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Al-Asr-Al-Maun Tafsir Al-Asr 1-3

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How's the blemishes on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 312. Similar to last iron number 123 sutras is a murky sutra and it was revealed after sort of the shadow

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it has only three verses 14 words and 68 letters also is used for time.

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What does also mean time

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and there are other meanings of the word Arsalan as well, which inshallah will tell you later and even sharper, he said about the suitor while also that if Allah had only revealed this surah it would be sufficient as warning, as moreover.

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What does it mean?

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It doesn't mean that the rest of the Quran is not important or the rest of the guys not necessarily know.

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What the statement means is that this server is enough as an admonition. This EULA is enough as an advice.

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Meaning for someone who could take a lesson, this surah is in a for him,

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he will understand the reality of this life, he will focus on what is important and he will not be distracted by that which is unimportant.

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While you're off, by time, in insane and if he has, indeed mankind is in Los well, as

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a last I saw Dre Asada literally means to squeeze

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Wi Fi here soon in that year, they will press they will squeeze me in, they will take out a lot of juice, use of an Instagram said to the people,

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and also is used for time, there is another word that is used for time, which is the devil I told you earlier, is used for time that is since always, and will be forever held on an instant, Sunny hainault Minute. So from the entire the the human being has been given him a little bit.

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And also refers to the time that is from the beginning of existence of human beings until the day of judgment. So as soon as whose time basically,

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of the human race,

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from when the human beings were created until the day of judgment, this is what our soul refers to.

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Secondly, the word also also refers to the later part of the day,

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the time that is after the well

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until hoop, some have said that in first the time after the well until a little while meaning from the time when the sun begins to decline, so after noon, until sunset, so it's the later part of the day. And others have said that no, this is the time of

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the time of acid which is not from when the sun begins to decline, but rather, it is after that. So it's the evening part the last part of the day.

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What is it referred to the last part of the day?

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And also also means so that was

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so while you're asked a lot of panel data swears an oath, by what time time in general. And remember that whatever Allah swears by something, what does it show? It's important, it's relevant to the context. So why does it last whereby time because time is always fleeting, it's always passing on. With each moment gone, a part of life is over.

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And every moment that has passed, it will never ever return. Again, loss of time means loss of loss of life.

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And secondly, an asset over here can also refer to the time of loss of the late evening. Why? Because at that time, the day is coming to an end. And as the day is coming to an end, it brings in a person a sense of loss, a sense of sadness, that another day is over.

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Yet there's so much more to do. Another chance has gone

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and I said is also selected answer why? Because this is a very, very important Sala. It's called Salatu was for and was thought was it also means that which is most important. Yes, it's in the middle. But it also means fullblood meaning the one that is most excellent, most virtuous. And we learned from a hadith that whoever misses the apostle prayer intentionally, then it is as if he has lost his family and property.

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Just imagine missing There are so prayer is like losing one's family and property.

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Everything that a person has it says oh he has lost everything.

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So Allah swears an oath by Allah

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What are some and what's the person that in in Santa Luffy has? Indeed the human being? Who does this refer to?

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Him, Sam,

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all of us, all of us, all people,

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ever every single human being, he is loved because he is surely in loss. What is possible

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when a person suffers, he suffers a loss, a loss of what? Like for example, in business, a person loses the capital, even not just the profit, but even what he invested initially, he goes completely bankrupt.

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So, what is he left with?

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What is he left with?

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Nothing at all. A complete loser who has nothing in his hands. So in Al insana left field was, the human being is surely in loss. Notice that hasn't been said that in insana, law horses, or he will suffer, you know, what has been said feels? He is already in loss. What does it mean?

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That the human being is in a state of loss?

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Any person who is born from the moment of his birth, he is in loss.

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How is he in loss? Because the moment he is born, his countdown has begun.

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Each day, each moment each second, each hour that passes by a part of his life is over. He can never ever stop the time. He can never pause it. No, he is laughing because he is losing, losing losing. But what do we think that as each day goes by each year goes by, we are gaining.

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We're not gaining? What are we doing? We're in fact losing each moment gone is what a loss. It's in fact a loss. Because life is only for a specified time.

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And every moment that is passed is what a diminishing of that time, time is going away.

