Tom Facchine – Tafseer Reflections #06 – Surah Al- An’am Tafseer

Tom Facchine
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As Ron was asking his people, he was trying to prove them a point. Because then a law says what? teleco Jaya tuna. This was the proof that we gave to Ibrahim upon his people, this whole Sun Moon stars business. There was an argument that Allah subhanaw taala revealed to Ibrahim alayhi salam, so that he could convince his people. For what happened, Allah who is happy, we have called now Allah changes the subject. So he was talking about Ibrahim, we got a little bit of Rahim story. Now he's going to tell us about the prophets, many other prophets other than Ibrahim, and the purpose that he's going to tell us about these other prophets is that he wants to show not only okay, there's all

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of these individuals that are related to each other. But he wants us to understand that faith is about what you do, and not who you're related to. He's, he's going to say basically that, yes, they were all related. You have such a man and that would you have his house, Ibrahim, and all these prophets were related, but it's not their heritage that saved them. It's not their blood. It's not who their father was, or their grandfather. It was their decisions, their principles, and what they did. So he says what will happen on a who is halco Yaqoob will learn her Dana. Wuhan has been Emil Corbyn. And no, he says it no he brings up before them. Let me a little reata he would also a man or

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a you boy, you were Musa Harun. Okay, Derek and as Jill Marcin, he's going through multiple multiple profits from their descendants we have the food we have today man we have a YouTube we have use of we have Musa we've had own and in this way we will revolt we reward those who do do well. Was that Korea? Well? Yeah, what are you sir? Well, yes, coulomb Minnesota Hain is keeping going? Oh, yes. Marielle while Yes, sir. were you gonna say well luta what Colin football na al al Amin. Now listen to what he says. What I mean by him, will react to him. Well, when he him what used to be now Homer will have a now humulus Irati mustafina radica hood, Allah TV May a shot mean a baddie. walau

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estrecho he says, Wait a second, you have to understand even though all these people are related, if if any of them at any point committed schicke which was the whole point of bringing up Ibrahim story here if any of them worshipped anything other than Allah subhanaw taala Well, no extra cool the habitat and home now can we Amanullah all their deeds would have been wiped out. All the great things that you know about all of these prophets, all the miracles, all the stories, all the different characters that come up, it all would have been worthless, nothing. If for a moment they worship something else other than Allah Subhana Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala was trying to remind us this is not some sort of automatic thing. This is not you don't get a Get Out of Jail Free card, you don't carry around the Fraternal Order of Police card and then you know, you speed on the highway and you get out of it. It doesn't work like that. Just because your father was a prophet or your grandfather, a great great great grandfather was a prophet doesn't mean anything.

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Because if you worship something else, other than Osborne's honor, it's going to wipe out everything else that you do. And we've said this many times before that back in in these times, the idols were material, we have the sticks and stones, the statues, the cults, and these days, usually they're not material, celebrities, wealth, fame, reputation, these sorts of things. They're the things that people worship Allah, Allah Lena, Tina Holman, Kitab, while hokhmah one noble wa these are the people who we have given revelation and power the ruling and noble will prophethood for a year fourth Behala, Kolkata, watercolor, Bihar Coleman lace will be heavy caffeine. If these people have

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spent hours talking about Croatia, these people are going to deny what we've given the prophethood the revelation, then we're going to give it to somebody else who's going to do something good with it, they're not going to waste it. Or that Ecole Adina * Allah forbid Obadiah Homolka Teddy said these are the people who Allah has guided the people who listen to the prophets of the Revelation. So obey them follow in their footsteps, do what they tell you to do. What did we say in Surah Fatiha was the one thing that we asked for dinner. Sit autonomous, the theme who are the people on Sirata Musa creme Alladhina and I'm to Allah him, right? The people that Allah spawn with Allah has blessed

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and the only people that were sure that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed are the prophets

