What If Brock Lesner Was Your Imam

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There's an interesting documentary about priests pastors who are UFC fighters really? They are a group they lead their whole community and pasture number one. Yeah, well get into the Octagon full on a eight ounce I think it's one of its six ounce for ounce gloves. Yeah, and Pastor one will be done live out on pasture too. And these guys are properly so I don't know who's out there. But I'll train and I don't know but I don't like hitting people.

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Well, we can go to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu route if we could go like hey, let me let me tap you out. Sure. Let's go I mean, that would be great. And I feel like then you would see your Imam in a whole different light. I know right? Yo yo, if your Imam is like holding his own in the ring day out ain't no measure administrator be like you know you got to do what we tell you to do but like you want to get down Let's just flip the script it if Brock Lesnar was your Imam

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I love them. I love them. I love my dinner. Serato must email like guide all of us. The who else is Comilla guide Conor McGregor to peace within his life and all that he's doing. But can you imagine if Conor McGregor was the up and coming like the Imam of your Masjid? Yo, bro, I'm sorry to be so weak minded. But I go to Fletcher so much more.

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And I run the Fajr. Right? Yeah. Well, either for one or two reasons, either for the inspiration or for the fear that he's gonna beat the crap out of you if you don't show up either way. But do you remember when Floyd's boys used to 200 of his boys would show up to work out with him at one and two in the morning. Oh, this is like buddies just to be his entourage. Yeah, 200 people would be there as he was like, as he was sparring, and whatever he was doing. It's kind of reminds me of like the entourage of the Imams of the past. or so. Right? But you got to be that fool if they have the entourage? Right. Yeah. And what was the quote was the Imam Malik Imam Shafi over Muhammad one of

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them where they had an entourage and somebody was just like you talking about how the world the life of this world is like the prison for the believer. And here you are with like,

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and he had some easy basically that this is all just it is a prison because I know for what's waiting in the other end, yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Good quote. And then he said, but he knows what that's something's even better. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He was like, Oh, this though this is not a chi. The hereafter will be even better. A llama? Probably not as animated as we were. But even today, if you think about the luxuries that we have as even average folk today, yeah, it's far exceeded the top luxuries of the past. Definitely. And the access to information the access to nutrition and to abundance of food and dairies and hormones and the things that we would mean yeah, like we're a

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whole different world.

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And yes, and yes, there is a there's a pollution of information and information overload abuse everywhere. But if you're conscious, you can really dig deep like you can get grand mal You can get everything you need. Alright guys, Alright, see you soon.