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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers Islam and welcome back to the seal of Prophet Mohammed Sasa lamp.

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We are going to pick up where we left off when Ali who came to Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and he came to give him this option, this search for available lead to him to Prophet Mohammed Salaam and given him the option to have all the power he wants all the money he wants all the power he wants. If it's almost they will look for the best doctor if it's magic, they will look for the best magician and so on to give him and we learned how Prophet Mohammed Salaam taught us the etiquettes of communication to listen and so on Do not interrupt and whatever. And when Prophet Mohammed Salim had told Ali Baba Marilla the words of Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah in a sort of facilite. And he

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came back to CES Fifth

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Circuit and it was a it was a mood. And he said

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to him, this is again, these are the warning that if you do they turn their back and walk away from you, and they don't heed the message says, I warn you asaka this Thunder would be like something to destroy them as they will happen to the tribe of ad and the mood. And he was so afraid because they knew deep down that he is a prophet alayhi salatu salam, but obviously his stubbornness and so on. So when we said that our leads came back to the people and it says, well, ah, he, I have heard things I've heard poetry before. This is not poetry. I've seen magic. This is not magic. And I've seen the cuchara those fortune tellers. This is not fortune telling. I tell you what he's saying the

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ship Navin it has a great potential. So he says do is leave him leaving propagate for in law, and if he becomes apparent among the Arab peninsula among all the tribes, for his to come.

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And his glory will be your glory and his pride will be your pride. He's from you. He's from open crush. Or if he goes out to tell the Arabs outside about this Deen, the new dean is their Islam, and they kill him, somebody else would get rid of him, not you. You don't have to deal with my new abdomen alpha and all the family and the tribes of Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, this is it's a win win situation is needed him and that is my opinion. And that do whatever you want.

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Again, the people says we're lucky and they said the same thing. This is how he used magic on you. Now when he's heard what he heard, he gave it up. And now the people of the tribes said we have to go back to him negotiate one more time. Maybe he didn't listen, you know very well didn't understand the message that urdhva available. It was given to him. And he did not really get a confirmation that he says it's a it's a tool. It's flat out No, is unequivocal? No. Because he only recited some verses from the Quran. He didn't say yes or no he just reciting Quran and he told him in the end whether indeed

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summit you heard, it is what I have to say to you. And that's it, you do what you have to do. So they came back to him again. These are the leaders of that place. Now coming all the way to Prophet Mohammed was the lamb. And they started to discuss can we discuss with you certain things, can we negotiate certain things with you? Please come in. And they started repeating the exact same options and the exact same offers that are available. He came to him

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earlier and he came to him and said the same thing, same offers to Prophet Mohammed Salim. So he listened to them again, fully. And when he's finished, he says, well, ah, he may be methacholine me, I don't have what you're throwing me. I do not have what you're saying I have this illness. I have this magic. And I have this Voodoo. He says, Well I imagined to come to America, I did not come to become your your your king. What made you to come to America, I did not come to you being greedy to have your, your wealth, nor that I have the one to be among the honorable amongst you. It's not that I have come to you especially when he is alone somehow no to Allah commands immediately. I come to

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you to give you the glide tightening of gender and warning from the Hellfire and I have received the Quran to share with you. It is meant to be thorough.

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So if you believe in the message that I've come to you with Islam, and believing that I am the messenger of Allah and believe in the Quran, this is your reward in this life and in the Hereafter. And if you do not heed the message, he says I have been loved I have relayed the message

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and I'll be patient had the Allahu

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Allah subhanaw taala differentiate between you and I. That's amazing. that argument is given very beautifully. No one in the right mind would understand that he is not after well. He's

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Not after power. He's not after key is not after women is not after he doesn't have the illness. Do you know that everyone knows that he's speaking the truth. He was known for that beforehand. So parallella amazing, but when she starts to whisper, you know lewers all these acts of calamities and being disobedient to Allah makes it beautiful to you, and gives you all these excuses you believe in yourself. So when Prophet Muhammad wa sallam told me that after all of this, and after just to tell you believe there's only one God,

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they didn't stop, they give them another offer.

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So okay, maybe say you're under Japan. So you're under Japan? What's the plan of invalid Meaning what?

