Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #343 – Will You Pass The Inspection- – Hardship

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reasons behind hardship, including losing everything, trying to be grateful for it, and finding one's way through hardship. They also talk about the importance of hardship for making one's life easier and finding one's way through hardship.
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hardship in our lives has several purposes.

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One of those purposes is to shake us awake. Because regretfully human beings we can get complacent. We can become in grateful or ungrateful for what we have, we can take what we have for granted. And we say, you know, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and you don't know what you have until it's gone.

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And those are, those are

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their real truths.

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Right, sometimes it takes losing something, to fully realize the value of that thing.

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And then if we get it back again a second time, then it's like, wow, we appreciate it so much more. You think about your health, you know, we we seriously take for granted our health, maybe more than anything else. For those of us who can get up when we want and walk when we want and use our hands the way we want. Like when you for example, if you break a finger, you know, absolutely, especially if it's on your dominant hand, like I'm right handed, like if I break one of my fingers.

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Everything I do is affected. I go to eat, I go to hold a spoon. When I eat, I go to turn a doorknob, I go to you know, shift, you know the car, through the gears or whatever, you know, everything I do myself, every single thing that I do is going to be affected. And I'm going to realize my injury, every single thing that I do,

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And then when the injury is gone, and you probably feel sorry for yourself, throw a pity party for yourself, for me, a big bandage. But then once it's healed, and once it's gone, you don't think twice about it.

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You use your computer, you use your spoon, you grab things, you turn door, handles and things like that you don't think about it twice. Look at how quickly we forgot. Look at how quickly we took for granted this bus. So one of the purposes of hardship is to shake us awake, it takes away something. Uh huh, yeah, you have to, you have to be grateful for it, you have to realize that this thing is a blessing. And you have to try your best to be thankful for it while it's in your life and realize that nothing's permanent. Another purpose that hardship serves is to make our afterlife easier. Because one of the fundamental things about people of faith is that we believe that this is not the

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only life, we believe that we're going to die. And then we have another life after we die, or we're going to be resurrected. And that's the real life. That's the eternal life. That's the life that really, really matters. What goes on here, it's just a game. It's just a proving ground as a test, you know,

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and it's all leading up to what happens then. And so if somebody has a ton of hardships in this life, it might be that a lot wants that person to have an easy reckoning might be that Allah wants to really lower that barrier of responsibility for that person or make it super easy.

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You know, our shakes used to give us an example. And this is actually based on a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam who said that a poor person is going to enter paradise 500 years before rich person

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500 us and he used to give us the example of people at Hutch like imagine you're going on Hajj, you know, you go to Mecca, you've got to go these different kinds of places. Imagine somebody who they've got a cooler, full of drinks, and they've got their folding chair, and they've got their umbrella, they've got the backpack and they've got their sleeping bag and they've got all the stuff stacked up with them. Imagine how slow they're going to travel. And then maybe they get to the Gate of Mercy to the Haram and the security guard says hold on, I gotta check your stuff.

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Right, versus the person the poor guy who came from the village never has been on a plane before never has been on an on an escalator and elevator see people like that when I was in Mecca and Medina you know, he's got nothing but the clothes on his back. And he just walks and he goes and he's like, like a breeze. He gets there and he's just everything is just easy that's how it's gonna be on a day of judgment. Right that person with nothing in this life they had everything taken away from them they had every single trial and tested they a little bit of faith if they tried if they were sincere. You know, when it gets to their time at the gate of Jenna it's gonna be like Yo, you

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can head right in

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and then a person with the house in the suburbs and the nice cars and the you know, running water and the electricity and all these things. They're gonna stop you and say Hold on. Are you grateful for this? are you grateful for that? And they get a rundown that whole list of things that you have

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Out of all that ease that you have throughout your life, and you're gonna have to be you're gonna have to pass the inspection

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