Minute with a Muslim #341 – Justice To All Creation

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A speaker discusses the negative impact of environmentalism on Muslims in North America, stating that most Muslims in North America do not take environmentalism seriously and are not on the social and environmental movement. They also discuss the importance of guidance and taking care of one's environment, as well as the need for individuals to take care of their environment and raise awareness.

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One of the sad things today is that most Muslims in North America don't take environmentalism very seriously at all. We are not on the forefront of the environmental movement or the movement for a cleaner, more sustainable environment or environmental justice or ecological rejuvenation or anything like that. And that is really an indictment against us to be honest with you, because everything in our tradition strongly speaks in support, not just support support doesn't even come close about the amount of care and attention and a stewardship that Allah subhanaw taala expects us to have towards his created world. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that for

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the ILM, the person who knows his religion, every creature in the heavens, and the earth, asks a lot of forgive that person. And he says, had to hurt Phil back, he said, even the fish in the sea. And the scholars, when they explained this hadith, they say, because someone who knows their religion, someone who understands Islam, is going to give justice to every single creature. Right? Not just people, not just the believers, every single creature, the birds, and the fish, and the grass and the trees and every single creature that them is going to take care of. And it's going to give everybody that rights, he's not going to oppress anybody, no tree is going to be cut unjustly.

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Right, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam once he was sitting with the companions, and they heard a bird that was distressed, okay. And then they kind of investigated, and there was a nest, and extra bone. And so the promise was that, um, said that one of you take the eggs. And then sure enough, someone had took him and taken the eggs from the nest to the Prophet, Allah Himself, said, Put the eggs back. Right? Look at how we're how concerned we're supposed to be with the distress of atoms. Right. And so now regretfully, we're kind of plugging into this kind of North American culture, and the Muslim community is still fairly urban, you know, we're still kind of coming around to realizing

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the depth and profundity of guidance that Islam has for the environment, but it is extremely robust. And it's extremely serious. A law says, and so this is us. Right?

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that the earth is going to bear witness to the things that happened on it. And that's unrestricted, like

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we can't tell from the eye is it just going to be the crimes that a person did against another person? What if it's crimes that people did to the Earth itself? What if it's crimes that people did to animals, the prophets of Allah, Allah has sent me said that there's going to be

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a woman who's in the Hellfire for how she treated a cat. Right? She kept it in a cage, she wouldn't feed it and she wouldn't let it go to haunt. And then somebody else who was a prostitute is going to be in Paradise because she fed a dog, you know, that was thirsty, she fed him one. And so everything's there in our tradition, we should be taking extremely seriously the environment and being stewards full of Allah's creation and environment and taking care and nurturing all the creatures around us. And inshallah the Muslim community will wake up to that and will rise to the challenge that we have