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Take away the mountains from us, take it away, and make this land so massive warfare, Javelin and harp, and give us all these running rivers

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and give us all these bounties? Even a motor and revive all these dead

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and especially to save Nicolas. So Pamela, we want him to revive the dead and they have a special request. Could you please have to save Nick lab come to us? What do you want some fries with that? Allahu Akbar is like an order. They've given him an order. And it's like as amazing and all of that so profit moms love listeners again. And when he listens, what does he do? He says he repeated the same arguments. He said, here's what I have to tell you. And I'm not after 1234 I'm come to you with Islam. I've come to you with the Quran. I've come to you with the Sunnah if you need to, here's what you get if you don't need to, here's what the warning. And again, this is.

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This is what I have to offer. They didn't stop again. They said Okay. How about this?

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bring to us, a Malik an angel from the heavens to testify for you? And how about the mountains of silver and gold?

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So Pamela B, how is it Glory be to my Lord? Am I only I'm only a messenger, but I'm only human being a messenger. And he repeated the same argument again, same argument. And then they didn't stop there. They added another one is okay, if he can come up with this. And people come up to him said, well, like we asked you for very reasonable things. If you don't do it, we don't believe you anymore. He asked me for reasonable things. You're asking for mountains of the of golden silver, you're asking me to revive the dead, especially with one man that it was vulnerable before and to bring him out. Allah help you alight. So people says yes, yes, he's there as we're asking for very

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reasonable things. So the last one, they said, Okay, I'll tell you what,

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asked your Lord, to punish us all. Go ahead, let them out did the heavens rain stones, this is tells you how mental they were.

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They would rather be destroyed. Then believe in the message of Allah Subhana Allah

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and even the scholars will tell you, even if you believe his message, do not ask Allah to destroy you ask for something else. Something good, not something bad. But the scholars will tell you the Prophet Mohammed Hassan did not want to ask for that. Because if you did, it would have been the disruption. And by the way, some of the things that Allah subhanaw taala if he's given him an allowance, why not Allah did not offer to Prophet Mohammed Salim. I will give you everything they asked.

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gibreel came in and says Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will give them all the all that list, but if one of them this believes that these believe after all these miracles, and the signs, they will be destroyed. So Prophet Mohammed Salim Ali, is still feel compassionate. So Pamela, how Prophet Mohammed Salah beautiful heart, so check your heart at the end of the day? How much animosity and hatred and enmity between us between your brothers and sisters? Is it time for us to let go? Is it time for us to reconcile our differences unite our heart mended, it is time ally, especially in the beautiful month of Ramadan. It's time. Now Prophet Mohammed Hassan says if I asked Allah, it would

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be the destruction.

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But of course he left his door when the time of the Shiva Panama, even men going through these difficulties is still set. I will save that position fair on Judgement Day. every prophet and messenger has one day that is accepted. The Prophet Mohammed says I'm saved for judgment D to help us Aloha. So can you not love Prophet Mohammed Hassan and follow me soon.

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If you say that you love Allah subhanaw taala

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factory only Allah if Allah if you clean the

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globala Follow me who is me Prophet Mohammed Salah, welcome Allah, Allah will love you. It's a very simple formula. And in the end, after all of this, they said well law he,

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we will not let you go to what Allah destroys us or destroys you, we will not let you go to propagate. This is either will be our end or your end. So Prophet Mohammed says Allah took that to heart. This is his people. This is his family. This is his own tribe. These are the people that he lived with this the people that he grew up with, he still had that something in their heart. So he went to home, as if he felt bad in despair. But however, Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to turn this board around, as you will see Prophet Mohammed Salam was protected, even Abuja Allah even Allah.

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He had in mind something he says, that's it. We came up to him we said everything what do we have to say? And I'm going to kill him. Whatever it takes, no more negotiation. No more Mr. Nice Guy, we're gonna go kill him. And he says, that's it. All I want from you, is to look after my family. And I don't care what Ben abdominus will do. To me, I don't care anymore. I need to kill this man. He's done what he's done. And we started to negotiate with him. We came up to him with all these reasonable offers that we talked about. Of course the reasonable offer the mountains of gold and silver and blowing the rivers and taken away Allah help us all these aplenty to them was was

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reasonable enough. So he says okay, to slimani Will you give me up well Island Muslim acaba de la vida, we will never give you up and we will fight those who will fight you and we will look after your family if you die.

