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Adnan Rajeh
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salatu was Salam wa barik ala Nabina. Habib, you know, Mohan Medina early he you're sorry he Jemaine

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la Medina in mangosteen your own little polish your own Santa band.

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The name I will be talking about today is

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Islam Allah Hill Helene

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is Mala l Haleem. The patient or the most patient

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it comes in the Quran 11 times is Lloyd Haleem is in the Quran 11 times. Six of those times is with Islam Allah Allah for three with his Mala Hill Aileen and then once with a lava knee and once with a shaker.

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And the reason it comes with silica for the most forgiving or the grantor of forgiveness, is because Allah subhanaw taala many times in the Quran wants to forgive and it wants to remind us as well that he's patient and he will give us time before punishment, which is the meaning of Islam, Allah Halim, who Allah you stare at you don't recall but Isla de ojo Hello whom had usefully her home. So it's Malloy Holly means is the one who is not in a hurry to punish his his servants when they make a mistake, even though they are deserving of punishment, and he gives them time to rectify their mistakes. So when Allah subhanaw taala uses his name with Haleem with the local food, it's to

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balance the both both ideas that He is Forgiving and he will also give you time if you if you make a mistake and he will not punish immediately. It comes with Islam Allah Allah Aileen three times, because Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing and he's the omniscient if he knows all

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the question that comes to mind, well, if he knows everything that I'm doing, I wonder why I haven't been punished till this moment yet. Because I know what I'm doing others don't but I know I know the amount of mistakes I make on a daily basis and for how long has been going on. So he tells you I know all but I'm also highly, very patient and I will wait.

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It comes with some Allah who has an ego as well. When he means the one who was not in need of anybody.

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If you're not in need of people or you've not needed others, then it's easy for you to go against them. It's easy for you to mistreat them so the name comes with a T is not in need. However he is very patient Subhana wa Tada and it comes with Islam Allah has shockula Because Allah subhanaw taala not only is he extremely patient, but he also will give for a small amount of deeds that we do a lot of reward.

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The name of Allah has Cebu is a name that scholars have differed upon over the ages. It's not in the Quran, there is reference to it in the Hadith of the prophets of Allah Allah He was salam.

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I am of the opinion that I don't think it's the one of the names of Allah subhana wa Tada. And I'll tell you why. The difference between silver and helm is extremely important. Saba is perseverance.

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It's struggling against difficulties when you hear the word sober. You should imagine someone going up a mountain and it's dark and it's rainy and it's windy, and they're persevering as they move forward. Helm patience is different. It's someone who is

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who is being provoked. The someone who's getting their buttons pushed, but they're not reacting. And they're not reacting emotionally at least for Allah subhanaw taala is it's a bit different, because all it means is that he is not going to punish quickly. He gives time Subhana wa Tada to his servants, when they overstepped the boundaries that he drew for them Subhana wa Tada and Allah subhanaw taala never perseveres doesn't need to persevere village Allah Allahu, so I find this Mala is Cebu is you can only use it if it is synonymous with this Mala Haleem it has had the same meaning it can't have a different meaning. And since there's no difference in the meaning, that is mulighed

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Haleem is already in the Quran, so it's better to stick to it. Well, Allahu taala.

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If you take a look at the Quran, you find Allah subhanaw taala says in Allah, you will seek to similar words you will herba and Azula. Well in his letter in second Humam in Ahad in body, in hookah, and halimun off hoorah Indeed, Allah subhanahu wa taala holds the cosmos and the earth from collapsing and falling to pieces. And if they were ever to collapse, no one no one could help hold them but Allah subhanho wa Taala Indeed, He is the most patient to most forgiving. You see Allah subhanho wa Taala could look at our world today and say, well, Allah He with all this with all this person with all this oppression and all this persecution. Maybe I just let the world collapse and

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fall to pieces but he

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doesn't cuz he's most patients I know what

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he says oh hold on my roof Well Mel feel I don't care your own meal solder cutting it's bad

