Tahir Wyatt – Tafsir Series – Surah at-Takathur

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The negative impact of "ingeringer" on society is discussed, including the belief that individuals will lose their pleasure quickly and the potential for distraction from behavior. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of "ingeringer" on people's behavior and relationships, including the importance of "acknowledge" in paraphrasal statements and the use of "will" in a paraphrasal statement. They also discuss the importance of knowing and knowing one's outcomes, including the experience of a woman being asked about a name.
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Oh, well yeah the villa

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como kabhi.

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t in

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competition in worldly increased efforts you until you visit the graveyards, no, you are going to know that no, you are going to No, no If you only knew with knowledge of certainty, you will surely see the Hellfire, then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty, then you will surely be asked that day about pleasure

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loss Hana data

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says and this sort of sorted to to cathode, which is 28 words 120 letters.

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A lot of data says

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to cancel the general theme of disorder

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is that a loss of data is prohibiting mankind from those things which preoccupy him.

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A law is prohibiting man from those things which preoccupy him

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and make him forget his meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And one of the main things

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that preoccupies man

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is his desire to amass things.

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To castle

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to Castle,

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not just you hear this word cathedra what this could mean? Does anyone knows cathedra means

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anybody that's learning

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a lot, take a theory means a lot to cancel his stuff out. So it's not just that a person once a lot, but they want to pile it up. They want to pile it up and amass it And usually, usually, it implies some type of competition as well. Some type of competition

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is reminding us not to allow this concept or this issue of too Catholic to take us away from from our remembering him. So Hannah, who was out and most of the time, it is the attempt to pile up wealth

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as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lo Cana live in the ademar yT en

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la Hema

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if the son of Adam, if men had to valleys, filled with gold and silver, well, he want he wanted a third.

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Daddy Subhana Allah, you have enough, more than enough more than you could ever do anything within your entire lifetime. But what happens? He wants a third, think about it. Think about what happens when a person actually has money. And they have this a love for vehicles for exotic cars. So they get a car. About two weeks later, he gets tired of it. Brand new luxury vehicle. Two weeks later, he's been there. He's done that, as they say has it already. It's time for a new one.

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People look at him and say, Oh, look at this car for him is it's nothing anymore. When it was when it wasn't his. It was the greatest thing in the world. He got it. No, it's time to get another one now.

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And then he gets that one. And he gets a 31 and he's never content. And because he's not content, he's not happy. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Lisa Lena and kesulitan

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true richness. true wealth is not having a lot of possessions.

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You know,

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but real wealth is being content.

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That's real wealth. A person can have a lot of possessions, you know people you know

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If people will have everything, everything that they can one you know what they do the next week they commit suicide, not happy. No one who's happy, committed suicide, that doesn't happen.

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So here the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Locanda Liberty Adam is worthy

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of love to you.

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If the son of Adam had a valley full of golden silver to Alex, he'd wanted Well, I am low.

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there is nothing that is going to fill the inside

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of that human being except for dirt.

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See when he dies,

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that's when he'll realize

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we're to love who I am and taps. Look at the end of this hadith. The prophet SAW a sunset and allies with Dell accepts the repentance of the one who repents, literally, that a lot turns towards the one who turns towards him.

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For the one who turns to a loss of habitat and acceptance, and repentance Allah, Allah turns to him and acceptance, meaning that once you hear this Hadith, and you realize that about yourself to make Toba

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except to repent,

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and realize that this dunya is not about

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the purpose of light, it was something else behind

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To me,

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has it done yo mafia?

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mafia, the province relies on them saying this Howdy, there, whoever from amongst you, awakens, and he is secure.

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His environment is secure, he feels safe.

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And he is healthy.

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And he has provisions for his day.

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He has the duty and everything that is in it

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every day that you wake up if you secure your healthy food, because if a person dies, that they had everything that he needed, and everything else is extra, everything else is extra. Now, this does not mean I don't want anybody to understand from this Howdy. It does not mean that the Muslim does not put away things and savings and these type of things. We know that later on when the Islamic State was established in Medina.

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And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the Muslim oma had a

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a beta male, if you will, in a treasury that was established, we know that the promise of life as it comes as a Muslim, he put away provisions for a year, he put away provisions for a year.

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So this is not something there's nothing wrong. And the promise I sent him was

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he was the Imam of all of those who put their trust on the last paradigm, but he's still put away provisions, he still put away some savings. So there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with putting away savings. But here was the premise of it was Sam is informing us

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is that every person has these things that he mentioned, he feels safe, he's healthy, and he has his provisions where they did this. So he has the whole thing What else could he want? What else could he want? Because what happens is

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l hat means to distract you,

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distracts you, what distracts you, this to cancel this trying to amass wealth, but not just to amass wealth.

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Because here and other and other is in the crime

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for examples that come to sort of heady

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trying to have a lot of children and a lot of wealth. And that this, these things distract you from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala here didn't mention what it is that the person is piling up, he left it unrestricted, just like that. left it like that. Why because it is inclusive of everything. that distracts one from the remembrance of Allah Subhana data that a person strives to,

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to pile up and together even even

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some things that are trivial.