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And when time is going away, that means your life is going away. Once that time is over, what does that mean? Your life is over.

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And if you don't have anything at the end, then what does it mean? You're a great loser. So in the insana life he has indeed mankind is a loss. This is a fact every single person is suffering, losing

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inland Medina,

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except for those people who believe

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what our middle son had, water will also will help water was oversold, those people who do these four things, who have these four traits,

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who spend their time doing these four things, then they are not in loss. Why? Because yes, their life will be over. Each moment is passed. But those moments are passed in one event or Masonic the lastly will help the Leslie to suffer. And as a result, yes, the time has gone. But at the end they have something they have something beneficial that's going to save them. You understand. Like they say Time is money. Time is money. Why? Because if you invest your time in something, if you use your time properly, you can make something out of it. And if you don't use your time properly, then it's as though you are wasting it. You're wasting money.

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So in an incentive he hosts in Ludhiana, Armando solly had also been helpful to us on this subject. It is only such people who are exempt from loss, who those people who use their time in the best way. Those people who do not waste their lives, who do not waste their time but rather they use their time.

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The fact is that every person,

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every single person, the time that he has, the life that he has, the moments that he has, that are precious, no person can say my time is not that valuable.

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Another person says My time is extremely valuable know every person's life is moments the time that he has. These moments are precious, and they must be used properly they must be availed.

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And no person can say that I have extra time. I have time leftover. There is nothing such as extra time. There's nothing such as time left over. Why? Because every moment is necessary. Every moment is precious.

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Either a person uses his time and something that will benefit him. Or he wastes that time.

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Either a person is using his time and something that's going to benefit him, or he is wasting time, there is no third option.

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Think about it. Picture this pink with me

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that either a person is using his time in something beneficial. And if he's not using his time in something beneficial than what is he doing, wasting his time, there is no other third option.

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Because in internal if he has ill alladhina amanu, Amano wormy asylee hot water so we'll have water.

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But we generally don't like to think like this, that I'm wasting my time. What do we like to say? I'm taking a break. I'm taking things easy. I'm just relaxing, just having fun. I'm just trying to wind down. That's what we say. But the fact is that if you're not using your time in something productive, something beneficial, something that falls into these four things that are mentioned here.

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You're in fact wasting your time. And if you're wasting your time, what are you doing, wasting your life, wasting your life.

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So which people are saved from loss, those who use their time, those who do not waste their moments, those who do not waste their life.

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So what are these four things that a person must do in the time that he has been given in the life that he has been given in order to save himself from loss?

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First of all, even that a person must, must have because without a man a person isn't lost, how

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that no matter what he does, no matter how effectively he uses his time, if he doesn't have a man, that his deeds will be worth nothing in the Hereafter, they will bring him no reward in the hereafter.

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So the first and foremost the most essential thing that a person must have in his life his Eman and the details of Eman throughout they can be found the Quran and Sunnah. in Hades up for example, we learn about what a person must believe in.

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So believe first of all means that a person must believe in everything that is essential, that is necessary that a person must believe in everything that online is messenger have informed us off whether it's about the day of judgment or the prophets of Allah, or the angels or the Day of Judgment, or the decree, whatever. The books, everything that Allah and His Messenger have informed us of it's necessary that a person believes how in its entirety, because the person does not believe in entirety than his email is unacceptable. If he believes in some messengers and not others, if he believes in some things about the day of judgment and not others, then his email is not acceptable.

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And then, he man must also be without doubt, when it comes to mind people are three levels.

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One is a person who believes with conviction.

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His Eman is firm. He believes with certainty. There is no doubt no shakiness, nothing.

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Another type of person is he who completely rejects

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another type of person is he who believes but he has doubt whatever the been Vayner dannic La ilaha illa Allah so which kind of Eman is acceptable?

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The first one for in Amano be Miss Lima man to believe according to the man like that after Sahaba that one avocado, Boko Haram, who was told the prophets are not Islam has gone to mirage. That's what he said. He said yes, if he said it, I believe in that.

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So this kind of Eman is necessary which kind of Eman which is without doubt, without check, free of all forms of check. that a person has the theme in everything that alone is messenger has informed.

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So this kind of event is necessary.

