Whoo, now machine carry. So so great and so high? Is the Almighty Allah azza wa jal, the true king, the one who is the one and only God, besides Him, there is no other God He is the Lord of the noble throne. I mean, yeah, the Roman law he Isla

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boo Han Allah will be and whosoever will call with Alas, they will say that there is another deputy there is another god besides Him, where they have no evidence for that in ama he will

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be, then they will have an accounting with the Lord in Wallah you

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feel worn for those who are ungrateful and they deny the message. They will never be successful. Or Rob build feed, water hammer and the Holy War II mean, and say, My Lord, forgive and have mercy for you at the best of those who have mercy

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Subhana Allah loving

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