Ayah Series #24 – Surah Al-Adiyat

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One of the main points of sorts of ideas is a lost power to order informs us about a fundamental reality of human nature and that is that we tend towards ingratitude. We tend towards ingratitude Allah Spano. Tata says in an incentive, it'll be like canned food, that people by default, are towards their Sustainer. Ungrateful. And then Allah subhanaw. Taala follows up and says, and he himself is witness to it, right? If you follow a person around 24/7, you attach a body cam or something like this and follow that person around. You don't need to say anything, you don't need anybody else to tell you just look at what he does, in 24 hours in one day, and you'll see that this

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person, average person in the world is ungrateful, right, they're going to ungrateful to people but more importantly ungrateful for their Sustainer. All the food that they eat, the limbs, the health, the, you know, the free time, all these sorts of things, waste, waste, isn't grateful for it doesn't use it in a way that would please their Creator, right. And then Allah says after that, that he he loves the good things of the world too much. He loves the good things of the world too much. You see how attached we are to these things, how upset we get when we don't get what we want, how automatically, we indulge our desires, how slow and lazy we are to rein ourselves in or to do the

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few things that are lost founds all that asks us to do, right? We love this world too much. And then a lot ask a rhetorical question. And this really drives the point home doesn't he realized that basically the Day of Resurrection is coming? Right? Doesn't he realize that there's something more that in this life that's the colossal that's the the main point that allows trying to get us to think about that there's going to be a day when the graves are emptied, the inhabitants of the graves are resurrected, and everybody is going to be taken account of in for what was in their hearts and what was in their chests, that there's something that's way beyond this. So a lost bound

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to Allah is trying to shake us and wake us up. Say that most people that are lost in their dunya they're only trapped by paying attention to the next meal. The next hanging out with friends, the next night at the club, the next Netflix show the next whatever it is that's distracting you, that's keeping you from being grateful to your Lord. So panel data, and that the remedy to shake yourself out of this and to to wake up is to think about where you're going, the ultimate destination of everybody, the Day of Judgment, the day where we're going to be brought back to life, and we're going to be taken into account. We're going to be asked about what we used to do.