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rest assure we will. We will be there for you is okay. When Mohammed Ali Salam comes in as he daily comes in, into the harem, I will take us out on a big rock that I can barely carry. He is now telling him how big this rock will be and barely able to carry and when he puts his head down to prostrate to olanzapine agenda. I will let it fall on his head destroy him once and for all. That's it. I've had enough. So now it was Showtime.

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The following day. Everybody came out to watch the show to call his bluff. This is a man with big words. Abu Jen is now waiting and people were sitting around.

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Now Prophet Mohammed Salim walks by

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and who is watching. As soon as Prophet Mohammed says Olam started to pray of agenne he actually did. He picked up a big rock. And he came up to Prophet Mohammed Solomon, everybody's watching. Will he actually do it? Will you follow through with his words? And now he goes up to Prophet Muslim. As he raised the rock, he drafted he took his hand down as his hand like clamped on the rock, and he turned around, ran away.

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And he said, People said what happened to all this stock yesterday, you tell us that I'm the man and and you know, I'm there. I'll take care of him and you take care of me and all that what happened? When he called you bluff at all, it's all gone and done. What happened? So he says we're lucky.

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As soon as they raise that rock, I saw a fan which is a male camel. I have never seen anything like locusts Sharon and yabby and he started to show me his teeth,

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big teeth.

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And now he says if I come one step closer, he would have eaten me alive. So in a in a hadith it says that Prophet Mohammed Salim says, Do you believe in Allah is

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if you stepped one more step forward, he would have taken

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upon Allah because Allah subhanho wa Taala protects Prophet Muhammad Salah in so many ways. And by the way, you will see a leader that Allah subhanaw taala when we look for the people to protect him, or other his his grandfather than his uncle, and even also that wealth of Khadija dellavedova, as you'll see later, and what happened to him was olanzapine Allah to Allah says, we'll learn we are similkameen and nurse. Allah will protect you from the people. He says, That's Leave me alone.

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Imagine and even another duration. That's when Allah Subhana Allah Allah says that about the prophets and messengers before him, what happened with them with their tribe, but it will not happen to you, Allah given him the lead trading, that's not what happened to you. You will not so promiseland was confident but that's a bit later in the stage. Now when you believe that he said I'm protected prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was a lesson for us. And lesson for us that to make sure at least that we believe in this that this is the deen of Allah subhanaw taala it will bulldoze according to the Quran, you will will be apparent about all religion will occur in all

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capitals. And even if the disbelievers the avoided, do not lie

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And even if those idol worshippers are those isolators and all these blah theists and all these people do not like it allows upon Allah to Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will make this Deen the number one and as you see it and so Allah This is something that is tangible and they know it and they can do anything about it even though the media and all the the wealth and all that stuff that they have nothing so parallel and this by the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that this is the Dean of the law smarthalo protected but we can sit back and do nothing. We'll do our part inshallah, after this prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is now going around the Kaaba another day. Now, when

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certainly and he is what he came in and way of life and really the Gamaliel all these among the big the leaders of the tribes, saw Prophet Mohammed Salah is going to be talking to you.

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He says, of course, he says we have a great idea

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and listen to his radio. This is listen to Mohammed Why don't we worship you Lord? Great Mashallah. Sounds good. Very good. And you worship our Lord's that's a good first portion is good second portion unfortunately they dropped the ball on that one. They said to him said okay, no problems. We worship your God no problems we have no problem with that. But as long as you worship our gods to fair enough fair deal, doesn't it? It sounds very fair to me. We worship your Lord and you worship our Lord again. You know where did that idea you've heard this before? from some of those call themselves scholars to help us feel like this is okay why don't we all become one religion you know

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all these religions on the face of the earth? They have the same message Why don't we just make you one let's just get together forget the aqidah forget the beliefs forget what's lawful What's our lawful way forget our six pillars and the five pillars and six articles and all that stuff you know let's be politically correct Yeah.