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But this man, is that alone sufficient. After email what else is necessary? What I mean?

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So when a man when a person does something only then it's going to benefit him, otherwise he's a total loser. The second thing that's most essential is Armando sila had righteous deeds. And if a person does not perform righteous deeds, again, he isn't lost.

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Again, he is suffering.

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And the fact is that the more righteous deeds a person is performing, the more he is taking benefit of his life of his time. And if a person is not busy performance of righteous deeds, then he is wasting his life. Then he is in Los

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now what are righteous deeds,

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those deeds that we consider to be good or that any person says I think it's good to do it, so therefore I should do it.

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No, what's the crime

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area, sincerity and conformity is Laos and according to the teachings that are Lost Planet Allah has given

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and remember that righteous deeds are also various levels there are various types. And generally they can be divided into two things,

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the rights of Allah and secondly, the rights of the creation,

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the rights of a lowlife for example, prayer, fasting Hajj, so on and so forth.

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And with regards to the rights of creation,

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for example, respecting them spending on the Zakat, sadaqa, fulfilling your duties towards them, whoever they are, like, for example, parents, husband, children, fulfilling your duties towards them. Similarly, rules pertaining to, like, for example, is it then that when you go to somebody's house, how you to knock on their door, seek their permission, similarly, about majelis, how to sit in gatherings, how to greet one another, how to speak to one another, these are all

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different forms of righteous deeds.

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So, in the Medina Avenue, well,

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first of all Eman And secondly, righteous deeds. A person must spend his time doing those actions which Allah likes, which Allah approves off. And after I'm sorry, what's the third thing that could save a person? The LLC, which the Lastly, the Lastly, Bill,

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what is the worst thing in the world, so this is a fairy, and they'll see is the Muslim. It's from the root letter as well. So idea, we'll see what this will see. I mean, an important instruction that is given

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at the time of death by a dying person.

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So it's very, very important instruction, he gives it with a lot of emphasis. And the while Sol de la See, what does it show instructing

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one another, encouraging one another, enjoying on one another? So the Lastly, this is also essential for a person in order to save himself from loss. What do we think that if we're telling other people about something good, we are benefiting them?

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That's what we think.

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But what do we learn that when you're telling other people, when you're reminding other people, when you're enjoying them? In fact, are you benefiting?

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yourself? Who are you saving from loss? yourself? So the first person to benefit is you yourself?

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Now, there are two types of philosophy that I mentioned would be first of all LLC. Bill, what does refer to

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this Dean, the Sharia, that Allah has given the Quran, because everything about it is what truth

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will be happy engineer who will be happy, masala, this Quran, this religion, everything about it, of it is what? True. So it is incumbent on a person who wishes to save himself from loss, that he should spend his time doing what doing what telling other people about this hack, and listening to them as well when they remind him of how,

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because the RC is doing, right? So you're telling somebody and they're also telling you.

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So it shows two things, that first of all, a person is not keeping knowledge limited to himself, but rather he is sharing it.

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Now you also have come to know of this hack, what is your obligation, if you want to save yourself from loss, can you just keep this knowledge with yourself, you have to share it you have to pass it on, you have to spread the slide because if you don't, you are in loss.

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You are in loss, if you don't share it, if you don't tell other people you are in loss. You may have a certificate. You may have something at the end, but you will be in loss if you don't share it with others. Why? Because when you don't share it with others, then you're limiting the height. You're depriving yourself of a great opportunity to earn Hassan is

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a great opportunity of sacajawea.

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So when you deprive yourself, what is that possible loss.

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And the thing is that when a person tells other people, then what happens, he is also reminded

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it solidifies your knowledge, it solidifies what you have learned.

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And if you read something and close it and put it away, then what's going to happen whatever you have learned, you will also forget about it.

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And the fact is that when you get busy in this, that you're telling other people about how then you also get to hear how

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when you're telling other people others will also tell you so it's in fact an excuse to keep yourself firm.

