Tom Facchine – Tafseer Reflections #07 – Surah An-Naba

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the three main sections of the Koran and how they are linked to worship, credit, and the people of hellfire. They also talk about the importance of accountability and the need for fearless worship. The importance of accountability and the need for fearless worship is emphasized.
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sorta number is broken up into thirds is actually really obviously it's one of the most pleasing sorrows to our ears, it rhymes a lot and but also the structure of it is very kind of easy to memorize. Most people, when they're memorizing the Quran, they hit certain Nazjatar. And it's a challenge. And then they hit sorts of numbers. And it's easy. And sort of the three main sections of sorts of debit, the first section is sort of sort of what a lot often doesn't occur and showing us our indebtedness to him, right, because indebtedness is how we move to gratitude. And then once we achieve gratitude, then we have to express it. And that brings us along to worship. And so last

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final data is always kind of moving us from feeling indebted to feeling grateful to expressing that gratitude through worship. The second third is about the people of hellfire. And the third and the final third is about the people of paradise and Allah subhanaw taala says something very, very important and interesting in the second third of the surah when he's talking about the people who are destined for * he says in the home Kandola era Jonah, hey Saba, right? That they did not anticipate or they weren't looking forward to being held to account. Well, Canada will be at Nikita dabba Alright, so and then they denied and rejected all the signs that we gave them. So these are

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two fundamental important things about the Koran and about Islam in general is that first of all, they weren't anticipating being held into account. And I give these examples all the time, it's like people on the on the street, you see the speed limits 55, you're going at why because you don't think you're going to be held to account right, you think the COP is not going to look at you or not going to see you or maybe you know, he's off somewhere else, or, you know, you know that he can't be everywhere at once. And so you're gonna take your chances, right, you weren't expecting to be held to account and so you did whatever you want it so a last round to audit one of the main fundamental

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things that he hammers over and over and over again, the Koran is that you are going to be held to account all these other sorts of so called religions or so called faiths that have other sorts of things in the afterlife, either reincarnation or some other sort of some other sort of schema that's entirely separate from a sap that's separate from being held to account. It leaves you very with a very weak moral framework. If you're not going to be held to account with certainty 100% Certainty by a perfect creator, an all powerful all knowing all able creator, then people are going to do whatever they want. They'll take the chances now it's like, I'm gonna get reincarnated. Okay, well,

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I'll take my chances. And maybe next life I'll do better. No, this is finality right? This is finality like this life is going to end and you're going to be held into account and the one who's holding you to account is perfect and able and completely knowledgeable, then you have to straighten up you have to do the bare minimum. And yes, we would all like to worship Allah, US POUND DOLLAR out of love and not out of fear. But regrettably, there's a lot of people in the world that need the fear, because if they didn't have that fear, if they didn't know that the account was coming, they wouldn't do anything. Right, right or they would transgress the bounds. They would oppress people

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they would take their rights, they would harm the spread corruption on earth. Okay, so one of the most fundamental things is that there is accountability. The afterlife is essential to that accountability. You can't have true accountability without a perfect creator holding you to account with finality and the afterlife.

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