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The Du’a of A Tree
This Du’a was made by a tree, revealed in a dream, then spoken by our beloved Prophet in his prostration. This Du’a of Sujood will elevate our prostration just as the trees are elevated!

O Allah! Record for me, a reward with You for it, remove a sin for me by it, and store it away for me with You, and accept it from me as You accepted it from Your worshipper Dawud

Allahumma iktub lee biha ‘indaka ajra, wa dha’ ‘annee biha wizra, waj’alha lee indaka thukhra, wataqabalha minnee kama taqabaltaha min ‘abdika Daawood

~ Prophetic Du’as – A Ramadan Series

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh thank you for joining us for another episode of prophetic mn came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said to him that he had a dream he saw a dream. And in the stream he said, I was praying at the base of a tree. And I was reading some Qur'an, and I came to a verse of sajida where I should make sujood he said, so I prostrated I made such them. And as I made this sujood as I made this prostration the tree made sujood with me, he said, and then I heard the tree making drop, and the tree said Allahumma tably Bihar in Dhaka eduroam woba aniba wisdom, what's your alley in Dhaka? What Jalla Li in Dhaka dhokra what are called

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Bella Han mini Karnataka belta mean aplicada wood that he said, Oh la record for me, record this for me as a reward with you. And remove a sin for me buy it and store it away for me with you and accept it from me just as you accepted from your worship her Deadwood. And so this is such an interesting thought of how to love God, the man left the prophets of Allah where you send them and then when I mess with you alone, I'm narrates the next time the Prophet recited a verse, which required so Jude, the prophet went into salute and he made the very same to the men told him from his dream. And so this guy has a lot of benefit has so much benefit and beauty for us. It is made by a tree and it is

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revealed in a dream and Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran women shayan illa. You said before we have d we're lacking lots of Kahuna to be humble, that Allah Subhana Allah says that there is nothing there is nothing except that it is exalting Allah panels and it is praising Allah to Allah bear his praise. When I can lead Kahuna to be home but you don't understand their tsp. You don't understand their exaltation. There is nothing that Ally's created, except that it praises a lot and it glorifies a lot exalts a lot the mountains and the rocks and the trees and the animals, all of them are in tune with a loss of handle to add all of them are worshipping Allah azza wa jal. You

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know, one day the prophets on the low end we send them and the companions, they went to visit a neighboring tribe. And as they tried to enter into the gateway, there was an agitated camel standing at the gateway and was blocking the gate, refusing to let anyone to enter the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gets down from his camel, and he goes to approach this very agitated camel. And he calms it. By the way, this is incredibly brave because an agitated camel can be extremely violent. The prophet SAW Selim goes up to the camel, and he slowly comes down. And ultimately he hugs the camel and he holds its face. Then he calls to the companions and he says, Bring me some reins, and

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he places the reins around the camels in order for them to be able to ride it and to tie it. One of the companions seeing the prophets a little lower. He said, I'm doing this he says, well, messenger of Allah, do you know this camel, right? How were you able to calm a camel down that was so agitated? Do you know the camel from before does it recognize you and that's why it's calm down. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, he said to him, in no way Lisa Shea and Venus somehow he will help in that way and the rasulillah in Laos in genuine ends, he said, there is nothing throughout the heavens in the earth, except that it knows that I am the messenger of Allah,

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except those that are disobedient from the jinn and from mankind. And so Subhana Allah, all of nature is, you know, balanced and in the natural state of recognizing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, the entire sky is the the mountains, the rocks, the stones, the drops of rain, the camels, the bears, the cats, the dogs, all of them act in this natural order that they praise the loss of penalty Allah. So when we praise Allah subhanaw taala we become part of the natural order of the entire creation, and this becomes part of the Sun now, even though you know, it was seen in the dream of a Sahabi and this is similar to the Sahaba who saw the

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Advent in their dream like Abdullah bin Zayed and Baba and others, they saw heard the event and their dream and they came to the Prophet and the Prophet confirms that this in fact came from Allah subhana wa Tada. So likewise, even though this comes in the dream of a Sahabi and it's a duel made by a tree, the prophet SAW I sent him by saying the same dude has confirmed the divinity of this. What is the alarm actually be happening Decca edge law or law record for me a reward with you for it. So what is being referenced here? Or law this such that I've made this would you this prostration that I've made for your sake, make it a reward for me, recorded as a reward for me. So

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Jude represents a tremendous reward when we make sujood when we prostrate to a lesser penalty, either, you know, the young child there'll be over the cab. He used to serve the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. And one day the prophet SAW Selim said, although he asked me a favor asked me for something you know, you're always doing me favors. I'll ask me a favor. So what does this young little child say to the Prophet, he says?