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who like you know, had a laugh and be Hoda. Homolka today call Allah Comala he addre in Hua Isla de gras, el Amin, and this is one of the staples of prophethood. We talked earlier in the chapter about how to tell a sincere true prophet from a phony one and one of them is that a true prophet does not ask for

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or money. A true prophet does not ask for anything in exchange for the guidance that he's giving. That's how you know he is sincere. So guidance is based on merit. It's not hereditary, right? Whether it's prophets or nations,

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that Allah spot on us it says, one miracle that Allah has called hypochondria is a phrase that ALLAH SubhanA. Allah repeats multiple times throughout the Quran. He says they miss underestimated Allah, they did not measure literally called her they did not measure Allah with a proper measurement as he deserves. Now, obviously, Allah is not able to be measured literally. But what they're talking about is the people who would think to worship somebody else or something else. Whether it's a statue, whether it's some sort of cult, whether it's magic, whether it's fame, or celebrities or whatever, they underestimated Allah.

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Why would they turn to those things in the first place? What would make anybody or inspire anybody to worship anything else?

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In order to do so you have to believe that Allah can't do it alone.

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You have to believe that Allah can do it alone, you want to get married, or you want a certain job.

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And you know, one of your relative says, Okay, listen, you take this thing, and you write on this piece of paper, you put it under your pillow, boom, you're gonna get what you want.

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You want to make the soccer team, young men, right? Go to sleep, wear this clothes inside out and backwards. What does it have to do with making the soccer team? Nothing? Right? But who is going to do something like that is lots of things putting a penny in your shoes and all these sorts of superstitions?

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Who is going to do that? Somebody who doesn't believe that Allah is powerful enough to do it himself? Right? If you believe that Allah spawns Allah is powerful enough to do it himself, then why are you going to? What are you gonna do with pennies? What are you going to do with these sorts of superstitions? No, we're not estimating Allah the proper estimation. We're not giving him his due if Badiou and this is a particular example of this. If Voluma ends and Allahu Allah nurserymen che, there are some people that said Allah never sent down any revelation. Nothing. There is no this Koran this Bible is empty. It's all just made up. People made it up.

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Those people Allah says they underestimating Allah. They underestimate them. What is it about Allah subhanaw taala that is indicated or that he shows when he gives us revelation. What do we know about Allah Spano? Tata.

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What does he show us by giving revelation?

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Was the show about himself?

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Okay, yes, he's serious with us that He is the maker.

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Because he made us right, and he knows best what we need to succeed more than we know. Right?

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It's like the manager of a soccer team. He's already his playing days are over. Right? He's already been through it. He knows how the games go. He knows how the tournaments go, all this sort of thing. So he tells the players what to do. Maybe it's their first time you got these guys in the World Cup. These some of these guys are 16 1718 years old the first time they don't know what's going on.

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Allah subhanaw taala made us so he knows best what's going to benefit us.

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Another thing he shows about Allah subhanaw taala is that he's merciful, that he's merciful. If Allah was not this merciful, He would just leave us to figure it out on our own. Right? Imagine, imagine you guys are in school. Okay? Teacher comes in. They say, All right, I'll see you in June. And you'll have your tests then.

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Pass or fail. And they don't tell you what's expected of you. They don't tell you what to study. They don't tell you what your textbook is. You got no idea. You show up in June on test day, with a blank face and you say, oh, boy, I hope I get help I get some questions. Right? What kind of teacher is that? Is that a good teacher is that a merciful teacher? Our teacher doesn't care about you or your education at all. Allah subhanaw taala cares about you too much. To leave you in the dark. Allah subhanaw taala cares about you too much. To not tell you what's right, and what's wrong. And so for someone else to come in 2022 and say, God never said anything. I'll never revealed anything.

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This is just made up. What kind of God do they believe in? What kind of Allah do they believe in? They believe in a God that is mean. That is cruel, that doesn't care about them. And that's not who Allah subhanaw taala is Allah subhanaw taala is extremely merciful. And out of His mercy. He gives us the revelation because he wants us to succeed. He wants us to pass that test.

