Tom Facchine – Is Patrick Bet-David On To Something

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconceptions of the " great replacements" of people's minds with the " metaphysical reality" of their beliefs. They argue that Islam has political and historical reasons that make people seem to be attracted to its "episteme" and not interested in the " civilized West". The speaker suggests that people's actions and intentions may be influenced by their beliefs rather than physical reality.
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You know, some people who believe in this sort of idea of the great replacement or lesser versions of it, right? That's like, you know, Muslims are threatening Western civilization because, you know, we're out reproducing them. And eventually the United States might become a Muslim country or Europe might become a Muslim Peninsula. You know, these are sorts of scare tactics, right? But they neglect the metaphysical reality. They're only focused on a very, very narrow physical reality like such as birth rates of population control, and these sorts of things. But what's more interesting and more significant is what's going on in people's hearts. Right? So people who are concerned about these

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things should ask themselves, why are people leaving Christianity, even if all you know, the nominally Christian, people started reproducing at much higher rates, right, it wouldn't help Christianity, because Christianity metaphysically is getting, you know, figuratively speaking, slaughtered by the modern episteme of science and scientific knowledge and rationality and all these sorts of things, you know, much less set up to deal with enlightenment reasoning and post enlightenment philosophy than Islam is, and that has political historical reasons like going back to the church and their sort of antagonism with science and scientism, and scientific discovery, I

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should say that Islam just doesn't have that baggage, right? And so on one hand, you have to account for why are Christians leaving Christianity and mass, which is proven by data? And then why are people embracing us? Now, that's the second thing that you have to account for. And it's true, a lot of people point out that a lot of the gains that Islam makes when it comes to converts is offset by you know, the people who leave Islam when coming to the secular West. And that is that is true. However, it doesn't change the fact that a ton of people are converting to Islam. And you have to ask yourself, why. And so rather than get fixated on the physical reality of Yeah, okay, well, I

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guess the strategy is to, you know, make more babies. Is that really what we're talking about here? What about finding out what's true? What about trying to interrogate? Why is this sort of theology not satisfactory to people? Why is this institution and it's not just a monolith, but the idea of the church so ambivalent to people and why are people attracted and interested in Islam? That's the right question.

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