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It happens that you get yourself in trouble. The only way out is to lie. What would you do in this situation? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide and whomsoever alarmists, guides, none can guide and I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. Dear viewers, salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I'm your host matassa mal Hamidi. Today we have with us the brothers, Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdul Rahman. Salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa barakato.

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There is an illness, a disease, a social disease. If it becomes widespread in the society, it destroys the best of bonds, the best of relationships, and it is quite widespread anyway.

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And she porn depends upon that, quite often to destroy any kind of brotherhood people have. This is called lying, Al Qaeda.

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And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in Dawson's Creek, Yakumo al Qaeda, I warn you against lying against falling into line, because it destroys everything lying, because the liar, no one has love for him, no one can deal with him, and no one can trust him. So everyone's wants to keep away from those who are liars. Because someone who's telling you something, which is not true.

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How can you depend on what he's saying?

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And we know that lying? Well, it wasn't a problem with individuals. But now it's a wider problem. It's a media problem. And it's one of the main things that

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take the people away from the religion of Islam through lying. Now, before we go to a higher level, let's talk about the individual level of the individual, how lying is a very evil thing, do you recall any narration or universal any story about a lying, and that shows the evil of lying and how it is destructive? Well,

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unfortunately, there are some weak points in brothers.

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Especially the ones who deal with

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private business, like he owns a

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shop or something like that.

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Some of the techniques he uses is to lie on customers,

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which is very common in the market. Which I I really regret that a brother is affected by the market and other sellers. And he acts like your way in technique of selling his commodities to this is a very major point, really, but hamdulillah also, it's not that common and brotherhood.

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As we mentioned before, the some brothers like a week or maybe he's like a new practicing brother or something like that. So he needs time to realize that this is the fact that you can't lie in a brother. And this point, the random hammer is tough. It's also very important because this causes if you're lying in your business, your closes that the money you take, won't be halen, it will be haram because it's like if you're stealing from the customer is money. You're taking it from him, because you given him something that was a lie was something that is not really available in the product or whatever it is. And also usually even the This causes other problems. And in the end, you don't even

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succeed because when that business

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is based online, in the end customer,

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we are going to get to know one day and if that happens, it kills the whole business. So when the business is honest

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What goes around comes around comes back, that it becomes better and more successful. That's true. But the point is that you won't be trusting that brother. The issue is like, when he talks, you like, being a little bit suspicious about what he saying you want to be, you want to have good suspicion about him and you want to make him clear and things like that, find the way that he's like, not telling a lie, inshallah. But still, there is like a little bit suspicious about what he's saying, there is mistrust you can't trust. And you know, if a merchant or a shopkeeper, or he's known for his honesty, everyone comes to him, and people talk about this. This will this shop, the

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shopkeeper is very honest, so we can buy from him. And don't worry about him lying to you. So this is something that is work that's beautiful to be known. Of that you are known, you're honest, you're truthful. It's a good reputation. And this is from Islam. And even the prophet SAW.

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Before that, he became a messenger. The people knew that. And he had the repetition of Never mind. Yeah. And always having the Amana if someone gives him something, it doesn't take care of it till I take it back. So that even made when he became messenger made a lot of people get into Islam.

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Easily easy way, because they knew that the person who has the message was, was had the reputation of being a good Yeah. And the irony is just before the Revelation where he received revelation was called Assad, they call me the cheerful and be honest. And after he came with the message people rejected, most of the people actually rejected him. This is irony. You know how? Well

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well, you know, this man is truthful. And when the first time the prophet SAW Selim, he causes people to Al Islam. He said to them, unfortunately, there's an army coming from behind that mountain, would you believe me? They will see yes, we don't. We have never known that you have made even a lie single line.

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But human he came with a message. Well, his angry said to him, said bad luck, and he had the jamatkhana bow to you or he actually swore at him. Is this the reason why you gathered us? Subhan Allah, they rejected the religion of Islam, and they call them actually Elia. They call them condemned. He's a liar. But we know that he was the most truthful of people with the messengers. wassalam tells us

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when he was asked, when they

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just the Muslim

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can, is it possible that the Muslim force and fornication or the movement process of them said yes, because sometimes we get speak, you fall into sin? Can you do this? Can you do that? He said, there's possibility but when process I was asked, I

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can't ever the believer, be a liar?

