Ebrahim Bham – Eid Bayaan- The Beauty of Islam

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The shariati A-Rod folder is a place where the beauty of Islam comes into play, including the deification of Allah Tala's deity and the de surge of his actions. The deity in the eyes of Islam is the deification of his deity, and the use of "naive" meaning to the gods and "has been made" in the language is discussed. The success of Islam in bringing women and children together and bringing men together is also highlighted, along with the importance of proper methodology and avoiding confusion. The segment ends with a mention of a deal for men to receive.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Oyo

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Ana de

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la Mulana ba bada whatever the Almighty he wanted to talk about at 31 What actually I got by the Shariati AValue folder we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In Medina in Allahu Islam. We'll call it the Allah a young man

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who had come to MIT. What are we into the community Islam Medina, Sarah kala hula zoom. My dear respected elders and brothers. We thank Allah that Allah has given us the opportunity of witnessing the mobile and joyous day of Edo feature. This is a day of great happiness. nebbia Kareem said a lot while he was

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when he came to Madina Munawwara after he that he found people were celebrating gays on happiness and reoccurring sauce from said in there equally coalminer Hayden Waha eluna Each and every nation is a day of happiness. And these are our two days of happiness. He has a family of cushy calm aka the beard cream sauce from the for Maya Kihara eek. Millet Kakashi can walk up or cuscaden hotel or Yamaguchi Kadena and invest amazingly, our days of happiness is not based on any historical event. It is not based on any personality. There are so many great victories in Islam the Battle of butter, there are so many great personalities our beloved Maria Karim saw Selim II is not based on happiness

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on a historical event or on any personality, but it is based on the celebration and happiness based on complying with the commands of Allah Tala and making an effort to be obedient to Allah during the month of Ramadan. Yakushi casual Mocha, etc. Tally kisi see what yeah to call McNeely shots here toper Mugnaini Lithonia Mopani Han KAMNA Koshish Cyramza NMake Allah Tala kita. Korea that is a real happiness for a believer. And on this day of happiness, let me also add another dimension of happiness. Today I want to speak about the beauty of our deen the beauty of our religion. Allah Tala has given us such a beautiful Deen. Allah has given us such a beautiful religion, which Allah Allah

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says in the Quran.

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In Edina in Allah Islam, the deal in the eyes of Allah Tala is Islam. Allah Tala kiya Deen Jama bullhead was still for serum Islam. Allah Tala says yo Markman Tula convener from what mum to Allah company Amity. What are we to look at Islam Medina, Allah says I am happy with Islam is a deal for you. Allah Tala has chosen Islam for us.

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Yet this deen is not something that you and I will pick up. Allah Tala chose Islam for us. Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah, yeah money or who should come Okay Hi, Kayla.

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Di Jo.

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Jo Amara Lea person Kia. Allah has given us this whole beautiful deal, which Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Dena in the Allahu Islam. The deity in the eyes of Allah Tala is Islam SubhanAllah.

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And let us today speak about the beauty of Islam.

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I'm aaj Dinty oppa or Islam t have Carnia toper or Islam quisiera que operandi and correct. We speak about the beauty of Deen which Allah Tala has given us first look at our understanding our bacteria of Allah subhanho wa taala. In other religions, we find that there is different centers of power, different centers of authority. So you find that in Christianity for example, they say that He said He said that was Salam is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada or call it Delia, who was even even Allah will call it in the surah Allah Mercy of Allah Missoula. The manga salah they say he saved the Maria is a son of Allah subhanaw taala Allah Tala says Nakata gefallen Lena Khan who in Allah who will mercy I hope

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you know Maria they have committed this bill

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If we say Allah is He says memoriam and then they have the question of 30 t make it Mateen look at gefallen Medina call in allah sallallahu serata they have committed, Cofer who says Allah is one of three, the corporal Medina Kado in Allah

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala is one has said Yusuf Alayhi Salatu was Salam tool and to his companions in the in the prison yes sir he by sitting our Baba moto for report Karuna Mila why Hebrew kaha oh my oh my companions of the prison. He's one Allah better or many others can eek Allah coffee are better than your board Sakura. Eight Allah wa kaha is

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Amara yet you have any ache Allah kumana Look at the beauty of our di or Allah subhanho wa Taala kisi Fatcow deco look at the qualities of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala look at that we believe in all embracing all great all powerful Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala and we fear Him the way with you no one else

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we have trusted him the way we trust anyone else home at Allah Tala commando who see some um hope Carter,

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who see some doctor or who seek open

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for me if there was an Adela who for who a husband, he who relies upon Almighty Allah Allah is sufficient for him. Do Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah Tala formatic Quran May Allah says in the Quran, Allah is Allah will be coughing up there is Allah Tala not sufficient for humankind? Can Allah Tala Abdullah caffine is a letter not sufficient? Is it not enough for you?