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Allah Who honey Yun Halim saying a nice word and showing some forgiveness towards people is better than giving charity and after giving charity hurting people by reminding of that of that charity is an alien suicide bucket and it's very important. Allah subhanaw taala during within those verses is telling us you should give you should give charity and give from your wealth. But then he says you know what? A nice word some forgiveness towards people is better than giving money if after you give this charity you you remind people of it well Allahu Rani Yoon Halim and Allah Subhan Allah is not in need of your charity, and he is patient when you make that type of mistake. Subhan Allah and all

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the prophets in the Quran are described by this Allah subhanaw taala describes three prophets with with him in Ibrahima la halimun, a word whom we need or the halimun Mooney Halima Ibrahim alayhi salam, Our father was described as being very patient, you will not react emotionally when provoked. When he when Allah Subhanallah speaks of his son Ismail, from a shuttle, Hula, hula, I mean Haleem and he was given the good news of a very patient boy to come, which is a Smiley's show I have added yesterday was was described, but by the disbelievers of his of his nation. They were mocking him at the time, but they meant to INEC Allah and Al Halima Rashid, you're the one who is very always

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patient. You're the one who knows everything. They were mocking him, but those are the two attributes that he actually had it his salatu salam, he was someone who was extremely patient, but when Allah subhanaw taala wants to speak of, of Helmand general in the Quran, they didn't use that word, use a different word. He said, Well, Kel we need a lawyer. When I feed on it, this will kill the mean and why you those who suppress those who suppress anger. Those are those who suppress that feeling of hatred and animosity and bigotry that sometimes fills the heart and is difficult to deal with. He says while anon sabara well off era in let me know I just mean more those who persevere and

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forgive that is the best of conduct when you're put in a situation where you feel like you want to react but you you don't react, who they laugh, who

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who they laugh, what more bill or fee will I need you ninja he didn't take the best from people. When you deal with people, sometimes you're going to get the good and the bad. So the is saying Tick, tick the good just just just leave the bad just leave it for the Lofa take the best of their behavior when they're dealing with you. What motivated orphan encourage people to do the good deeds from a social perspective the deeds that are that are smiled upon already Elijah heliyon and ignore those who don't seem to have much knowledge.

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When you listen to the prophets of Allah Allah who was salam give advice when the man came to me and said y'all are still Hola, oh Sweeney, I laid out by the irony about the Yo me her that give me some advice. I may. I may never see you again. Yo Yo rasool Allah.

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For call now.

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Don't Don't get angry.

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For call it Oh, Sunil rasool Allah. I'm not going to see you again yesterday. How about you? Give me a few more things I can probably memorize a bit more than that for call Allah. Don't get angry. Don't allow your anger to overcome you don't submit to that emotion of rage that fills the heart sometimes Fatah that Oh, Sunil sort of No, give me more kala la la.

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Just don't get angry. There is no better piece of advice you'll ever get in your life than just don't allow anger to overcome you.

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There was a man called Szeged place when the wolf that Abdullah pace came is the known tribe, very famous tribe. Their leader that shed is a man who sat beside the prophets of Allah Julio syndrome and they spoke for a while and the Prophet it is salatu salam would always and he treat with respect the leaders of the different tribes that came to him. So he told him in a hadith that is quite famous called inner vehicle hustler Taney. Yo Hey, boom Allahu rasuluh Aneta Wilhelm, there are two attributes that you have your shirt that Allah subhanaw taala and His Prophet love very dearly, and

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taking things slowly will help him and patience. So when he was very happy, he has just been anything. You say anywhere lucky person. He was just commended by the prophets Allah Hideyo. Salem Bacala Sula, Allah

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At Home fi, GB lettin. M Kasbah? Are they? Are these two attributes a part of my personality? Or did I work on them to become the Bacala Belfie KGB? No, they are just a part of of who you are. You've always been, you've always been like that Subhan Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the way back of a battle one day, he got very tired, and they wanted to rest. So I think it's up to us. And I found a tree and lay under it and asked one of the Sahaba, of course, they had different schedules. So the Sahaba would stand on guard, and he hung his sword and he slept on a Salatu was Salam. And there was supposed to be one of those Sahaba Yanni standing on garden that Sahabi that

