Tom Facchine – Reflections on the Prophet’s dhikr #6

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a pattern between achieving happiness and achieving success in life, where anything can happen without the user's knowledge or desire. They emphasize the importance of facing the "wear and tear of the rules" of the universe and not settling into a certain way. The speaker also mentions a person named Adam and Eve Mohammed.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah the Prophet Mohammed sighs Sam he would also say after his prayer, Allahu Allah Mani anima Lima, I'll bite what I'm worth dearly, ma'am and atta while I, in fact with an agenda Miko jet. And this basically means that whatever Allah has decided to prevent from coming to us, then there is absolutely nobody who can give it to us. And vice versa, whatever Allah has decided to give to us, and there's absolutely no force that can prevent it from coming to us. And there is no power or no might or no authority that we can avail ourselves to, other than Allah. And so again, you know, we're noticing a pattern now, between a lot of the things

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that probably Saddam used to say, after his prayer, you know, a lot of times we tell ourselves that we can be happy or will be okay. If such and such XY and Z, external circumstances are exactly the way we want it, if we get the job that we want, or if we get the friends that we want, or the schedule that we want, or the promotion, or whatever it is, even the relationship that we want, then we'll be okay. And then we'll be in a position where where we will be able to worship Allah and the way that we know that we should, with humility and submission and, and presence of mind and presence of heart, and everything like that. And Allah is telling us here are the promises I sent him was

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telling us with his neck of here, that when it comes to these sorts of things, everything that has come to you, it can't possibly have been avoided. And everything that has been prevented from coming your way, it's not even possible that it could have come to you. And so there is no recourse even though Allah has created these causes for us to take advantage of the real causes a law or the law is the cause of all causes. And so, if we really, really want something in this world, we will avail ourselves of those means of worship, of Kurata of trying to come closer to Allah with things that please Allah, just like me, I'm a chef. He used to say, nobody truly wants something until they've

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stood in the night and prayed for it. Right? I mean, a lot of times we're always focusing on the material causes that can get us what we want, and we're forgetting or we're neglecting and turning our backs on the one who controls absolutely everything. So we ask Allah to guide us and forgive us that oh, well who Adam was that Allah what Adam and Eve Mohammed

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