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You see some people that have stamp collections and busies them they want to put them in order.

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Which one was chronological order This one is from this country.

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According to value of the stamp

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put it makes sure that it's under the plastic properly that this one doesn't get bent on the edges and and they use their time just collecting. They want to make sure that they have more than the next person who has a stamp collection.

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or baseball cards or whatever it might be that people collect.

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That takes them away from the remembrance of a lost heritage trivial.

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So, anything that a person tries to pile on and amass

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and this is considered to cancel, I want to make sure that you have the concept of to cancel down. And it also usually, like I said, it involves that concept of competition this person wants to have more than his neighbor has more than his cousin has more than his brother in law has, for example,

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because he wants his family and his wife

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to be looked at as being better than her sisters, for example.

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So this is a motivating factor. And it takes him away from the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And so he uses he uses the name because at the end of this sort of what does it say?

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some letters aluna yoma, he the 99. That on that day, that day, when you meet a lot of data, you're going to be asked about the name,

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the delights that you had the pleasure, the gifts, that Allah subhana wa tada has given you, did you use those gifts?

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To remember Allah?

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Or were those gifts used to take you away from the remembrance of Allah.

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And even on this particular topic

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of gifts, a person has to remember that.

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Even here Allah, Allah says to Malachi aluna, Yama enough 99

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all of the gifts that He has given you, tangible and intangible, you are going to be asked about knowledge knowledge is a Nima from Allah

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knowledge that you have, because a lot of times people think

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the blessings that Allah has, has given someone in his food and his drink in his house and

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his dwellings and these types of things, his beautiful wife and all of this

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but it also includes the intent knowledge in and of itself as an ima he Daya guidance is

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these things that Allah subhana wa tada has provided you with did you use them?

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To obey Allah subhana wa Tada. But did you use them in disobedience to Allah subhana wa tada understand that concept,

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because if you think about the Hadith that is known as St. Needless to

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say, you

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the Heidi, that is the master, the province of lotto is seldom taught, said that this guy is the master of forgiveness, whoever makes this to the morning, and then he dies before the night comes.

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Then he will be forgiven ever since. And whoever says this dryer in the evening and dies before the morning comes to forgiving. Anybody memorize?

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what's coming next?

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What's the next part of the day?

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ludovica Michel de maisonnette What does that mean?

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I seek refuge in You. Call us data from the evil of what I have done. Keep going

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abou laka be near Mexicali. I acknowledge. I acknowledge to you Oh, Allah azza wa jal. Your favor is upon me. I acknowledge your favors upon me.

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What's next? So you see here, a person is confessing to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that Allah has given him favors.

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Boo B, then B.

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And I acknowledge to you, my sins, my shortcomings.

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What's the relationship? Pay attention? This is a very subtle point. That if you understand this point, but it may lead to it, you will gain the benefit of this do you gain the benefit of this do I?

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I confess, I acknowledged to you the favors that you have given me and I acknowledge my sins. What's the relationship between the favors in the sense is that

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You don't disobey allies except that you have misused one of his favorites that He has given you.

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every sin that man commits is a misuse of a number of data every say Yeah.

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Every them

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I acknowledged to you my sins, all of those said every sin that a person commits is a because he misused the NEMA from Allah Subhana tada similitudes alumina Yama, ne ne and then you will be asked on that day about the name about all of his delights and pleasures that He has given.

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What does that mean that when you commit a sin you misuse the last payment that is Nima?

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What does that mean?

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Anybody willing, for most you right now, anybody willing to sell his tongue?

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Danny, somebody comes along and says, Listen, I give you a million dollars. Just I want to take your tongue out your mouth. Give it to me I need to get somebody else got this chopped over? Anybody willing to do that for 1,000,002 million?

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3 million. I feel like I'm at auction. Really?

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Nobody right? Not even the tongue. Type the eyes maybe

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panela Eliza, Jim, gave me a tongue for free.

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For nothing, he gave you that tongue.

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Every time you use the tongue

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illumise woe unto those every slandering back biter, slander and back by is done with

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with the tongue.

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So when a person is slander someone and backed by someone it is a misuse of the name of the tongue that you want to sell for 3 million. And I think if I went even a little higher, you probably still wouldn't sell it.

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It's a misuse of an AMA. Every time someone listens to someone else back by the end doesn't say it, stop, stop there or listens to music and doesn't prevent himself to say anything. That's something that is haram. It is a misuse of a loss. hematite is Nima abou laka be thembi.

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You understand the connection, because every sin that a person does is a misuse they have misused that Nima of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So here in this surah, Allah Subhan, Allah to Allah is saying

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that this piling up has diverted you, from the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa tada had Zora macabre and notice here, it says until you visit the grave, I'm not talking about visiting the graves,

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like you go and say, let

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me know until you go to the grave That is until you die.