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day, it was along, kind of fell asleep. And there was a man who had come behind the who had followed the army, in search of of a of an opportunity to harm their bodies so that his name was overthrown that hadith. So he followed the prophets of Allah, ha, the Muslims, and he waited until the Muslims fell asleep. And yet he was watching the Prophet alayhi salatu salam from afar. He comes in the midst of the army. He goes to the tree, the prophets of Allah Islam is sleeping Andre takes the sword, and he wakes up the Prophet Allah your salatu salam, and he's carrying his sword in his hand. And he had the sword right under the chin of the portfolio. So it was for Karla homea. Mohammed, get

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up. So the portfolio starts and wakes up finds a man with a sword on his neck. So he says stuff Alia salatu salam for Kalia Muhammad may not Oka mini who can now save you from me. So the Prophet alayhi salatu was without breaking a sweat Allah Allah. And we don't know exactly what happened. Whether he tripped and fell whether it was the strength of the prophet Ali Asad was personality, what was the name of Allah subhanaw taala that scared him. But this man fell, and he dropped the sword and the Prophet Allah saw this and picked it up and put it under this guy's neck. And he said the same words to him. I'll call our intel men Yumna aka mini How about now who's going to save you from me? So the

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man began begging the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Yeah, Mohammed and take every one to Halima. You're very patient and you're very generous for calling attention in the law. How about you say law in the law right now we fix this makalah No, I don't want to say it. He has a sword under his neck but he wants to

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somehow Lavaca l do we asked him

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I tell him no no sir. How about you help get people to stop fighting us makalah refuse that for call it Allah to call

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the attention man Allah you know that you don't you don't fight us at least god I'm the Phenom. I will fight you again. This is the last time I'm trying for the Sahaba salah I said I'm so will the Prophet Islam call the Sahaba to wake up. And he told this man, please tell them what just occurred. So this man explained, this is what happened. This is what I did.

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The Sahaba were in awe of his patients it was to them. How he didn't

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execute this man. After he had tried to kill him. How he didn't execute him after he asked him to say let alone he said no. And he told them to help them. They said no. You just very patient on it. He'll Salatu Salam on the day of or heard when he fell into the pit that they had a little first a dog behind the Muslims place where they had where they had their stronghold, the Muslims had to retreat and the Prophet is awesome retreated back to the mountain of boyhood. And he fell into the pit Alia salatu salam and when he fell into the pit, I need the helmet. He hit his head and the helmet the metal of the helmet got stuck into his cheeks out of your salatu salam and he broke a

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tooth and he was bleeding profusely and they had to take that to literally pull out the middle of from his from his cheek bones out of your Salatu was Salam and they had to take a very heated sword and put it on his face out of your Salah to a sudden there was a scar or two scars on his face on a stiletto soon after the neighborhood. If you hadn't seen his face before. And after you would have seen it there's a slight difference because of those scars and the broken tooth and the Sahaba were sitting there watching a heated sword being pushed on the face of Rasul Allah so Allah Hadees like this LM was very it was very hard thing for them to watch. And it was they saw the blood and they

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saw the the pain for Colorado suit Allah or lay him make dua against the Quraysh. So I saw this and I put his hands up, and the Sahaba at that moment realize the horrible mistake they have made of asking him something like that. Because that's not really what they want, even in their own hearts that that's not what they wanted, but they'd forgotten it who had taught them to be like that. Then why were they like that? Why were those Sahaba able to love their enemy or still hope that their enemy would would change their minds and and come to to Islam in St. Alia salatu salam in his patience for God Allah who made the homie then normally I let me know what Allah mother told me for

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in the home like I let me know Allah guide or forgive my people for the for the

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Do not know what the mistakes that they are making. There was

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a man and a Jewish fellow in Medina who had read about the Prophet of the End of Titans end of times

