The GPS In Our Life

Mufti Menk


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You know, if you have the GPS today, Mashallah, it's made life so easy. I use it so often. And I asked myself, I have actually forgotten how life was before the GPS.

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And if you intentionally or unintentionally choose the wrong path, do you know what? The lady says?

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Why are we smiling? It's not just the women who lead you down the wrong path. No. Let's say what the man says. It depends on your settings. My brothers and sisters Don't get me wrong, no offense.

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So what the man says he says, make a U turn when possible. Have you heard that? While law II there are angels telling you make a U turn when possible every time you sin against the law, and you feel it initially. But if you continue on that path, what does it say rerouting recalculating and so on? May Allah forgive us. Then we go via long way. We want to go to Penang and we end up in Ebo that's what happens.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us why you continued on the path, wrong path. The same happens if you want to choose that path. You will go to Jana, because you're a believer, but you might go via janam

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Yes, and you don't want that to happen. I'd rather a direct flight to say Wow, we landing and here we are at my destination. Imagine if you were to land straight into Madina munawwara better than a person who goes from here to China, from China to India from India or somewhere else and you say I got a very cheap ticket or cheap ticket but you struggled and you suffered. Imagine if Allah gave you the amount of sustenance to be able to buy that ticket with comfort you flew straight into the destination you wanted to mela grant us that on the Day of Judgment. I mean