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Allah Tala is so powerful. Everything happens with a portrait of Allah Tala for who will call him for the body. He has full control over his bondsman full control over his creation, MK Luquillo purpura and copper Hakimi.

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But despite his power, despite his greatness, what does Allah subhanho wa Taala says, gotta borrow buku mana and I've seen Rama I have prescribed and made compulsory upon me rahmatan merci. Subhan Allah, look at the beauty of our deen. Look at our beauty of our understanding of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so this is something that you and I must celebrate the beauty of our religion, the beauty despite Allah subhanho wa Taala has power despite his greatness, how He is Forgiving how he is merciful Libya Kareem salsa limited in Allah Katha Kitab and for who are in the full Karshi that Allah Allah has prescribed and written on his crush.

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in Marathi Sabha cut other me my rockmart and my mercy is more powerful and it is greater then my wrath and my anger are stupidly kawaii. Let us kill politica Kimera Ramat Merrigan the company how we Subhanallah so look at this beauty. Look at the beauty of our understanding of our beloved Nemea creme sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Look at the history of religions. In our previous religions, what did they do?

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In one hand? They made Eastside memoriam, the son of Almighty Allah. They made him equivalent to Allah. They made him part of Allah. On the other hand, the other side, what did they do for you to ruin the big interview?

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They killed the prophets.

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Interrupts on an account? Yeah, can you save me Meriam Culatta laterra are two spirit rakia 233 aka K apne Livio cocotal. Kia. One hand, they may take maybe Allah and on the other hand, what did they do? They killed the prophets. They didn't show respect to the prophets, Amana Deen, we can look at the beauty of our day. Look at the beauty of our religion. What did our religions do? It showed such respect to maybe a cream sauce that no one ever showed respect to the

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SATs the de sa were on and maybe a cream sauce from cassava or Essaouira is empty. Or is that or if tramcar kisi. There apne Nabi COVID, nya Tara Mica. Retinol is that neighbor?

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Can you imagine so beautiful, but yet, we did not make maybe a green sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the object of our worship happening up in

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Libya Kareem saw Salam said towards the end of his life that don't make my cover a place of sister made a cover call sister can makan

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let me

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reoccurring source no one day so a person making dua Masha Allah Allah Masha Allah Muhammad, but Allah wishes and what Muhammad wishes Joe Joe Elijah he or John Nabi Chai the via cream sauce from say attach Allah He need Are you equating me with Allah so beautiful our deen look at look at the other history of religions how they failed with regard to the Akita and believe in prophets and look at our beauty. Look at the beauty of our deen in getting the right balance with regard to our belief in our beloved Livia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then Allah has given us a newbie, who is what we mean either awful Rafi he is extremely kind, extremely possible to you. That we are

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Kareem saw Selim when the items are what was revealed when a soul for your ote caribou Kapha Tada we will give you that which will please you um Kohaku then get to apps a push from get to Libya cream sauce from push Hawker up Nicolas Obamacare. He came out of his house and he said Allah said he won't be pleased until I'm happy. He'll give me something that I won't be. I won't be happy until my entire home but is forgiven. Me of Cushnie

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Amari will put a mutt ma Allah Tala Martina for my Subhan Allah. So this is our beloved maybe a cream so Allahu alayhi wa sallam. In one Hadith Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every newbie has one one dua that Allah Tala accepts all the NIV is used it was except me I will make that dua from the home but on the day of

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look at the our method of

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he bought it.

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Today when you look at other fates, other groups How do they make you buddy? They sit in front of the HA you know before eating, they say a few words. They call it grace. They make grace on colloquy you got it going Namazi who is salad hamari Ahmadi members today go look at our numbers. We stand with respect in front of Allah. We go down in ruku we go down in sits down showing our submission to Allah subhanaw taala Subhanallah Is there any nation who's got such a beautiful method of liberation?

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What do they all do poet said he he says that he said to grass so much data as I received as a data here

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that one sister you find difficult to perform that one sister gives you it gives you freedom from 1000s of other sisters. Vicki Allah Tala K some nurses Jackie is the author some named mesogenic the beautiful method look at our Ramadan. In our Ramadan we have fasting we have Tilawat we have zikr enhances us kisi ora see all must have many no other religion has got such a beautiful method of Ibadan. We are not allowed because realize on this day of eat the Edit happiness of what a beautiful dinner Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us Allah has made our entire our entire life into Ibaadat. Just with proper methodology and proper intention, if we make intention of a worldly did we

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make intention of pleasing Allah Tara that deed becomes Deen

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we eat and we eat because we want to gain strength remember Allah that eating becomes Ibaadat

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ask yourself per se treat yourself dunya return ETOM will be about

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just what one two things proper methodology and need. You go out and go for a do business. You do it correctly Telugu for either tune Basel for Eva, whoever earns a risk, he's doing a religious obligation.