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a liar. He said, No,

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no, because lying is a very deep thing in the human soul. When you lie,

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and you get used to lying to people, you will lie to yourself, you can't see things as they are, because you are used to tell lies, you will reach the extended will, will get worse until you lie to yourself, you can't see things as they are. So when you look at this stuff, and you are reminded of the reality of this life, and of the hereafter of the punishment of Allah, you can't be you can't receive it right? You can't get it right, because you have distorted your mentality by creating life. So and we know that the religion of Islam from the wisdom of Allah and His justice, and does that mean Jensen Amel will be punishment will be in accordance with your sin according to your sin,

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you will be punished. So if you lie to people, then you will get to this stage where you will start lying to yourself and you can't see things right. So this is why the process of sudden said, a believer cannot be a liar.

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Because it is against belief. I wanted to ask you, okay, in a situation where a brother asked me about, for example, the past and asked me if I committed a certain sin in the past. And it's known that it's better not to talk about the sins that we we have committed, even if it's in the past, and even if we changed, we became a changed man. So in that case, do I lie? Or do I tell him, you don't lie and you don't tell him? Neither of them. simply say to him, brother, it's none of your business.

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Simple as that it's as simple as that between me and Allah. Ask about something that benefits you. Ask about something as you remember, the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, the man came and said, Melissa, what is our

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Well, this question doesn't benefit him. So the professor directed him to another question. We do the same thing he said to him, what did you prepare for it is the question. Now he says to you, did you do any sins in the past? He said to him, what good things you have done. Give him another question that benefits him. Okay.

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I'm hosting this demo, Turku. melayani. Very good. Very good. It's from the perfection of a person's religion, a person's Islam is that he keeps away from the things that do not concern. You have no nothing to do with this. So don't bother about it. This the character of the Muslim. So with regards to light is the first if one of the first things that she thought even did, actually, when Adam alayhis salam, and Eve they were in Paradise, he came to them and he said, he said to them that a lot of prevented you from eating from this tree, or he forbade you from eating from the street. Because if you do, you will become angels or you become immortal. So he lied to them. So those who

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lied are following the example of che time following the example of shaitaan. So Islam is about perfecting one's character. And when you know that a brother is a liar, you can't have a good relationship with him. You can consider him to be a close friend. Because a one hour poet he wrote really beautiful

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lines of poetry. He said lishi Latin female, you know, more or less African Debbie? hayleigh. Well, I have some power against the one who makes them. eema who makes tell carrying

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because I can blame him I can stop him. Okay, what but I have no power over the one who lies. Mankind is lacunae. Apolo Fauci, latifi kalila the one who creates the things that he says, What can I do to him? Well, he says to me, in a country that is

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5000 miles away, there is a building that is in the shape of a dog listing. Well, how can I say no? Well, he is creating something I can't. I can't, you know, prove its invalidity.

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I think even the prophet SAW Sam said was like, even if someone

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says a joke, to make a brother laugh shouldn't lie. It's better that the joke is, yeah, I want you to keep this point point for the time being, because we will show need to talk about this. But what I'm saying the one who lies Well, he says this brother said this and that, but he didn't say

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this is a lie. What can you do to him, it can do anything. So the best thing to keep away from him. So the liar is someone who's detested

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people who was abandoned people turn away from him. Why? Because he proved that to himself people. And no one was honest. It's the opposite. Oh people Muslim non Muslim. Yeah, like him because he the underlying signifies and, and shows and points to weakness of an image and weakness of character. Because the person who does right what why should I lie about? If I made a mistake on human being? I apologize. I tried my best to rectify that. Well, if I, if I do good, then why should that lie in the first place? This is how the Muslim we are. We'll talk more about this because it's a very important it's a very, very important subject, especially in terms of lighting and how it affects

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the character. I can do something that concerns many people. We will stop for a few minutes Sharla will come back to elaborate more on this beautiful subject. I say to our viewers, stay with us. We're coming back shortly inshallah.

