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The speaker discusses the upcoming conflict between the United States and Iran, which is due to the deaths of many people and the spread of peace-loving evil behavior. The conflict is seen as a failure to achieve unification among the Muslim majority countries, which is a obstacle to peace and conflict. The conflict is seen as a chance to strengthen the peace peace peace peace peace, but it is also a chance for political gain.

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What killed the fell killed they die?

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When they die, they go to the hellfire. They burn him down for eternity.

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That's the difference. Help Tala bassoon Avena. In first name. Allah says in the Quran.

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Is there any respite for us? Or is there any result for us except for the two good things? Two things either victory? Or

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how can you lose? The other? The biggest winners in the world today are the people in Gaza. Because then between two things, victory and martyrdom.

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And the biggest losers in the world today are those Israeli scientists who are killing those people, because they'll be exposed as the most dishonorable and cowardly people I've ever read about, with 100 to one ratio of combatants and non combatants death.

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How could it be that Hamas is killing more IDF than the IDF is killing Hamas, and to get your anger in killing the children.

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According to the idea of figures, Hamas has killed more of them, ie the ideas that have come from us how

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that means you don't want to fight.

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That means you're a coward.

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That's what it means. Allah is exposing the colonists, and showing us what you're really about. You get angry kill a child, there's never been a war in history that has been won by killing women and children.

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Let that sink in for a second. There has never been a war in history that has been won on killing many children.

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You can't win wars by killing women and children

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and the kingdom and killing them killing them. Let's be real about this for a second.

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How much of the population are they killing?

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Not even 1%.

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It will take them 10 years to rebuild the population even more.

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So you're even that is a weak strategy. Because you killed 12,000 of them, the Palestinian woman Mashallah.

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They have a three, four kids five to six kids seven, just to because of anger, just to show the enemy.

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So actually, the population is increasing. So as a failed strategy, you destroy some buildings. You think you're winning a war by destroying buildings and killing children, you're losing the war. You're losing everything, you're losing credibility in the international community. That's what's happening.

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And instead, they're getting killed. They're running away from their friends. I saw a particular video with one idea he was sitting down say I don't want to go I don't want to go.

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Don't want to go I don't want to go.

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But you want to be on a plane and press the button.

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Wallah, he is worse than a coward.

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He's worse than all of us.

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And Allah is exposing even within the Ummah, the Watson elements, isn't it?

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And that's one of the HECM and the wisdoms. Your knees Allah hunkapi Samina.

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Why agilon For visa who Allah

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the Allah is distinguishing, and hobbies, the impure from the pure, and he's accumulating and aggregating the pure things together.

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And then you put them all into the hellfire, and they're all losers.

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That's what the Quran says. So we are starting to see this guy here. This was the moment that this one over there, he's a traitor to the course you see the treacherous person, he's against the Palestinians.

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Dismiss Allah. This issue has shown us who's with us and showed us he's against us.

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Even among the non Muslims, we have started to see some of the true colors of those individuals.

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We are starting to see it. It's an x ray. It's an MRI, we're starting to see everything now.

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You can't say this and what you can ask, which means if my child if your child if our children were killed in front of those people, they will be walking in nonchalant and indifference and apathy, they would not care.

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Now I know you

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because not all Muslims are the same. Now we're able to do Tasneem categorization of this non Muslims a hostile one, and just almost them. Here's a good one. And this Muslim here's a good one. And this one is a bad one. It's an x ray machine.

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It's an X rays and MRI. Leah knees Allah Who copies I'm gonna tell you

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what I came across this

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this is what happens when there's a calamity, there's always

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there's always going to the calamity. Because we start to see everything. Everything is clear. And haven't you noticed that the Muslims are more united now than ever before?

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That's something I think is one of the greatest things I've come from the situation that the Muslims have become more united now than ever before.

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There's one obstacle between us and victory. And you know what the obstacle is? unification.

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That's the obstacle.

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We have 59 Muslim majority countries, we don't even need all of them to unite together. If five of them united together, you have another superpower. Six, because the size of Pakistan 230,000,260.

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Children 80 million is unbelievable. It's almost the size of Americans.

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You put Pakistan and Indonesia together. That's it. With church in Egypt, it's finished.

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It's done.

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They would never want that to

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put five or six of these countries. Now I know you're thinking about this. I'm just saying it's possible. Because at the end of the day,

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it's not the politicians who make up the countries, it is the people who make up the countries. And if you push up

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and if you push the people too much, they will remove anyone that needs to be removed, or they will change and push anyone that needs to be changed.

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Between us and victory is unification

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unit to the Muslim people. All we need to do

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is become 140. Again, Muslim, Muslim can justify why are California your shoot to

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the Muslim to the other Muslim is like one body like one building. It pulls itself together.

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So Allah has taken from us Shahada. Allah has brought us closer to Him. Allah has reminded us of death. Allah has purified the people of Hassan and he's purified us. Allah has shown us who is our enemy where the hostilities are and who is not our enemy. Allah has brought together

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Allah strengthen our results

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through this collapse

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didn't exist.

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And design is still do what we're doing with you telling each other anymore.

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There's always good and bad. I saw Cheyenne, Ohio Latham Wallah who will end to let alone you can hate something but it can be good for you. And Allah knows and you don't know

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