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and he came looking at the Prophet audience so that was searching for all these pointers or attributes that he saw in the book. Then he found the checkmarks for all the stuff he was looking for him except one he couldn't you couldn't find it. So he came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he said yeah, I will cost him money and Macomb data Jonah Ilan man, I was made aware that you're in need of of fluid of cash for when Neela Juden. But I'm Allahu Allah and I have a lot of it for you that I've got a look. If you want I can I can lend that you and the Muslims money to the Prophet Alia. So I just I was very happy with that, because, you know, this was the reality they didn't have

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a lot of money money. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam brought Chu hood witnesses and they took the loan and they signed the contract. And the agreement was that he would pay him back in a year. So this man goes three days later, he comes back to the Prophet Alia salatu salam, and he began saying something like,

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I am early, when are you going to give me back my money?

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I give you money and then you take it and you refuse to

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return it to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and come to the man Bacala difficult and we explain you know, we agreed to a year and this man continues to aggravate the Prophet, solicit them saying rude, rude things, and becomes ruder and ruder and more disrespectful as he's speaking so we I'm not going to use the words he starts to say say things that are very disrespectful towards the Prophet Allah is sought to throw towards the Sahaba towards Islam itself. And the Prophet Allah as I've said, I'm just sitting there trying to explain to him to calm him down. We agreed for a year I will I will pay you back if you're in need of the money. We'll get it for you a bit earlier, but and this man is

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getting more and more rude to the point where I need the thermometer of anger. I'm gonna move up abruptly. Allahu Anhu. Yeah, he was losing his cap. And he couldn't he couldn't handle it anymore of Akkad AR or sued Hola, hola. And alternative abruptio How about you tell us just let me know let me end this. This man has no respect whatsoever. There are witnesses bacana Jamar Hello, America who? Your host, Neil. Paula, we're on our attorney, your host, Mr. America in early Coahuila. Wouldn't it be better Yamato than asking me for to do something like that is to ask him to ask for his money in a more respectful way, and tell me to be a better

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to be someone who returns the money at a better time, so that I remember to give him his money back at a better time. So this man is the prophet. So I said, I'm speaking to the Dhamma. This man says I shall do either in the Allahu and Nikka Abdu, who was Zulu. So they turned to him. What? What What have you been doing for the last hour

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for cada which is to Halima Chica v equal to v kitab. You know, in our head, I saw all the attributes that I need to see except one, and the attribute that they have in their book. And the whole coulomb is that Ma Ma who is a 10 is the MA who Hilmar the more rude you are to him, the more patience He is with you, the more aggravating and provoking and disrespectful you are towards him, the more patience he's going to be in his in his conduct out of your soul to us to them. And when I saw that, when I met her at daddy come in Holyoke, they got off to a nickel Rasulullah. When I saw that within your behavior, the more I tried to provoke you as much as I could. And I couldn't I

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couldn't seem to provoke you. The more I tried, the more patient you ended up becoming Salalah highly early, he was so happy he was seldom.

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And that is the the concept of Helmore patients. How do we live this thing is very simple. I don't even need to talk about that. show patience. Be patient, whether with your with your spouse at home or with your children. These days that we are living, you're stuck at home for a long time. You can't you can't really leave that much. Guys sometimes open the door and just walk out. But yeah, poor mothers they can't. They don't have the luxury of just walk opening the door and leaving the house leaving the kids. It's not easy. This is the time within our lives I believe to develop patience. Patience is different than perseverance. That's a different attribute that we invest half

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of ima and perseverance patience is something a bit different. Remember it's Mala Hill Helene, Allah Subhanallah who's patient with all of us. Despite all the mistakes that we make, he never punishes us immediately. Subhanahu wa Tada Yanni but he gives us one chance after the other one chance after the other subpoena was out to the point where you think well I is he actually paying attention? Of course he is. What yum Hill Well, are you human? He gives time he doesn't

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doesn't neglect he just gives time his patients upon a doll and that's an attribute that we just need to show these things. And Charlotte we can do it. I hope that was beneficial Subhanak hola como be hunting Shinola?

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We'll go to Lake or some Allah Allah Mohammed Medina early he also have his main shot. I will see you at 530 today for the modern awakening

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series and Charlize ductable aka Santa Monica.

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