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Academy your gateway to authentic Islamic knowledge.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So, lying now destroys the character of the person. Why? Because if the person hasn't got the courage to admit the wrong things that he has done, and to rectify that, and hasn't got the courage to, I mean, be firm upon what he's upon. This is a weakness of character and lying to the person to run away from the truth. It starts with, with us when we are children, because we want to get away with what we do without being punished, as they say, want to pass the buck. So

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to avoid the blame for something wrong that we have done. So now, it means that you are running away from facing the consequences, and the repercussions of what you have done. This is what lying is all about in the first place. So it makes the character weaker, you're not brave enough enough to face what you have done to deal with the consequences and rectify the situation. Well, why did you be strong enough? With a good and sound character that I have done something wrong? I'm human being? Okay. I didn't do that, intentionally. So what I do, I'll do my best to rectify and get things mean, rectify? That's it? Why should we lie? What Why should you? Why should we resort to all that which

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destroys our character, so you see the person who's lying, you can hardly find carriage in him, because he will, if you catch him in one place, he will try to get to another place in line to get away from blame. What kind of character This is, and this will, this will go over and I mean, extend more in different aspects of his life. So for example, he won't be able to take care of his responsibilities, because he has learned to run away from responsibility and form taking the blame and the consequences of his actions. So what he does now, there is a responsibility, he will resort to the backdoor means to seek means round anything he wants to do. So he can't take responsibility

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for anything. So this is why lying destroys the character of the person and then destroys the person himself. So what about shear? So, for example, if your institution about asks you about a brother, it tells you, is it true that is so and so? Ask him if he's bad.

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or asking him ask him something that is not beneficial.

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And if you if you tell him the truth, maybe like, for example, not about to talk about him.

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He backstab him, if you tell him the truth, you'll create heat between both of those. So in that in that situation, is it permissible to lie or to tell? No, that didn't say anything bad on what it is, in such situations of the person, the brother is a good brother. And he makes some mistakes, we should be like Allah said, Allah, the prophet SAW, Selim said, Allah stick to Allah doesn't want to expose the people. Allah doesn't expose those who fall into sin. They don't do it publicly. So we as well, if a brother asks you, well, you have nothing to do with this. If anything, if anything, will, he has done a mistake? Well, this is between him and Allah, we shouldn't expose him. But if it has

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to do with that brother, it has, well, there's an evil thing that he does might affect that brother, we should first give that person advice, and then warn this brother against falling into that problem. And like, for example, if we give the person the butter, who backstab doddabetta, who asked about him, please? Like, it's not it's not from Islam to backstab. And we gave him advice. And then the other brother asked us, is it true that that person talked about me? So in that case, what I like or I tell him, No, it's not true? Well, it's not from I mean, this not from the character of the Muslim brother said something about you say, May Allah forgive him. We don't want to go into the

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circle of minima of tail carrying. Well, if he says this, this probably backbite me, you say, Hey, I don't want to talk about this. I don't know about it. Please keep me away from this. This isn't a meme. Unless it becomes an issue where you go to the judge and has to be a witness. And you have to say the truth. But what For example, some sometimes I know that some people used to go to scholars sometimes visit them from a different country. And when they came to this scholar, they said

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To Him will so and so gives him so and so gives you ceram. So, Socrates annum from the scholars of that country, why to bring the hearth closer? So a man asked him, he said, Did they really? Did you meet all these people and they gave you to tell they told you to convey the Salaam to that shape. He said, Well, don't they say, and the salah and the Tisha have salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah hain piece of Allah be upon us and the righteous people, and this is a righteous person. So every time every Sunday, they give him Salah.

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In order to bring the hearts closer, so it shows If this happens, that this brother speak about me, this is brother speak about me, these brothers they need to be they need to learn the Islamic character, how to treat our brothers, because this is not from an Islam. And as good as the prophet SAW, Selim said, else Allah in fact, was the umbrella charges. Just pay attention to these things be keen to attain these things that benefit you in your religion, and even in the world, the things that are hidden. So if you start seeking, will this brother say this about me? Will this is not this a childish attitude? We don't want this. But now,

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lying actually, when it destroys, as we said, destroys the character and the heart of the person. It makes him

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a hypocrite. Isn't that true? Yes, it is. It leads to other things if the person or the Muslim system lying, like the prophet SAW, Selim said at

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the attributes of Manasa, hypocrite are free. If he tells speaks, he tells lies, that had the cabinet with a domina run. If he's given something to take care of us a trust he Yeah, he betrayed this. And also if he is like,

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how does offend? Is that

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to me, no one.

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The third one is he if he gives a promise, yes. Is that right?