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It's an excuse to keep yourself firm because if you don't

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tell others, others won't tell you, you won't be in that culture. So what also will help

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and this includes enjoining, good and forbidding evil as well. So what also will help

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and secondly, what kind of diversity is necessary, this such patients

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because without patience, a person cannot live

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without patience, he cannot survive. Without patience, a person cannot be thankful. Without patience, a person cannot remain obedient. Without patience, a person cannot refrain from disobedience because remember, there's three types of sub one is on the bar, another is on nmrc. And the third is on attack Li.

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The first is on obedience to Allah. Second is away from disobedience, stopping yourself from disobedience. And thirdly, on the decree of Allah.

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Things that are beyond your control.

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You don't have any control over them, but they happen.

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They happen. So when they happen, what are you supposed to do?

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But sometimes what happens when you're in that situation, you forget to do something. But because you have been telling other people who suffer when they see you, they remind you

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isn't a beautiful? This is how you're saved. And if you don't tell other people to be patient, then they won't have you to be patient, then how will you have patience, you won't have patience, and then you will suffer loss.

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So what are so bizarre

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he has written in his book, Stephen Covey that I learned the meaning of solitaire also from the man who sells ice

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and ice cellar someone who's selling ice. You're like what?

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Yes, people used to sell ice and they still sell ice,

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where there are no freezers, or where there's no electricity.

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And when a person is selling ice, that he doesn't have a freezer, that he has plugged into a switch or something like that, no, he has a huge block of ice or something like that, which he has covered with a thick piece of cloth. And as people come they purchase ice from him. And you can imagine when his ice being sold in what weather.

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So he has a limited amount of time, and limited amount of time in which he has to sell that ice. If he doesn't sell that ice, what does it mean?

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He has lost his capital.

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He has lost everything, he will have nothing left in his hands.

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So he said that I learned the meaning of sulfuric acid from the man who sells ice who was calling out in the market Have mercy on the one whose possessions are melting. Have mercy on the one whose possessions are melting. And he kept on repeating these words that have mercy on me and buy ice for me for if you don't, I'm gonna lose everything.

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This is the reality of time.

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It's constantly passing away.

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The clock is constantly taking away constantly, it never stops.

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And you're supposed to avail every moment. Because once it's gone, you've lost it you can never bring it back.

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And in this time that we have been given, what are we to do?

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What are we gonna solve? What else?

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What else of this of these four things are essential without it your last

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three weeks off until the next course. And all of us have thought okay, these three weeks I'm gonna relax you know, I'm gonna do this. I'm just gonna chill sleeping, do this, do that, you know. And so I can be energized re energized for the next course. Who knows are craving to live that long. And if we waste this time, and we've lost it, it's never going to come back. And we have so much opportunity to do some good in this time. So much opportunity. Make a plan for yourself. Don't let it go away. You're young. You're healthy. You know you have that time allotment that has given it to you. You know many blessings being

00:24:44--> 00:24:45

alone. neoma

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

do so many blessings teach someone go fix your Google review your grammar notes goal review, did read go fix your dream. If you didn't have that time to do it. Grab someone Okay, every single day we're going to sit for half an hour we're going to make sure we practice

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like reading one juice a day or whatever, but you can do it, do it at that time, don't waste that time, but do something.

00:25:08--> 00:25:23

Because many times when we have, you know what we consider to be free time, whereas there's nothing such as free time. But what we consider to be free time, we waste it, we don't use it properly. But the fact is that the time that Allah has given to us, it is that we do something.

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And remember what we learned earlier for either for after fansub. But in our bigger photo, it doesn't mean that you are doing the same thing, you could do something different. But that different thing should also be productive and beneficial, something that fits into these four things. It's called Life index cards. And it's a sister who wrote about a dream that she had. And in this dream, she finds herself in a room full of filing cabinet, the size of index cards, and she's alone in this room. And each filing cabinet is labeled something. So she walks up to one, and I'm confused. What is this room, she walks up to one and she sees the title of that index card saying people I was

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friends with. So she starts opening it. She's curious, she looks through the index cards, and she starts recognizing all the names of the people on the card, she realizes these are all her friends. And she opens another filing cabinet TV shows that I've watched, and she recognizes all the TV shows. And then she opens another one. And it says since that I've committed, and this filing cabinet is so long as she's opening and she recognizes every single sin in that filing cabinet. And she takes the index card out and she tries to rip it, she can't rip it. She throws it on the floor, she tries to break it, it's as hard as you. And she just she's so scared at that point. And she

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looks here and there and every single filing cabinet full of her life. And she just tries to get out of the room, she can't get out of the room. Finally, in that confusion, she sees one cabinet that says people I spoke to about a swamp and she opens it and there's like a few cards, a few things. And that dream. It scared her so much that that's when she learned to change her lifestyle because she realized that everything is recorded and you don't realize that that are your deeds, your deeds that we wait for it. What does that mean? So what are our life's index cards going to be like?

