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We live therefore, in a time that is paving the way for the coming of this person called a degette. At the gel literally means the liar, the deceiver.

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And this deceive, deceiver cannot deceive people so perfectly until a road or an environment has been prepared for his coming. He can't just go in like that. It has to be prepared. Just like the road for atheism was prepared in the 17th century when the Church of Christ fell. People didn't, you know, trust church anymore. So people like Darwin, Charles Darwin, and other

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physicians and theorists, they came up to say, there's no God, and suddenly now it's atheism. Just like they paved the way for homosexuality to be accepted. When you don't believe in God. You don't believe in a soul. You're just like an animal. So they said, Well, you know, animals are gay as well. We've seen monkeys do it like that. So why don't we just be like them, they pave the way they set the pace. And then all these other catastrophes come along, at the jail requires that the environment has to be set up for him.

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And with all this digital, this era of deception we live in today. You look at the media, and you don't know what to believe anymore. You trust their Jazeera, then the next day you see something you think, Oh, my God, can I really trust them? You trust another media site? And then next day, something kills you? And where do you go? media is the most powerful tool today that has ever existed. The most powerful, and we do not live in a world of wars with with weapons anymore. It is a war of ideology and media, media, deception upon deception upon deception.

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Pharaoh sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us

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what will you do when Iraq is denied its currency?

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What will be your state? And what will you do when a sham

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when its currency is denied? And what will you do when Egypt its currency will be denied? And you return to where you began in the first place?

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What does this mean?

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When Iraq is denied its currency. When a country falls, its currency falls as well, doesn't it?

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And you learn longer deal with its currency. Another currency replaces it, or salsa xlm or the narrator of this Hadith, the assassin was asked how will a fall and he said by foreign intervention, foreign intervention allows them

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so Iraq's currency will fall by the invasion and another currency will replace it.

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Then, after that, he placed it in sequence, a Shams currency will be denied. So a sham as a nation will fall. Again, another currency will replace soon, and it has to be by a foreign intervention.

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Currently, we see only one part of it inside.

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It's a bigger picture than what you think. Yes, this is one part of it. Yes, there are oppressors, there is an oppressor in there. Yes, there are oppressors. Yes, it is there. However, it is all a it is one of the rocks, one of the plots within the bigger plan. Then uracil Sallam said after a sham, he mentioned missile, Egypt, you think it's over for Egypt right now, according to this Hadith, which is in Bukhari, and Muslim, something else is coming up. When a currency of a nation falls, it means that the country itself falls and there is an invasion.

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As it is also, as I mentioned over here, it's not happening to Egypt yet, but this is seems like the sequence that was also SLM is informing us about it. He also said another narration this hadith by Abu hurayrah Taku Taku, the mattala he was in meta Rasulullah. What does this mean? The mattala meaning the Romans are the non Muslims who used to exist at the time of Islam and Islam rule for more than 1000 years. They were non Muslims who lived in the lands of Islam, and they will call them me's meaning the ones who are entrusted to us they lived in our lands, and we gave them the right to live in peace, and they had to pay something in return for our protection of them. But not the

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Muslim versus paisa cat. They had to pay this thing called jizya which means that will protect you provide you today they say tax we call it jizya for the non Muslims who live among us only this type of a

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greement when this he said that people who used to do this before they will no longer do it anymore, meaning they will be overpowering you. And these are the types of people who will invade you. Now this is these are the facts, and we see it today. What has happened to Iraq is not something that anyone can deny. And what is now happening in a sham is both both intervention within and outside and it is yet to come. a sham however, is totally different to the rest of the world. It is different to Iraq. It is different to Egypt. It is different to everything a sham means Lebanon, Syria, parts of Jordan, Palestine, the call today Israel called Israeli territories or in Palestine

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and parts of Turkey, this was a sham.

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And you know, when after world war one What happened? They divided a sham, they concentrated on a shanty divided into different states, each one with a flag, and they turned the Arabs and Turks against each other because we were once one nation. It was called the last never Earth mania. Because we became materialistic and our pride of lineage and our pride of nationalism, and our pride of racism crept into us. This was the best way to plot and plan to break us apart until today. Look at us in misery. For us. Also, Selim said that Roku has in the Harmon Tina, leave it alone for it is a stinking carcass. It cannot bring anything anything but misery and happiness and stench is what's

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happening to us today.