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So Allah subhanaw taala gives us a response. He says, Okay, here's what you can say to these guys, Pullman Enza Lal Kitab Elijah Abu Musa, nor our holiness. Okay, so who's the who then sent the book of Moses? Because this was one of the more famous books they ever had the Ark of the Covenant, they carried it around with them, all these sorts of things, that was something that was well known, okay then who said this?

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If you guys are telling the truth,

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to John alumina, who got all these to be doing a ha or to funa cathedral. So you guys actually have taken this revelation, you put it on pages

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and you show some of it but you hide much of it.

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He's throwing shade at the people who were following Musa Allah He said I'm after he died,

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that would play games with the revelation, they wouldn't take care of it. They would only bring up some of the Revelation when it benefited them. And when it didn't benefit them, they would hide it. What are Lymington? Miralem to Alamo, Anton Willa herba, Oaken Allah, through this revelation, you figure it out, and you were taught things that you couldn't figure out. Otherwise, things you couldn't possibly know, what's the soul? What's going to happen to you after you die? What's the Day of Resurrection? What's gonna happen on the Day of Resurrection, all these sorts of things? It's not possible that you could have had any idea about any of this if Allah subhanaw taala didn't send it

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through revelation from a love Humvee hold the hemiola who is a so let these guys alone? These people who say, Well, man, you know, these people who say that Allah subhanaw taala never sent anything at all. Leave these people. Leave these people alone in their play fee holding him there idle talk playing, they're not serious. Well, ha kita will now allow us to ALLAH turns our attention to this particular revelation. He was just talking about the Torah. He was just talking about the one center Musa waha, the ketone Enza know whom or Barack Obama calm, methodical Lady Day in a day, he will literally get to pura mean woman Hola. So what is it about this revelation that special ends

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Allahu Mobarak, that it is blessed Mossad before the Bania day, and it confirms that was sent before. This is very important for some people who want to say that Islam is some sort of new religion completely entirely. That's not true.

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It is a continuity of what came before. Islam does not have a monopoly on the revelation because we believe that revelation has been a constant conversation. Allah subhanaw taala has been sending revelation before the Prophet Mohammed always said, Now what people did with it, that's another story. But because Allah subhanaw taala is merciful and wants us to succeed, he's been talking and talking and talking. He's been sending profit and profit and profit. He's been sending book and book and book. And so this latest one, the Koran, it's not going to come with something completely different. It's not going to come with something completely strange you've never heard of before.

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No, this is going to confirm what was true from before. This has given you what was the real deal from before in order to warn the people of Omokoroa, which is which is Mecca woman Hala and the people around it, while Latina you may know and Bill karate, you know, Nabil

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Allah's found to Allah says the people who believe in the afterlife believe in it in the Quran, this book

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is that the people who are sincere, the people who want to know what's right, and what's wrong, the people that want to do the right thing are going to believe in it.

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Meaning that belief is not all just about proof and knowledge. It has to do with what your attitude is. There are people out there who want to know what's the right thing to do. They're looking they're waiting. Tell us what's the right thing? Again, let's go I know you got your soccer guys are here. So we're going to keep on going with the soccer metaphors. There's some people on the soccer team that want to put spin on the ball this way, how do I push my body like this? And the second that their coach gives them, they've got it, they're gonna take it, they're going to implement it because they've been waiting for that.

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Then there's certain people, the opposite who don't want to hear anything.

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The coach could show them video, film game film. So look, you're not putting your body right, you're not putting your feet right.

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And he's still not going to do it.

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Because he thinks he's got it all figured out. He doesn't think he has to improve faith is the same exact thing. There are some people out there that are ready, they're waiting, maybe they don't know about Islam, maybe they don't know about the Quran. Maybe they're in the Amazon jungle somewhere. But their heart is pure and they're ready. Any little thing that comes down, they're like, Oh, I'm just waiting for a sign. I'm waiting for a lot to show me the way or for God to show me the light. And the smallest thing that they get and they take it and they go and then there's other people born in Mecca. Born in Medina, families Muslim that then plays five times a day and the person's like,

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there's no such

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thing is God,

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don't matter. Don't trouble me with any of this stuff. I don't want to hear it. Even if they saw every sign upon sign upon sign, they wouldn't believe it.