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When you're doing that, well, you will hear all kinds of things. So for example, they will tell you know, who are you to tell me this, you're not a scholar, you know, it's only for the scholar to teach these things and all that stuff. And like, you know, they hate it on you remind. But what I was gonna say is, no matter what you hear,

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and no matter what people do to you, just be patient, ignore it, and consider it like, doesn't matter whether they convert to Islam, or they increase their amount and they do their Eva, they know that what matters is you conveyed. You know, we're here to convey the message to share the knowledge

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to the beneficiary. And just to think that like, you know, you're doing what you can, you're conveying the message, and right there like in which is don't stop, like, there's a lot of people, I was thinking like, you know, I hate to leave alhuda like, you know, I want to stay here and all that stuff. But then again,

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I'm talking to another sister who says like, you know, if you stay in booth and you don't get out there, there's a lot of people who are ignorant, they need a lot of help. And we're here to help people, it's not for us to to keep this information, or it's not for us to post about it at all. So just think about what it could do to other people.

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And we see that with the wasa will help the receiver suffer is also essential, right? That you need somebody to tell you to be patient.

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All of us know that we should be patient. All of us know that the difficulties in life, there are tests and trials from the last panel data, and we should be patient. But the thing is, you need to be reminded, because we forget, we need to be motivated. You know, we need to hear it, no matter who we are at what level we need to hear. And for that righteous company is very important. surrounding yourself with the right people with the right friends is very important. So we see that the last slide will help and the last thing the server both go together, hand in hand for the gossip, you know, people encourage you to motivate you to go ahead get some more, you know, they praise you. But

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for this hug as well for support as well. You need that motivation.

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This law tells us the recipe for success the way to success. If you want to reward in the Hereafter, you want to save yourself from loss from punishment from this is what you have to do. You have to do these four things without it. You're in loss.

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I was just thinking how beautifully shot soda surah and the timer lesson has given us the three portions. The first part is the rank of Allah subhanaw taala that you have the in mind that he you recognize that he's a harlot.

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And then Honestly, this is the right that Allah has left for us that you do something for your own self as well. And the third part is they also will hook into our service services, the right of the people as well, that you give them their right. So we need to be wise how we divide our whole time the data for us into this portion. And I just experienced one wonderful experience this morning. I was thinking like I was given one little job to go into the bathroom, Qur'an and help them tap into the glass. And in the beginning, you know, being human sometimes whispers communion, my time would be very short. I have to do other things like being GIS, and maybe I won't be able to do it. And

00:30:40--> 00:31:16

today when I made them that what did you learn in these four sessions only for session, one class a week, and one of the sisters she said I was not getting the job and I have started reading he just I couldn't only for 20 minutes and out of it if somebody is listening, the hurricane is changing. It's not a bad deal. So we should never belittle anything you never know a lover put more work and my time is 20 minutes I'll get somewhere else I can listen this while my kids are listening. So what did I miss here? I feel bad and why I'm missing this time, but inshallah Allah.

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And many times we try to save time from doing good things. I do not have these 10 minutes. I do not have these five minutes. But the thing is that, you know, when we're sitting in front of the television, or just talking to other people, or just sitting and doing nothing, it doesn't matter.

00:31:34--> 00:32:03

Just the other day, I was talking to somebody and they were saying, I've spent this much time trying to practice the lesson for you know, just one III took them like 20 minutes or something. I said, Okay, it's only 20 minutes that you spent studying the Quran. What's the big deal? I mean, you spend an hour in front of the television, you spend an hour driving you spent two hours in front of your computer. It doesn't matter that then time is not that precious, but only when it comes to doing good then time becomes extra precious.

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Let's listen to recitation again.

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One last

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