Tom Facchine – Is My Tawakkul Sincere

Tom Facchine
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How do we know if our Tawakkol if our reliance upon Allah azza wa jal is sincere. One way is that we have taken the means, okay, we've tied our camel so to say we've done everything that could reasonably be expected to do in order to get the result that we're seeking. And then we're submissive and surrender to allows found data, regardless of what result happens. And those are the two keys and if you don't have those two key ingredients, and your total is not sincere, it saves us from extremes. So if for example, I want something but I'm not willing to do anything about it, right? I want to memorize the entire Quran and then I don't pick up the Quran for months and months

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and months I say I'm trusting Allah not you're not you know you're not taking the means that last month Allah created this universe with cause and effect and go pick up the Quran go find a teacher go do stuff, right move. So that would not be true reliance upon Allah and then the other is okay, if we take the means but then we, yeah, the other extreme as if we obsess about the means, okay? So for example, you want to increase your wealth. So you invest, okay, and you do a normal, reasonable amount of research and have reasonable caution and then you know, you put your money in Bitcoin and then I got all wiped out, right, for example. And you keep on kicking yourself, like, oh, I should

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have done that. And how come I didn't know that? Oh, this is terrible. You're not trusting in a lot. Okay, you're over relying on the means. Okay. You have to realize that all of this was planned by the last panel data and so you have to be prepared to accept the consequences either way, good or bad, quote unquote, right and good and relative to you and what you want it so those are the two ingredients you know, it's sincere if you have exhausted that means you've done what any reasonable person would have expected to be done for something and then you're completely submissive and okay with whatever whatever results come that's what true Reliance looks like.

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