Minute with a Muslim #264 – Allah Is The Source of All Peace

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One of the last names is a Salam. And as Salam means peace, it also means wholeness. And when we say that Allah is the peace, it means a few things. One of those things is that Allah is the source of all peace. Right? When we say said, Mr. Eco, our greeting as Muslims as people of faith, we are wishing peace for others. But it's not just a thin piece, like we usually talk about in English, which is the absence of external conflict or the absence of a well, let's just say security, right? So sometimes peace is strictly interpreted as security and security, yes, is an aspect of peace and part of a law allows peace or Allah granting peace is security. But peace is much more than

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security, right? It's also an internal contentment, it's also an internal satisfaction. And that is something that can only come according to our belief through submission and obedience to the Creator. Because the Creator has made the universe to adhere to laws, okay, you drop a pen, it falls to the ground, let's call it we call it gravity, okay, I'm never going to expect the pen to fly up to the ceiling. So if there are rules and laws that govern predictably, predictably govern material aspects for a person of faith, we also expect that the Creator made spiritual laws, just like he made physical laws, if you do things that the Creator said are good, it's going to actually purify

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your soul, it's going to make you feel better, it's going to make give you this ease, give you this peace. And if you spend your life fighting against the good or denying it or deluding yourself, then you're going to be just lost in, you know, depression and anxiety and discomfort. And that's not to say that every single you know, Act of, or every single instance of depression and sadness is a result of this. That's not true. But we're saying that if you do live that way, then yes, you are also going to have those things and so the only true peace internal and external comes from submission to the Creator and His laws, not just his physical laws were already submitting to some

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of his physical laws, but the spiritual laws as well the things that are going to benefit our soul the things that are going to purify our soul when we obey the Creator and His authentic original teachings and we are bringing ourselves into harmony with the rest of creation. We're bringing ourselves into harmony with the entire universe and what Allah the Creator wants from us, and that's the only way to achieve actual peace.