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I'll curse him Seville Habibollah the one who does employment who works he is beloved to Allah to come 300 riskily.

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Oh, gazebo Habibollah the one who works for Halal risk he is beloved to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala wherever you get this in any other religion, that our entire life becomes Dean with a proper intention Subhanallah look at our brotherhood. In normal mode Minocqua Allah Allah says that all Muslims are brothers and to one another job even was Salman who said it was Rockabye We are brothers and to one another. Today you find that we sometimes meet a Muslim. You don't know him from anywhere. You meet him for 10 minutes. You meet him for 15 minutes. All of a sudden you have such love for him that you know that love. It is as if you know him for many, many years. The seeker

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Samnee I'm gonna Bucky salaam Kia and we make serum after we make Salam we know him it is as if we know him for so many years.

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Do you see for Islam?

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Today our brotherhood has become weak. We have become riddled with disunity and hatred. And women need to rekindle this brotherhood here by chunky Ahmed dobara Lana? Yup no

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kidding me a grim saw slim Nikka al Mook, men who are Muslim, a believer is a prophet to another believer. So these are important aspects McGarry look at our Salam Subhanallah Amara salaam Kamal cobalamin boys salaam dunya man, there is no better Salam and greeting than the greeting that Islam has given us. No other better greeting. Then the greeting of Islam Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in all other greetings it is a form of greeting Amara Salam maybe dua in our Salam these dua when we make salaam to someone we making dua to him, may Allah Allah keep you with peace may Allah Tala keep you may Allah Allah forgive you may Allah Tala you know grant you Allah Tala as Rama

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh the reoccurring Salah while he was selling one person came and said As Salam Alikum maybe a cream sauce on set. He's got 10 Nicky's 10 booted the one thing we said a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa uttering sauce from said he's got 28 is pretty good teach. Third one Kaymer Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh maybe I can even saw some said he's got 30 Good deeds. He kiss your Salamis any other person who greets when he greets or gives him 30 rewards only in Islam

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and when you make salaam to someone Subhan Allah when you make salaam to a person who is older than you it's a form of respect if you make salaam to someone who's elderly new to app separate to salaam Scalia

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and you make salaam to someone small to make Salem to take you open your Ramakrishna

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you make salaam to someone who is your friend those who Salam kiya to hear those Titi allometry dos de Cordova Katya all salaam, kiya you made salam to a stranger. You telling him I'm your friend I won't harm you Subhanallah

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Look at the beauty of our deen My dear respect your brothers. Then we look at notice look at our Janaza Subhanallah Amana Janaza Codelco other particular religions. They spend 1000s and 1000s to do a coffered armory to enable Janaza make me sad here so easy the so easy um do our job become cottage and we admit it Matoba will kiss you audit Guardian as at a hospital met one particular hospital there was a janazah of a Muslim woman. So the non Muslims called the Muslim woman to the image to make yourself so then they went to make goosal War their Muslim directory. The non Muslims they started looking and when they finish the the hosel they said we hope that someone will give us such

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a dignified send off. We hope someone will give us such as yourself by the time we die. We hope someone will give us such a such a departure

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Hum Hum hum terrace there. Yeah, maybe hamari Murthy has a equally general

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essay hamari albida. Yet this man see forsaken Islam man. So my dear respected verse, the reality is Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a most beautiful deal. A deal that you and I are supposed to cherish. We are supposed to value and we are supposed to not only value it for ourself value it for humanity. I'm a giant yourself Nassif Amelia Rickett Insomniac Killian is mashallah Rocco Samila we are supposed to show people the beauty of Islam. The unfortunate part we are fighting so much amongst ourselves. I'm able to select a gray bar near you and I was lucky we have 100 booths Roco Islam T Hakan yet, or Islam T better in pneumonia autism than pacemaker maker para. We got such a

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beautiful team that we instead of showing it to people, we are fighting amongst ourselves. If only we could have taken the beauty of our routine and showed it to people, humanity needs Islam. Humanity in reality is restless. They want Islam, we've got it, but we are not giving it to people. So my dear respect to others on this day of Eid, let us increase our happiness by you know keeping this in mind that together with our day of happiness, it has increased our happiness that Allah Allah has given us such a beautiful deal, a deal which is chosen to us by Allah subhanaw taala Adeem which Allah subhanaw taala says what are the two documents

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Medina I have chosen and I'm happy with Islam as a deal for you. May Allah make us live according to Islam and die according to Islam, Allah Tala Islam to consider or more be Islam he or Imani killed more oriented, Ahmadiyya zindagi who seek to pursue that wanna and in hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen

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