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Yes. So these are

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the signs the characteristics of a hypocrite, you can recognize him from these three things. If he speaks, he tells a lie handler. So we don't want to be from hypocrites.

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And if he gives a promise or gives the word doesn't keep it with a two minute, two minute hand, and if he's entrusted with something, he betrays that trust, so we don't want to be hypocrites. Yes. Yeah, we want to be truthful. And will, this is what the prophet SAW Selim was upon and they will tell the truth. Not a beautiful story was cobbled, nomadic when he was left behind with the messengers, lots of them went to the Battle of the book, and he remained behind, and the prophets of Salaam came. Now all the hypocrites who remain behind him, they came to the messengers for asylum, and they presented their excuses. Now, when it came to the messenger, the prophet SAW some awesome

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he said, Do you have an excuse? He said, By Allah on messenger of Allah, I have no excuse. Since I've been. Allah gave me eloquence. I can speak eloquently.

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I know how to speak. And I could convince you with anything you want, but I'm afraid of fighting ally now. And you'll become happy with me. I'm pleased with me by means of it and allowed make you in the future will make you mean become angry with me. So by Allah I have no excuse. He told the truth. So the messenger sallallahu sallam, he made it clear he said as to this man, he has told the truth. SubhanAllah so after after 50 days when the Muslims I mean, they cut off relations with him. They didn't speak to him. No one spoke to him. No Salah, no one reply in the salon. And Allah then revealed the verses of his Toba. Imagine a lot of it the verses of his Toba What happened? He came

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to the messenger saw Salah, and he said to the Prophet, Allah has saved me and accepted my repentance because of me telling the truth. So he said to the messenger by Allah will never I will never tell a lie in my life.

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I haven't known anyone who has held on to truthfulness as I did, because it gave that promise to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So truthfulness is the person towards paradise and the prophets Allah made it clear Jaco

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Jaco will carry cajon in Al Qaeda de el futuro beware of lying because lying takes you to for your indecency and evil. Well, in that Fujiwara Yeah, the Elena and for Jews and indecency leads you to the hellfire. What unnatural if they were to have al Qaeda and like them and the person he lies and he seeks to tell lies until he's written in the records with a last minute and as a liar. Imagine persons written down

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In the records a liar will be very bad. Yeah. And the process of him said

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he just was certain he said in the DLL bill truthfulness leads you to righteousness bill, when the bill via the election and righteousness leads you to paradise. Well unoriginal is quite hard, was it protective and the light, said the person, he always tells the truth is truthful.

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until he's written in the records with a lot as a truth. So do we want to be written as truthful? nowadays?

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That reminds me something that's out of sight, you say something like candy bar blue, or white lie, is that that doesn't exist. This is a misconception, a white lie and the black lie, we all lies are black, there's nothing called the white lie, it can't be white, because it's evil. There are certain situations where one can lie. And these are specified clearly in the book and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But it will take us a long time to discuss these issues, but it will, it's out of our subject now. Now, with regards to lying, as I said, it's, it has taken a different dimension today with the media. You see how the media is I mean,

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especially about Islam, can see that there are so many misconceptions about Islam and spread about the reality of the Muslims and the history of the Muslims. All this is from lying. So it's evil is magnified. Because it's taking the people away from the right path. They're trying to keep the people away from Islam, from the true religion. And this is a message to all people whether they are Muslims or non Muslims. Don't believe everything that is said to you. Look for the truth. Search for yourself. And open your eyes, open your heart and your mind and search for the truth. And you would discover that many of the things that are presented in the media are only lies and misleading

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information, even searching would take some time, but still you have to search for the truth about this lamp will it's worth it because it means going to paradise, or hellfire. So hamdulillah we can see that Islam

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is directing us to high morality, to the good characteristics, good morals. And this is what Islam is all about. Bringing the people to that which is good. It's about good character. It's not about lying and deception as we see with different ideologies, they work to them, the end justifies the means. And Islam. No, the end has to be good.

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And the beans has to be good. It doesn't work to have the wrong means in order to get the right end, no and in Islam. It's all compatible. It's all about harmony. It's all about being good. And following the guidance that came from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So inshallah, from now on, we avoid all lies, and we know that we will answer to the last panel to Anna so we avoid lies and improves our character make us stronger, make us

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more courageous, make us brave for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala just off and on for your contributions. And to all of us, I say just

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for joining us today was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh