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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing the theme or remaining with the theme of that which harms the angels. We stopped, we discussed the Hadith, about coming to prayers of eating certain foods that may harm the individual and based upon that we mentioned that this is going to be some form of chaos or chaos chaos analogy of the prohibition of Chateau de Haan the taking, or smoking of cigarettes, and the Hadeeth mentioned for in number two at the Marriott abdominal ins. Indeed, the angels are harmed by that which harms human beings. So remaining with this concept of

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that which is disliked and that which harms the angels or keeps the angels at bay that we find. You find in today's Hadith the final part of the Hadith firstly in the beta lady fee, so that whole melodica the homes which contain pictures or images which are on display, angels do not enter into those homes narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim that is the final part of the Hadith. But we'll work our way back to the beginning part of the Hadith. But prior to that, we find an Eman build mela aka the belief inside the angels that we find that we as Muslims need to revitalize what is known as our carnal Eman. The six pillars of Eman that we find is mentioned inside the Hadith itself is given a

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title of Hadith Ji para la silla, whereby the person assigned Jabra a being in a disguise asked this question, what is Islam that you mentioned what is an email and in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam mentioned that Emmanuel and Mina Villa Maria equity are called to be a loosely what we'll call the Hideyoshi middle life so panatela okoma Khan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and appropriate as I mentioned, these are the six pillars of men and women and men are built a woman equity to believe in a lot and indirectly of that to believe inside the angels of Allah Subhana Allah does a person should study the belief. First, you obviously beginning with a belief in Allah subhanaw taala and

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then the rest of all these are can the rest of the six pillars of Eman that we find Allah Subhana Allah concludes the end of SoTL Baqarah 286 verses that we find the final two are yet also tillbaka you find Armando Rosado Bhima owns la mirada wellmune Kowloon em Annabella mela equity wakatobi Rosalie This is what being sent down to the best thing is to believe in pull an arm and a belay old and believe in Allah subhanaw taala and believe inside these angels, even these final two verses a sort of Bukhara that we find. First as you read the Fulbright in the virtues, these are the only two verses of the Quran that will reveal in the heavens, when the prophet Elijah can be made that night

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journey that ascension to the heavens and travel to Allah Subhana Allah, then these two are yet along with a Salah will gift it to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whoever besides these two every single night taffeta who would suffice the individual become a form of protection for an individual who besides these final two Ayat of Surah Baqarah that we find. And the same sort of last point I mentioned that sort of Baccarat man can do what he can do Rosario de Brito, Mika and whoever is an enemy to Allah subhanaw taala and then to His angels, and his messengers, and then to jabril when we can, and then towards Jabra L. and Miquel amico in LA masala animosity that shows towards the angels

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as we read the works with the fasciae that we find that these individuals, they classified that liberalism as being the engine of warfare of hardship or difficulty, and other such titles that we should attribute to the angels. And that's the last one that I mentioned that wherever is an enemy towards Allah Subhana Allah, and then he's angels and his messengers. And then you find him of course, he mentions for her the disease burden and that last point has already spoken about the angels Ashman kulula occur, it means all the angels is Rafi Jabra a mecca in Malakal mode, all the angels includes them, but Allah Subhana Allah to show specifics, to give him an extra privilege,

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whoever is an enemy towards the angels, and then the messengers then specifically Allah undermentioned, whoever is enemy towards jabril or Miquel, showing the specifics of praising these two specific angels of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever shows animosity towards them, whoever speaks ill about them will attribute something towards them is in default an enemy towards Allah subhanaw taala they have their roles and responsibilities that are lost panda has placed upon the melodica had eaten a Muslim that we find coolican Monica Menaka manure, cotton Malaika we know that Angel be created from light while Jen as the gene has been created from smokeless fire

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Angels from light were Holika the Mima Lucifer nakoma Adam is creative and whatever has been described to you. Now who mokuba to me by a woman selfie? Yes. Oh, yeah. phalguna hoomin amrinder la mokuba they are they are guardians,

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in front of every single individual, in front of them are behind them. Besides them, yeah, follow me amrinder they protect the individual by the commandment of Allah Subhana Allah to protect the human beings or protect the Muslims and the angels of Allah Subhana Allah. They're not all merciful.

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As some of us we may think that angels are all mercy and mercy yes towards the believers they are in a lady Nakamura Boone Allah, Tomas de como de tener que la mala

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Malik of mercy come down upon those individuals who believe in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah was believers when they leave this, this dunya the angels of mercy they come to take the good soul. But at the same time Allah Allah described they are melodica the angels who are serving in punishment upon those individuals who are the wicked souls. That's why the Quran you find this depiction is given about those individuals, who are bad individuals had the angels will come and smite their backs hit their backs. A three 2am full circle, bring yourself out this day. And to be exposed to the evil punishment chastised was going to be given to you at the same angels, who we think are

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merciful. At that moment in time, he's gonna be angels of Wrath of punishment, angels of strength, the Battle of button that we find better, or how do you find angels of strength and power that you find? And that's a dimension such as the creme de la la, la Vaughn Shida done upon Hellfire, a survey of angels who are guarding it, that's what they're going to say to Malik give us give us some recompense some alleviation from this from this punishment. But he's not allowed to, because angels lay out soon Allah Morocco, Luna magic Maroon angels have been commanded to carry out the commandments never disobey Allah subhanaw taala one day was told to stand and remain there for

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10,000 years 20,000 years remained there and just praise Allah Subhana Allah, the angel praise Allah subhanaw taala angel is told to punish an individual he will remain the punishing the individual for eternity. They don't slack and they don't weaken, they fulfill the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah. The only difference between us and America the angels is an apple is the mind that gives us a preference over the angels. Because we by choice, obey Allah subhanaw taala or via choice we disobey Allah Subhana Allah as for mela, aka ma str they have no choice. They have been created to serve Allah Subhana Allah. They never slacken, they never weaken. Whatever they told you to do, they're

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told to carry that out inside their life. And thus we find that the angels of mercy, they are swarming on the earth. They traverse they travel upon the earth. They are they are looking for helicopter dicker. They're looking for circles of gathering circles of Vicar, circles of remembrance of Allah Subhana There are numerous evidences prove that point, that it's traveling upon the earth, and they go back and they relate back to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah, Allah knows us what we must serve. It's doing

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what we're doing, we have only him Allah, Allah knows what the actions are. But once you hear from the angels, what the angels will say, that are found, such and such servant of yours, praying, fasting, doing this good deed, group of people sitting emotion reading Quran making Vicar remembering Allah Subhana Allah, reading, studying, these are the whereby the angels of mercy come to such gatherings that we find. So we find reciting of the Quran reciting the Quran brings about the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah brings about the coming down of the angels and the opposite location whereby there is no reciting of the Quran. A Hadith mentioned a home whereby the Quran is

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not recited is like a deserted, dilapidated haunted house is an empty house whereby the Quran is not recited it's like a graveyard. There's even a Salah that you find that make a portion had to come in a salad pushing your Salah keep it at home, numerous for why a dilemma mentioned to remind the family members about prayer to pray Sunnah in secrecy to increase one's email and one's wife takeaway Rhea and likewise to not make the home into a graveyard. That's what some of us we do. That prayer is just in the mercy of that pray all the sudden and all in the wife and everything. When we go home we pray nothing. So people see no impact the prayer inside the homes that you're going after

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the salon

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About the 408 will be the best price after the footprints are the machines try to offer in the homes to gain the Baraka inside the homes, the blessings of Allah, Allah inside the homes that we find. And so we find that those homes they still don't read set up

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in their home Don't recite the Quran becomes an empty home a graveyard, no Baraka inside that home. Likewise, we find gatherings of dhikr and learning the angels they come and they lower the wings of mercy and compassion, about people are sitting down yet Luna Kitab, Allah Subhana Allah, they are sitting there reciting the book of Allah Subhana, Allah rasuna, who they study it, they ponder over it, they reflect over it, the angels come down to those gatherings. And they sit there they load the wings of mercy and compassion, and they sit there and they record the people are sitting there. And like finding your mazuma what we find the angels that are standing at the doors.

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They are standing at the door is writing down who's coming in until the Imam comes in, they see the soldier of the seal departments. And look at this football it's very cute. they close the parchment, seal the scrolls, and they sit and they remain there and they listen to the sermon.

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Listen to as weak human beings, speaking about Allah Subhana Allah when they are directly linked with Allah Subhana Allah but they placed the task to remain the end to listen to the sermon regarding Allah Subhana Allah. So if our homes and our environment full of gatherings of helicopter Vicar that we find the opposite of impurities of music, and such things inside the home that we find with this does not bring the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala it only brings the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala inside that environment, pure homes, cleansing our homes, not just physical cleansing that many of us are worried about spiritual cleansing as well. As you find that in the basement is

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headed to the house, whereby photos are on display, the melodica the angels don't enter into that home.

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They don't enter into that home whereby pictures or photos are displayed in a public domain inside one's home. excetera the angels of mercy are taken away from that community from that environment and inside but all these are kind of a manifester can read. For example, the works of chef Solomon Asch got six books that he's written of each can each row can have a man age book, maybe some 200 odd pages explaining what each of these pillars is, which has been translated English language accessible for many of us to go and study what are Eman? What are the six pillars of faith is relevant to us. He held the Hadith and our Asia read the local unha called Kadima Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam in suffering. Ayesha mother she narrated the prophet Isaiah we came back from a journey record setter to kalama to be Tisch de la casa de to Allah Bobby door new Canfield high agenda, she said I've placed upon the door, the entrance the door at a place a curtain with a picture of a horse the work will engineer at a horse which had wings, which in today's language like a Pegasus, a horse a horse doesn't have wings, but this image of a horse with wings was placed a curtain a veil was placed there for a Moroni to who had these insights a Muslim He told me to remove it. And thus I removed it. If we look at this Hadith, firstly narrated by our Isha mother, Oman

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momineen, radi Allahu Allah Ana de sala de dimensioned, the affairs shown on booth. Two will be the affairs of the home, intricate matters of the Prophet, Allah, Islam, underrated in general, via Omaha to momineen how he was inside the home, His etiquettes His behavior that we find many times you mentioned read about shama mohammedia, about his sadhana, everything, there is no individual in the face of this earth, that their private life is expressed in such great detail as the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, meaning teaching us how to live our lives, how to live inside our homes is all expressed there and narrated or related by Omaha to many. So this is his personal home.

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Because sometimes some of us we could say something outside inside community inside society, but our homes could be the opposite. But the prophet Elijah who's vigilant about his outside life and his insight on trying his best to inculcate everything about his life, to gain the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So she mentioned that I placed this citadis this veil, this curtain outside the door, which contained the this horse this horse, which I had to engineer which had any weak two wings upon it, and he told me to remove it. Now some people when they hear such a Hadith, or a such things, they say Islam is simple. We're making it difficult. It's a trivial matter whether a person

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has photos inside their home, whether a person does this or whether a person does that these are trivial affairs. They're not that important. Important.

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In the bigger scheme of the bigger picture of things, why are we worried about this? And the answer is given an other a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the Prophet sallahu was displeased, was displeased with action. And it entails the curse, the wrath and the curse of Allah Subhana Allah. That's why it's a big issue. That's why it's not something trivial that these people want to come along and say these are trivial things. We shouldn't worry about them. It wasn't trivial. In front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and it's something major in front of Allah Subhana Allah and our Isha ready a lot of

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new cotton fiata severe, she purchased a type of cushion. And on these cushions there were images placed upon these cushions. phenom raha Rasulullah he, salam, comma Al Bab

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follow me at home when the professor so he came and he saw this inside his home. So for the doctor on the home, as we mentioned at the homes that we find today, he saw the these cushions with images on there. He stood at the door and he never entered. He refused to enter inside there for us to offer for the first few words in Cora here too. She said I recognize from this I picked up from his face. He's upset

