Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #342 – Modesty in Islam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of modesty, which is the belief in something that cannot be stated or questioned. They define it as a belief in something that cannot be questioned and how it is linked to one's personal experiences and experiences in general. The speaker believes that modesty is a fundamental aspect of Islam, which is essential for everyone to live their lives according to their natural tendencies.
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modesty in Islam is a very, very, very broad concept. And it's not just what people think it is. It's not just women

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covering themselves with certain types of clothing. No, that's part of it. But that's not all. Modesty is and how you speak. Modesty is and how you respond to things. Modesty is in what you allow yourself to listen to,

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and to watch and to engage in, right. So part of modesty would be, for example, your a guy here in the locker room, there's other guys, and they're talking about women and foul waves happens a lot, especially our young guys. Modesty would dictate that in Islam, you turn away from that that's You don't you don't participate in that kind of speech. You don't talk about women that way. Right? You have more respect for yourself than that. And you have more respect for women than that. That's part of modesty. Yes, how you dress is also part of modesty. You know, we believe that there are certain things that are, they're only appropriate for certain audiences, right? Not everybody needs to be up

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in your business. And that business is not just the things going on in your life, but also your physical body. Right, there's certain parts of your body that you're not going to show to every single person on the internet or anybody who's walking down the street. And there's other parts of your body that, you know, you don't even show to your friends. Right. So this is something that applies to men. And this is not just something that's just for women.

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And then even the things like, you know, part of modesty is

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a certain degree of shyness, you know, we're not crass, I'll put it like that. It's like the opposite of being crass. We have mercy towards other people, we care about other people. If somebody is like, you know, riding down the street and our bicycle and he falls, you don't just like laugh at that person. You know, it's like sometimes our entertainment driven society has turned us into just these consumers of other people's mishaps. And that's against Islamic modesty, Islamic modesty. You know, you're supposed to be more reserved than that. You wouldn't laugh at someone's misfortune in that particular way. So modesty is a huge deal. And it's something that we consider, you know, it's

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an act of worship. We worship a law through being modest in these sorts of ways.

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