Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #265 – What Are Your Pronouns

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © A Muslim practitioner discusses their belief that they are able to choose their pronouns, even if they say them out loud. They explain that they have given permission to use their pronouns in a manner that does not capture their belief. They emphasize that they do not believe anyone is able to choose their pronouns.
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If you ask me what my pronouns are as a devout Muslim, I'm kind of caught. It's a trick question. If I tell you he, him, she her or anything, even if those are the pronouns I use, I have tacitly given approval to an idea that I'm able to choose. So if I came to you, let's say today I said he him tomorrow I say she her the next day I say she they, then everybody would accept that, because it's built into the logic of the question, the logic of the question is that you can choose those things. And that question, or at least responding with a straightforward answer does not capture my belief. As a Muslim, I do not believe that I'm able to choose my pronouns. I believe that the Creator is the

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one who chose my pronoun when he made me the way that I am. And so this sort of question instead of just answering it, according to how people think that we should answer it, I prefer to not answer it. I don't think that I'm able to choose my pronouns. In fact, I personally believe that nobody's able to just choose their pronouns. I believe that that's something that the Creator decides

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