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So today, our target is to have a focus. And to have this diligence and this hairier urgency to get back to your requirement are some things that we learned from this company, some of what this means, now, we come to the third point that is important, you know, so you have a target, and you hurry to target

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is print your target, because you want to get there and you do not want to get me you want to get there on time, either not want to be

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on to be

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removed from your ego, certain thing that is extremely important for our child, is to avoid all the distractions, because that journey is so distractions. And it ought to be because it's best to try

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maxima in real life and to test who's better, these are roseburn actual tests. So this journey is not like a piece of cake, it is not like you're just gonna be walking around getting to it, it's not like free Cruise

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is free of trials of tests already, there will be a lot of distractions, there will be a lot of distractions, or all

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of the distractions that are around you is, is basically this point itself.

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That should be your way that you should make, make your way through it,

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that you should make your way through it. It becomes in and of itself, a distraction, a distraction. So that's why Life is beautiful.

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If you can find your way through to your ultimate goal, but why is your life is deserving of curse and all of the

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negative reports about life that you hear are now about the life of those people who can make their way through it.

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Because otherwise their bite is miserable.

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It is basically where the plant the sow the seeds, that they will harvest in the hereafter. So that should not be cursed or should not be sprayed. It is the lighting that distracts you that is first and then the sprays.

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And there is so much that you should worry about

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keep in mind that one of the last things that we could get rid of, and we could read our hearts off is the level of recognition,

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the level of recognition, think about this try to reflect

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on you know, our conditions.

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basically, someone who will really act like a traveler, or will feel inside like a traveler

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will not mine, the business of others, he will not get into others people's businesses, mind only his business.

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And he will be completely distracted from all of the noise all of the ambient

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noise around them. He will just you know he will have his target and he will not be even not getting distracted by all of this noise.

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Famous mottos things that are very hard to recognition recognition by people. It is basically whenever you dress up and you look good, or you buy a new car and you want the people to look at your new car or buy a new house and

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that means that you're not acting like you should be you're not being the stranger because that's the stranger really a stranger in a town that he doesn't know people in it. And he he is he's here to run some errands to finish some some business and get back home quickly to his hometown. Does he actually tried to show off in this town and he does he tried

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to gain popularity and fame in this town. No, he doesn't actually enjoy anything in this town. In fact, a stranger

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will, you know will not even worry about his appearance and that he will just I have business here to finish finishes and I'll get back home. When he goes back home. Then he puts on his best you know clothing and he buys purchases have big houses and you know how people from the Middle East like people from Egypt and people from

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Slightly poorer countries in the Middle East when they travel to someplace like, you know, the Gulf and they work for money in the make money and stuff, how they live such like

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very tight lives, as long as they are, keep in mind, they could live 30 years in Saudi Arabia and all 30 years, they live in very tightly, because they saving so that when they go back home, they enjoy their savings, and they could die, they're in Saudi Arabia before they get back home, because they did not really figure out what is home home is not Egypt from his home.

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you should

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you should look like this right. But you should know the right home, the right home is the gentleman. So, when when someone walked into the house,

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and when he did not find anything in the house of

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no metallic metallic is used use it for it is anything of value, anything of use, any useful property is called Mattel useful properties notice properties. So he said 10 Where is your stuff.

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And he said, he said, we have another house. So every time we have something not to lie, to lie. So every time we have like a property, we send it there we that we buy that house separately. So the man says to him, but as long as you are in this house, you will need some,

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some furniture, some metallic.

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But the owner of this property, the owner of this house will not leave a sale will not leave a sale. And he will not he will not leave at your own accord, you will be kicked out. You're not leaving at your own accord. So you would only have property and furniture, if you were to lose to leave at your own accord, because you will know you can calculate you know, I, you know,

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I would live for 10 years, then I will have stuff that is good for 10 years, but you're not living up to your own accord you will actually be kicked out at any time that the owner of that property will decide.

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But, but to be you know, sometimes we say that. But to be practical does not mean that you give up everything that does not mean that you give up all of your money, everything that you don't have a car and you don't have anything no it does not. It is basically it basically means to be a minimalist, meaning to be liked to have that which will help you get to your final destination and everybody knows what he needs to get to the final destination. But beware, don't deceive yourself. Because Allah knows, you know, Allah sees a you know, insight inside your heart and like look into your heart. Don't deceive yourself and say I need all of this to get there because you're not really

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using it to get there. Even if you needed to get there you're getting it from harm and you're not using it the right way to get there. It is being a distraction for you.

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How much gear Do you need to have to get to go to the battlefield?

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Everybody knows how much do you really need to have some people for some people, it works better for them to have a lot of gear you know, to have a lot of weapons, shields armor to go to the to the battlefield. But do you know that the most potent most potent fighters are the lightest?

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You know, one of the reasons why the Romans were quickly defeated by the Muslims, you know, in early in the early worlds because the Romans were moving in tons of gear you know, and the Muslims were extremely light. So they're, you know, this P the twitch they struck the Romans was just amazing. Because Because because they weren't extremely light. Now a lot of armor, not a lot of gear so they were not weighed down. So they were extremely light and that is the most important fighter.

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Think of it in this context in the context of how much do you need to have to get there you do need to have sustenance and provisions.

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which is important. It's important for everything even for the specific knowledge

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on the countertop ceiling or the Bay Area.

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The second person was down well

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my brother You will not be able to get knowledge or knowledge or attain knowledge except, you know by, you know through six meetings and he mentioned the cat intelligence as eagerness. Tina's wants to have pepper

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bullet provisions, you know some money because you will need to spend, you know, you need to dedicate time for this knowledge you need to buy books you need. So,

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but are we treating like like the golden, The Ballad of Athena like the sustenance, the necessary provisions. And if you are them that is good. Keep in mind that the answer

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we're giving is a paradise, they weren't wealthy, but the use of that wealth they weren't capable they haven't really used it well to get to their final destination if you're using it to get to the final destination and the pursuit of it is not distracting you and spending of it is not you know, earning you senses in your ear, you're fine. But at the end of the day also keep in mind that the most important fighters are the lightest.

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If you embark on this trip, try to be as light as you can to try and be a minimalist take from this life what is necessary for you to complete the journey

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in the in the fastest and most proper way.