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So it's not about proof. It's not about how much you know, it's about what's your heart. And if you have a good heart, that's why Allah tells us to clean our hearts. For the airflow Hammonds, aka Wakata harbor and the sir. The person who succeeds isn't the person who just studies and studies inside the person who cleans their heart, who purifies their heart, because then you're ready for anything that Allah gives you. And you're actually going to benefit from it. So here he says, What do you mean when I will ask What do you mean want to be the people who already believe in the afterlife? They're waiting? When the Koran came, they're like, yes. Finally, we were wondering, we

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wanted to know what's going to happen in the afterlife, what's going to happen to my soul? What's going to happen on the day agenda? What do I have to do to live right? They were ready. So when the Koran came to them, boom, immediate, easy. And the people who didn't believe in the afterlife, so no, no, no.

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All we have is in here, had to dunya all we have is the material world. There's no soul there's no afterlife, there's no God.

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The Koran could be coming down right in front of them, the moon could be split right in front of them. They're not going to believe

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Oh, my Allah Salah to him you have these people that people who believe in the afterlife, who follow the Quran as soon as it was sent down? They are they guard their prayers. They guard their prayers, Allah Salah to him, you have a room? Because if we're talking about the importance of the heart, and maintaining the purity of the heart, how are you going to do it?

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What's the number one tool that you have to keep your heart pure? It's the prayer.

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It's the prayer.

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So if you want to keep your heart pure,

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to the point where you're able to benefit from that guidance when it comes, you got to be praying. You've got to be in that conversation with your LORD with your Creator Allah subhanaw taala so that you don't get arrogant so that you don't get greedy so that you don't get any of these diseases of the heart that's going to prevent you from listening to the truth when it comes to you. Woman a little demo manifattura Allah Allah He Khadija Oh Paula Oh HYAH LA. Allah mu ha ha ha shade

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Allah Spano Tala tells us the worst kind of person in the world what do you think young men who's the worst type of person in the world

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the worst

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worst worst person human being

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I had Oh like like in the Koran like I had like the people that got punished

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Okay, that's bad you're right but there's worse than that. Yeah.

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People give the evil eye

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they're they're bad they're bad you're right for there's something worse than that.

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Good Oh, no, that's that's good. That's that's pretty up there.

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For honors is up there and he's he might fit in this category.

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Yes, yes. Yes. Yes.

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Is right and frown and Allah says something here and those two that you said they fit into this woman although remember manifattura Allah Allah He Ketubah Okay, so he gives us a category here and those two things fit inside of it. Okay. It says, who make something up about Allah subhanaw taala who lie

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about Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, how do you get people who do schicke who worship something else, they lie about Allah. They say, Allah needs this idol to do this, or Allah told us or send us down this God that we worship on Tuesdays when it's raining outside or whatever. Or Allah can't do this by himself. So I have to turn to this idol to get what I want. That's a lie. That's a lie about Allah subhanaw taala that's the worst thing you could possibly do.

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Okay, fit around. What was his lie about Allah? He said

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he said, I'm your God. I'm Allah that's what that's what fit on Said. Could you think of a worse lie to say than that? No, as you can't get much worse than that. So the worst type of person Yes, all these types of people man other moments throughout Allah He Ketubah right people who make something up about Allah Subhana Allah and this is something that these days people take extremely lightly. Unfortunately, you're going to most universities and colleges in the United States today, you'll find people talking about God, this God that

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God is love.

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God is Love you hear that? Right? Where? What?