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Slo como Rafa what's FF agenda on messenger of ally want to be your companion agenda. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, I nearly NFC can be calculated to do it if you want to do this then helped me by you doing a lot of sujood if you do a lot of Jews, in other words, I will say to Allah, Allah, Allah let him into agenda because he did a lot of food. And this shows you how important it is. And so do this related to our concept of making dua to Allah Subhana Allah, The Prophet said, Well, Mr. doods Vegeta he do as for your sujood strive strive in its work hard in it vegetarian to fit do i do as much do I strive in your? Why? He says because it is more likely that

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Allah Subhana Allah will answer your dwad while you are Institute and so when we are making sudo to Allah, it is more befitting that our do i is being answered. Likewise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said uploadable Maya Kunal Abu Dhabi, well who has said the closest a servant is to Allah is when they are Institute faculty room in advance so do as much as you can. And so we are asking a lesser penalty, Allah, Allah take this such that of mine and record it as a good deed. Well done, anemia, withdraw and remove a sin for me by it because of the subject that I've made. Remove a sin of mine, so not only make it a good deed, but also remove my sin. And the prophet SAW loneliness and

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then said in the

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message that Allah He said that and a lot of Allah obeah Raja will have to be here and hardly at all, he says that the servant does not perform a single such that to Allah Subhana Allah except that Allah will raise him a degree will raise his status a single degree and will removed from him a sin. And so every time we make so due to a loss of penalty Allah, not only our good deeds, inshallah being recorded for us, but also our sins can be removed. And this is asking us to do this very thing. Oh Allah subhanaw taala make it a good deed. And Oh Allah Subhana Allah to make sure that our sins are removed as well. And then the prophets of Allah wherever you send them, and then the

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drought continues in the prophets I seldom mentioned, which is, which is the indicator, and all law store this good deed away from me. Right? And so sometimes we do good deeds, but those good deeds are not stored for us. The prophets of the law where he said them in the famous had he said to his companions at that time and Muftis, do you know, who the, you know, do you know who the bankrupt person is, they said, a lion is messenger knows best. He said, in an mufflers, the one who is bankrupt is the one from my own mouth, who will arrive on the Day of Judgment, they've done slaughter, and they fasted. And they've given there's a cat, and yet they've come on the day of

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judgment and they have cursed This person will shut them ahead that will cut the forehead and he is accused this person, and he's stolen the money of this person, and he has spilled the blood of this person, and he hurts any harm this person. And so Allah will give away all of the rewards to all those other people, and they become bankrupt on the Day of Judgment. And so we don't want to be the people who molest parents out, it makes their good deeds had that admin thought he makes their good deeds become like scattered dust, rather, we want a less of handle data to store our good deed for us to make it, you know, to store it away for us for the day of judgments for the day that we need

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it. And then he says what's up called Bella mini come at Taco Bell to have an article that would all accept it from me just as you accepted it from your servant, that would from your worshiper, that would Allah has sent him and so what is the what is this reference to about devil would that would only send a made a very powerful subject to a lot he prostrated to a less penalty with a very powerful prostration. What was the story there? Two men came to deal with Allison. And they came arguing with him asking him to judge between them. And one of them said, I have one now a female sheep, and my brother has 99 female sheep's, and he somehow overpowered me with his speech, we got

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into an argument and he convinced me with his words overpowered me with his words, and he took my sheep along with his so now he has 100 and I have zero. And so that was the only sound I'm hearing this story. He said all Allah, Allah Maccabee so and energetica in it. He says, this person has oppressed you he has wronged you by taking your sheep along with his own. Right. And so he passed judgment that would really set him but the problem was what he passed judgment too quickly. He passed judgment before even hearing the other side of the story. And after he realized this unless penalty alysus Well, then that would NMF attend now for stuff Aurora heracleum Why not? that that

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would then realize that we had made a fitna form. We had tested him through this story for stuck Ferrara. So he sought the forgiveness of his Lord will huddle rock and wine app and he fell down and he prostrated to his Lord and he sought the forgiveness of his Lord. He made such a deep, powerful repentance to Allah Subhana Allah turning to a law making so do to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah azza wa jal accepted this and raised the ranks of Deadwood even though he made a mistake. But because he was so fast, to seek the forgiveness of a law and to show humility with a law and to prostrate to a lot so gentle allies, which will raise the ranks of Deadwood. And so we're asking the

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lowest paradigm to accept it from us, just as you accepted it from Deadwood and raised

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Our ranks as well from our doing salute to you as well over law so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us all our good deeds and all our students and to make it part of our good deeds and to remove with it our sins. I mean Santa Monica