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Are Sol Sol Sol m said.

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You will also get into a war with the Jews.

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This type of war that we are in is not like any war you've ever seen before. We are now currently in the Who are we? Meaning mostly the Arab lands for us? Oh sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Muslim Ahmed. He said you will fight the Jews meaning the Zionists who are occupying Israel now. Palestine is Israel, Alana Heron Hill Odin and Tom sharqiya wahama bu

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at the cross or the section of a river that is in Jordan, you will be on its east and they will be on its West Bank. That is today. The narrator of this hadith says while law II I did not know where Jordan is. In those days, there's no such thing as Jordan.

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No one knew Jordan was always called Shan remember, after world war one he became or just before that it became Jordan. The name came out later, later, later, hundreds of years after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. How did the prophets I send them know this because he's a messenger of Allah Almighty. anticline. However, he doesn't speak out of his own desires except from Allah subhanaw taala. He said you will fight them be in battle with them at that river that is in Jordan, which divides you from the west, you they'll be on the west, you'll be on the east. And there is a river there that has dried out a few years ago. So Panama.

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So the Arabs are on one side.

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And the Jews are on the other, occupying Palestinian Palestinian land.

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In fact, the Jews believe that there will be Jesus Christ who will come out very soon. And the Christians believe that Jesus Christ will come again. But the Christians also believe in an antichrist. We believe in the dogen we don't call him antichrist. Yes, he will be against Christ or Christ will be against him alayhis salaam, but dogen literally means the one eyed the liar, the deceiver, lmsc dogen. And also satsang gave his descriptions about him, he is a person, he is a person. But as I said, the things that are happening now is a welcoming for his coming. When he comes out, the Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come. They believe the ancient Jesus, THE REAL

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JESUS, he was an imposter. He was a false messiah. This is in the Torah now. Now, which they have played around with, so they're still waiting for the Messiah. But they say the Messiah will not come out until the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt, they have to rebuild it, and the State of Israel becomes established. And the word of God meaning the religion of the Israelites of the Torah is practiced throughout the world. That's what they said, in the Torah, then the Messiah will come out. That's when the Messiah will come out. The Christians, they say, there will be an antichrist who is the dogen and then Christ will come out again.

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So they're very close to the Muslims. But also saw Selim stood up and he said, I will tell you every prophet that came to his people who told him something about the dijet, but I will tell you something about him that no other prophet has ever told his people. And he began to describe so much about his features. You can read about it inside a Muslim or say, Buhari, there's so much description about him for the lack of time now. But this is what he said. He said, there hasn't come in

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affliction, a trial greater. From the time of Adam, this hadith in Sahih, Muslim from the time of Adam, until the end of time, a trial more vicious, more harsh, more deceiving, more upon you than the fitness of dogen. If he comes out at a time, when I am with you, he was released on our own with you, then I will be the guardian to protect you from it. I take it upon me a lot of occurrences from his mercy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his care for his own. He said, Annika people, I will take him on other than you even notice also Sam cannot kill him, and his G's Ali Sam can kill him. So but if he comes out after my time, then every person is responsible for themselves. And he said, Be

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careful, for he will deceive you.

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When he comes out,

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very difficult to stand your ground

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells us the believers will know him from three letters on his for it. Careful Okafor.

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And the rest of the world will follow him. The weak believers will follow Him

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and He will not be able to enter Mecca or Medina

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and then Isola his salon will destroy him.

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This will happen in Palestine.

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And the melody will rise in a sham in Syria and Damascus.

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And there'll be a great war between the Romans. Europeans of today at flags against the Muslim nation by itself in a sham it is going to happen soon

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after Egypt loses its currency and Maddie will come out.

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So these are only the beginning of the beginning of what is yet to come brothers and sisters. The result of it? Well, over time the Muslims left the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and became materialistic. It's as simple as that

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materialistic, competing with materialism and selfless selfishness, thinking about ourselves and putting our Deen in our hands and our world on our heads. So that if the hat on our heads gets out of place, which is our dunya we put what is in our hands on the floor, which is our Deen in order to fix our dunya if the dunya is fixed, or grab the deen if the dunya is wrecked, or wait, I don't have to practice the deen right now. This is the metaphor I give you