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Where did he say his love? In what book? Well as a Torah what I feel in God, what if he a kita? You don't ever say that he is love? Yes, Allah loves. That's something he does. But he's also he also punishes well, who should either look up right well hold by her or who will Jabba surreal himself, he has all these other sorts of characteristics and qualities he's not just love. Right people these days they talk about, they talk about God, like it's easy, like it's an easy thing. Say, oh, yeah, or some some Christians, you know, God spoke to me.

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Okay, really, when you were eating your cornflakes he spoke to you. They take it as something very, very, very light. Take it as something very, very, very light. How do you know that was God not the devil?

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How do you know? Well, he told me it was God. Okay? Sounds like something that the devil would say. Right? People take it very, very, very lightly. And Allah says here, it's the worst possible thing that you could do is to make up a lie about Allah. That's why we have to be conservative. That's why Allah says in the Quran, they use your brains. He says, I'm gonna give you the criteria to figure out what's a true God from a false god and you go out to the world and you apply. You say, true, God, false god. And you can use Ibrahim story, does it set? Right? Just like the sun doesn't go away? Okay, you want me to worship this guy? This celebrity? He's got a billion trillion followers

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on Instagram. I don't care. He's gonna die one day.

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I'm not gonna follow him.

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You've got these people this prophet. You tell me he was crucified on a cross and and also tell me I'm supposed to worship him. That's not God. If he died, he's not God.

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How am I supposed to do this? Right? So we only go with what Allah revealed to us. We only go with the revelation if Allah tells us that this is what it is. This is what it's not. We have to be very, very, very cautious. So the worst type of person the person who lies about Allah Oh, or fala Oh, yeah, la will amuse la he che or who says, I just got revelation? Yes, sir. There's people like that. I've got revelation. I've had people in the city of Utica told me this a law gave them revelation Masha Allah Baraka LA, you got revelation, excellent. The worst type of thing that you could possibly do,

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or woman color, so Uzziel Mithila Manzil Allah, I'll give you something just like what Allah said. Now.

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You got this Koran? I can do that. No problem. This is arrogance. This is the pinnacle of arrogance. And these are the worst type of people well, oh Tada. It is volley Munna fie of Emirati mouths, well Mullah, eager to bow so to add him, every Jew and full circle.

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Last fall to Allah gives us a window into the future. He said, If you could see all these people, these arrogant people, the people who say I'm Allah, or I get revelation from Allah, or Allah says this or Allah was like this, and this and that, and the other if you could see them when they're about to die, and the angels extend their hands to collect their souls.

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And say to them alone to the Zona either balloon be McAloon, Tomita, coluna, Allah Allah He Hiral Huck, or consume on a yachtie tastic be rune. Today, you're going to taste it. Today, you are going to get it. You're going to get what you deserve. The punishment for the things that you used to say about Allah with no truth. He used to lie about Allah. And you used to turn away from his signs in arrogance.

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may say some of the scholars have said that, you know, when a person passes away, a righteous person when they die. It's like you are stumbling into or you're entering a surprise party he has ever been to a surprise party.

00:24:05 --> 00:24:06

you've ever been to a surprise party?

00:24:08 --> 00:24:30

know some of you Yeah, okay. Well, so everybody hides in the corner, turn the lights out. Okay. Somebody you know, leads them down. Lights on surprise. Everybody's happy. Okay. A person who's righteous who passes away. That's what it's like for their soul. When they meet the angels. They get to see their spot and Jenna even when they're waiting in the grave, it's the happiest moment of your existence.

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The person who's not righteous the person like this, that we're talking about the arrogant people, people who lie about Allah worship other things other than Allah.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:59

It's like when the police catch up with that criminal that's been running away from them. Right? You guys see sometimes the television shows. You got the car chases, right? Cops are chasing the criminal like whatever. Then what happens? He gets out of the car, he starts running. Okay, he's going through the back yards over the fence.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:35

says cops are running after. Okay? What do you think's gonna happen when the cops catch up to him? They're gonna get arrested as the polite thing. They're gonna beat the snot out of that guy. He made him run all the way through, you know, through the dogs and all the other things. Yeah, then you know what they're gonna do? They're gonna rough him up. Right? Because they've been trying to catch him for so long. So when they finally get him yep, I * him up. That's what it's gonna be like for the wicked soul. Right? The angels are like the police officers say we've been waiting for you. Yep, we've been waiting for this moment. And that's exactly what they have come into.

