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One thing that makes you to commit st special is that it's a message for everybody. And so we had the opportunity when we built the new facility just a couple years ago to relocate. And unfortunately, what happens is many messages in America is that they relocate to the suburbs. And so that has negative consequences. Usually it means that the people who are in the most need for social services and education don't get it because now the machine has a drive away. Not everybody has cars, but you're committed, we actually decided to keep the mesh in the same inner city neighborhood, it's always been in Cornhill Utica, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. And

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so we have people who walk to the masjid from the inner city from refer neighborhoods, including people who are refugees. And that really is on display in Ramadan when lots of people come out, especially for free meals. Now, having a new machine has been a tremendous blessing. But one of the things that has been challenging is that we don't have a kitchen in the new message. And so all the meal prep we used to do and even we had a food pantry going for a while that's all been brought to a halt. So despite being in a location where there's a tremendous need, and despite having a population and established population of people who would definitely take advantage of those

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services, we don't even have a fridge, we don't have things to be able to have somebody slaughters an animal to distribute the meat or to cook meals or to hand out meals or things like that. So this summer, we're raising funds to bring back the kitchen to you to committee to fund the building of a kitchen and we want to give everybody the opportunity to share in the benefit of that it's a high need area and there's a lot of people that are in need and if you have the means to take advantage of this opportunity then you would share in the benefit of providing those services for those in need. May Allah accept your worship from you and from us.