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Let's all just be get under one table in this round table no Boston will just become one melting pot so panela melting pot where man yeah up there somewhere melting pot sure but here none no inshallah. This is what the offer Prophet Mohammed says Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah to Allah revealed verses in this honor boulia you and Catherine Abu Abu

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Abu well and I will do my best to disappear twice say onto the disbelievers I will not worship what you worship and you will not worship what I worship and then repeat it again and so on is there is no compensation in another innovation says okay if they said that the Muslims will flat out no so okay have an idea

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we worship your Lord one year

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you just worship our gods one month

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and thanks away nice guy didn't go okay we worship you Lord one year you worship our gods this one week. Nope, neither either Okay, how about this we worship your God one year you worship our Lord's Gods one day just one day? Nope. There is no compensation if he will come back either.

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You cannot tell me that. You know what I believe today I don't believe tomorrow I you know, and so on. What if you die that time I need to help you align. But of course we're saying what's in the heart. As we mentioned the reveal that again, I might have missed out on the lava and Allah subhanaw taala revealed verses according to this, but do not compensate your heater. Do not compensate your belief system. This is what you're all about. This is what your creed This is what it's heaven or hell. It's not getting a job getting fired. It's not being promoted. It's not just graduating, this is life and death. This is heaven or hell. And then Allah Subhana Allah revealed other verses. He

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says, they come to them and he started to give him some more options believing in it and believing in what they believe in and so on trying to go back and forth. Allah subhanaw taala revealed

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a modal need

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not to inshallah

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it's just do you come to ask me to worship anybody else other than Allah, or ignorant people? Subhana Allah. Amazing. Yes. If somebody comes up to you and he says that you know, visit different homes and you see different people with different signs and different faith Allah helpers for life, especially with the brothers and sisters have become Muslim and they don't know how to deal with it. Well, I feel sorry for Salah for the name of Islam. Yes, he let's look at the reality priceless for later loss. Allah blessed you with Islam. So hold on to each other. Again, Allah subhana wa Tada. Give him some other revelation. When these the Prophet Mohammed will do what says, change this

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correct. We will follow you but change something about Okay, let's not just be sticky about this, you know?

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Could you just change that will follow you but change something. There's a story about this. By the way. These are true stories.

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Other countries shall be remain nameless. One man came from another religion into the fold of Islam. So the other people tried to get him back. This is not the way

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you know which one do you like about our book? He says, you know, this part here doesn't doesn't suit me very well.

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This part, this one right here, okay?

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We just take the happiness. Come back. It is okay. Come with me. Come with me. He took him to the Imam of the masjid. He says, Yeah, ma'am. You know, I like Islam and everything. But you know this, this book of yours could add this just one verse here. I don't like can you take it out? Was MGM nil? Let's get out of here.

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You see how they deal with it? We cannot conversate man are you kidding me? You cannot be bought and sold yesterday. Mr. kalila the violet What? feminine pallial? Very little, little to what? comparing to the heavens compared to the laughter that's what it's all about. That allows it was what revealed. It

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didn't come with another plan. As opposed to this one instead of one or exchange. Something just changed. It was gonna be an overdue NFC. Cool. attell. Korea, Allah subhanaw taala has given prompts on them. It's called bullet token ESA, yeah, Mohammed onto them. It is not up to me to change it or to say, but I will only say what is inspired on to me. It's not up to me. And for the proof of that, why would Prophet Mohammed Salim say that the medium is the one that olanzapine otalgia chosen, above all women should Couldn't he have chosen his own mother or his own daughter, his own life for that matter? It's not up to him. And if it was the case, even if he

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would have actually said that if it's the case, he would not have actually exposed himself This is the adoption as well lower. You fear people in the last panel to Allah is worthy of being feared more. Of course, the story of him was, you know, being bashful that mentality rajala nwaba was the story BDB when he

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was was asked to divorce the

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problems that I would marry her after that. So this is the idea that problems on them is a tequila, tequila 160 hold on to your wife. And even though he knew that he was going to marry or to establish a rule as we will talk about later on in the serum, so Allah that it comes to you know, being adopting and and so on is not a portion of Islam. And these are the rules to share. Right and wrong, lawful or unlawful. May Allah subhanaw taala shows that what is right and follow it ensures that what is wrong and stay away from it. Whatever. hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam ala Sathya today's Mr. Kumar