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Well, I gotta get to Munna for order. Allah subhanaw taala says, All of you will come or you did come alone. He's talking about and the afterlife, you're going to be resurrected. Alone. For order caminhada cannot come or will Amara just like we created you alone.

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You start this world, you come into this world alone by yourself. And you leave this world alone, you're gonna have to face Allah subhanaw taala by yourself.

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Your brother is not going to help you. Your father is not going to help you, your mother is not going to help you. Your friends aren't going to help you. It's just going to be you and Allah. And Allah is going to go over your book of deeds. And you're going to have to face up to what you did the good and the bad.

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Well talk to him. Now hola know, how how well now come? Where are the holy come? And you're going to have to see

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what you abandon from what Allah subhanaw taala gave you. If you cast this guidance behind your back, you're going to have to face that to Well, man, not all men are commercial for a common lady that I'm in the home fee come to Raka and when that moment comes and you're in front of your Lord Subhana Allah is going to say where are these things that used to worship besides me?

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Where's the celebrities that used to worship and imitate and follow the haircuts and the clothes and the way they walk and all this other sort of stuff?

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Where's the fame and the money?

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Where's the power? Where's the idols? Where's the lucky stars are the horoscopes, the tarot cards, the magicians all the stuff where is it now?

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It's nowhere it never really had any power it was always just Allah subhanaw taala

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local Takata pain ACOEM Wadala uncom my contempt as he said that day there is no connection with you you cut off from them you're cut off from them entirely and you have been led astray by them

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and everything that you claim to use to have any power it's going to be revealed that it never really had any power whatsoever in Allah phallic will have be one Noah allows funnel to Allah is

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he's the one that opens up the seed follicle happy one Noah, we talked about this the other the other week.

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If you take a seed, you go out into the earth, you throw it on the ground,

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what are the chances it's going to come up? Maybe just 10% not very good. Animal comes along and eats it. The rain comes and washes it away. Something's going to happen to it. Only 10% of those seeds are going to sprout into something.

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Okay, let's control all the variables every single thing that part of that you've got the temperature, you got the moisture, you got the light, you've got all these sorts of things. Let's control every single thing. Climate control at five degrees, wet, dark, everything that you need. How much is going to come up? You're never going to get 100% Never it's impossible. You might get 95 you might get 97 You're never gonna get 100% of your seeds that come up because Allah subhanaw taala decides Allah subhanaw taala decides what is going to come up and what's not what seed is going to sprout and which one is not. Your reach will hire mineral mates. A last point the other takes out

00:29:01 --> 00:29:24

the living from the dead that means all of us we used to not live right there was a time before we were alive and yet here we are. He brought us into life while milk ritual may have made me know Hey, and it's interesting a lot uses Northridge which isn't which is more fair, but then a fair okay he says and He is the one who meaning the only one who can take the dead

00:29:25 --> 00:29:25

out of the living

00:29:28 --> 00:29:51

I'll meet him Hey, Daddy Kamala for Anna took for that Allah subhanaw taala they can do it. And so what are you really making up? What are you inventing besides Allah subhanaw taala to worship follicle Isber wotja Allah later second was Shem Sowell Kamara, who's burner and a lot about the other made the night so to rest and have peace and the sun and the moon.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

That exactly the role as easily Alim that is within the power of Allah subhanaw taala or Hola, the Jalla Coleman lagoon

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

And he's the one who made the stars for you. Especially in the wintertime you guys go out at night you can see the stars in the sky Why did the last month Allah make the stars

00:30:09 --> 00:30:12

last those three reasons in the Quran here He only says one

00:30:13 --> 00:30:15

Why did Allah make the stars

00:30:16 --> 00:30:17

anybody know

00:30:21 --> 00:30:23

you guys can get one of them at least

00:30:25 --> 00:30:26

add again

00:30:43 --> 00:30:59

Okay, okay so as mentioned in the Quran as if it was a good idea, that's a good idea in saying that maybe a lot created it because later he's gonna mention the Koran. Okay, that's possible, but there's other reasons that are more immediate. Let's put it this way. How do the stars look? Are they ugly?