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It is at that point when a person will realize that all of this that they've amassed means nothing, it has no value. And it doesn't help them at all, it doesn't help their cause at all when they stand in front of a lot of data. But notice here that unless health data did not say until you die, but he said until you visit the greens. Notice this important point here that we got it from this from this eye.

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Because Because as the hour to visit is usually for how long

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you go visit somebody hour, two hours, three hours, if you stay for five hours, that's enough time to go.

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And that is because the time that a person will remain in the grave is relatively short. to that which comes after

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either to Jenna, as it comes in sorta till cardia

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to the fire

00:19:16 --> 00:19:17

events agenda.

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Notice how these sources all connect.

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Then he is in bliss, he is intended

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for the one whose deeds over the one whose scale is light,

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then he will be from the people of the fire. So that time that he spends in the grave is relatively short. It's like he's just visiting that's just a stopover

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until the eternal Ebo abode of a person

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and the Prophet alayhi wa sallam said about this life COVID dunya and naka de Bono Abu Sabine be in this

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as if you are a stranger, someone that's just going past going through,

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not even a visitor,

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not even a visitor, at least when you visit someone, they basically they know you, as if you are a stranger, just get through it, because it's also relatively short, even shorter than the time period that one spends in the great

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and then they will be resurrected. And that is when the eternal life will begin had Tesla to moon makabe. And then Allah subhana wa tada talks about a yaqeen he talks about the certainty. And there are three levels of certainty that I mentioned in the Quran

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and design eliakim and there's

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the first level that is certainty of knowledge. That second level, seeing it, the certainty that comes as a result of seeing it. And happily, again, is the certainty that results from experiencing it.

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So for example,

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if we were to

00:21:10 --> 00:21:12

ask you about the country, Brazil,

00:21:14 --> 00:21:17

is Brazil, a country? You sure

00:21:18 --> 00:21:22

you have certainty that Brazil is a country tight? Have you seen it?

00:21:26 --> 00:21:32

You've seen it on videos. So when you see it, when you actually see it, then

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the certainty actually increases.

00:21:37 --> 00:21:59

Okay, so you know that there's a country called Brazil and then you see it for example, someone shows it to you on the map, you see pictures. And if you actually go there, then that is happily happy. So you have another video for it. That's the knowledge of it. I know your pain is when you see it and then happen your pain, which is one one actually experiences by read the diet again.

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Competition is competition and worldly increased adverts.

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Until you visit the graveyards, no, you are going to know that no, you are going to No, no. If you only knew with knowledge of certainty, you will surely see the Hellfire, then you will surely see with the eye of certainty, then you will surely be asked that day about pleasure.

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So again, the way that this sutra directly relates to Concordia

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is that Allah Subhana data has informed us a sort of clarity that he was these are light will be from the people of the fire and what is the main cause of a person's deeds being like, their skills being like, it's because they were busy with the castle, piling up and amassing whatever they could from the wealth of this dunya and its pleasures, and that took them away from the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah so it made their deeds light. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, And the final is that you will be asked about a name. Interestingly enough

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the prophets of the law it was telling went out one night

00:23:22 --> 00:23:25

and he saw a blue bucket and

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00:23:28 --> 00:23:31

and he said to the two of them

00:23:33 --> 00:23:35

Maharajah Kuma

00:23:37 --> 00:23:38

what is it that is

00:23:39 --> 00:23:49

taking you out of your homes at this hour. And they said we'll lay out a sort of law, we have not left our homes except that we are hungry

00:23:51 --> 00:24:03

to have the profit center. So we have not left our homes except that we are hungry in the province of law, it was seldom said that I have left my home for the same reason that you have left your home.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:08

I'm hungry as well. So why the problem is my son have left the house.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:13

So they went to the house have one of the answer.

00:24:16 --> 00:24:17

And they knocked on his door.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:21

And they gave the slams and the wife came to the door.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:23

And she said that

00:24:25 --> 00:24:26

the husband is not there.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:31

But she brought them some dates and some water

00:24:33 --> 00:24:38

and different kinds of dates. The dry days total tub which are the fresh dates

00:24:39 --> 00:24:59

and they began to eat and then the man of the home came back to the house. And when he saw that it was the Messenger of Allah subhana wa messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his two companions. He was so honored that he said there is no there are no guests. That one can have better than these guests.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

So he went out and he slaughtered one of his sheep. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam told him Don't slaughter the one that

00:25:08 --> 00:25:10

Hello viani the one that gives the milk

00:25:11 --> 00:25:20

so he went out and he slaughtered his sheep and he bought it back in the province of the light it was some of them and abubaker and all model the low tide Anima ate their fill.

00:25:21 --> 00:25:44

And then the province of the law it was sent them said to them that you will be asked about this name. You will be asked about this name, this delight and this pleasure that you have, you'll be asked about it in front of Allah subhana wa tada and all of us should recognize that every blessing that we have, we are going to be asked about it, by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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