00:31:00 --> 00:31:02

No, they're beautiful. Okay, there you go. That's one

00:31:03 --> 00:31:16

because in SML what Allah says in the Quran, it says it's beautiful. Imagine if there were no stars. Okay, it's almost like we live in a snow the snow globe you guys have a snow globe, right? You shake it up and all the snow goes flying in the stars.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:18

It's beautiful.

00:31:20 --> 00:32:00

The next reason and the main reason I lost pounds Allah mentions here is that it helps people before we had GPS before we had smartphones before we had maps it helps people navigate. It helps people actually find which way they're going to go. They used to know back and these times back in the time of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Saddam if you wanted to travel from Mecca to Medina or Medina to Baghdad or Baghdad to Cairo or whatever you want to get down to Somalia you want to go over to Sudan okay you're leaving at this time you gotta follow this star as at least do it it's amazing. Now we don't know that anymore because we became lazy we have the we have the phone but this is how I lost

00:32:00 --> 00:32:02

found two other created the Korea the world.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:38

So he made the stars what are the no that's the next verse are hola de Jalla common Joomla Lita, we will be happy to automatically very well bar so that you could be guided and find your way in the darkness, on land and on sea. On the fossil areas either call me yellow moon, and this is one of the signs that we spell out for you so people can think for people who know well hola De Anza culminates in wahiduddin Thermal stockcar room one was spelled out and he spread all of you people. All of you from a single soul.

00:32:39 --> 00:32:56

And he settled you on earth. He made you able to have your living got your nice coat. You got your soccer team. You got your snacks that you enjoy all the comforts of life it's easy right? Life is good. Okay, if Allah subhanaw taala wanted he could have made life very very difficult

00:32:57 --> 00:33:43

not to fight lions every day. No no life is easy last fall into automated that way he made it that way so that you could remember him on a false idol as they call me yes balloon for people who understand these are signs if you understand if you don't understand and you're not going to take them a science well who will have the end Zara Mina sama ima. For Allah Nabi Hina, about a coalition and Allah Subhana Allah sent down rain for you from the sky. And from that rain, he brings forth all the fruits everything that comes forth from the earth Nevada Kulish 8000 I mean who had era no Northridge Northridge, women who have been with Rocky been women are naturally mentally or happening

00:33:43 --> 00:34:06

when on their turn by gender team in NA BMO was a tuna what will man musubi what item was a shabby, all these different fruits and the names a few of them, some of them which resemble each other and some of which don't. You got grapes, and apples and mangoes, you got bananas, you've got watermelon, you've got all these amazing things. And they all grow from the same water.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:11

They all grow from the same water and they all taste so different. So pan

00:34:14 --> 00:34:29

I'm Laurel Isla summery, either as Mara when I look at the fruits, when they ripen in the field, that income that I attend, they call me you know, these are all signs are people who will believe or people who believe

00:34:32 --> 00:34:56

anything that if you have a clean heart, and if you have a virtuous heart, a faithful heart, you're going to take these things as signs. And if you don't, well then there's nothing that we can do to convince you that these are indeed signs from Allah Subhana Allah, you're just going to take them as part of the landscape and not be grateful for them. Well off of Tata, probably the end of time anybody have any questions?

00:35:04 --> 00:35:12

Okay, well it's always great to see the young men. Thank you guys for coming through insha Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Allah and iStockphoto Toby like Santa Monica not Allah

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