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that this is something displeasing to him. He doesn't want to enter into the home for Cournot Yasuda la she said O Messenger of Allah a tubu in a lawyer so he should I repent back to lots of penalty. Anna, should I repent back to the messenger Sikh Parliament? Have I done something wrong? What have I done? So she can't visualize what's what's taking place inside the home that he stood there and upon it because being his wife she could see the anger the displeasure the sadness. The worried is on his face. She recognizes that there's something is wrong. She said Do I need to do something to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah for murder as an appt whatever what sin have I carried out? Color

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Rasulullah Mabry has a numerati? What is this cushion that's inside the home. So he started to give the opportunity to excuse herself to alleviate herself no straightaway to jump to a conclusion that some of us in anger and we trust ourselves given the opportunity, let us speak what the issue could could be. Is this some ignorance in some genuine excuse for calling eastery to her locker? I purchased it for you. My intent, I bought this question Kakadu earlier, what was said to her, that you may recline and sit on it and lean on it. That's why I purchased this cushion. So you could sit, relax, lean and sit down upon it for color Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in Neshoba. They saw you as

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the bone inside the these people who make these images, who make these pictures, you add the bone, they are going to be punished when you call them, you mahalo. We said to them give life to what you think that you've created, then it'd be said for makhan nl beta latifi. So that whole Malaika and D those homes were pictured on display, you find angels don't enter into those homes. So it's no longer a trivial affair. The Prophet Allah is some he's upset. He's disturbed about it. And he highlights this entails the the anger of Allah Subhana Allah Allah is saying will say to these individuals on a day genuine, you Mahalo to create what you give life to what you think you've

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created, whether it be stuffed animals, images, images that are placed in on display that we find, because they are trying to play God as they say, they're trying to make something that allows pantalla solely creates, that is Allah subhanahu wa ala when he was in Korea to on his face, he's upset. It's visualized, something that upsets the Prophet Allah is not to be taken trivial. People want to give it excuse that there's likes and dislikes that the Prophet Allah Islam he had their likes and dislikes, which are neutral dislikes, which the Sharia is tested is silent about it. It doesn't have any impact machinery of Allah Subhana Allah for method, you find the SME sitting in a

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gathering and you find that there's to this the lizard, a type of lizard is there and he doesn't go towards it. So Khalid Ali asked aramoana Is this something which is haram? Is it something forbidden? That's why you don't eat from it properly. I said, I don't like it, I want to eat from it. So Hollywood, he enjoys it, he eats it. There's no legislation about it. So likes and dislikes, which have nothing to do with a Sharia. And there's no legislation about that. We totally accept that. But this isn't an element of likes and dislikes. This is an element of something being halal or being something haram and something being open to the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, that's

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what you find modernistic, they don't they have issues,

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issues with the practice of the Prophet Allah

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salatu salam, this is the core element.

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When when the heart is corrupt, then you try to find things to mod. That's the whole concept of people, modernists who want to dismantle the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah to say this is the beginning. Now how relevant is this in today's world, and then to try to dissect these Hadith try to reinterpret it these Hadith to wash away this hadith that we find and don't be surprised as even a minute amount of so called Islamic scholars say that all these actual practices are relevant to that climate and that time. Don't be surprised they are there are some they claim to be forgotten in their own right. They might be folklore they write these in their works, that somebody practices

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that you mainstream Muslims that you do, they are relevant to the Bedouin Arabs of that time, the sixth century, that climate that dress, that etiquette they had just to help us to understand how deeply they go to show how they tried to dismantle the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah, to Salah for Macedonia debate there, right? This is a cultural practice of the Arabs that our time

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is a cultural practice so people do the action is no impact on your life.

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How do you Holly for Sharia, you Holly for news? The prophet Elijah some Sabri ahaadeeth he's highlighting, leave the bids, let the beard grow. Cut trim the mustache, trim the mustache, California hood, one nesara Alma juice be different from the Jews, the Christians different from the fire worshippers who just who leave their mustaches and they shave their beards a person came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a messenger came from the Persians to deliver a message spoke to the prophet Isaiah and moved away from him. Can Holly clean shaven? And a mustache? professor asked him in America who asked you or did you with this? Who told you to do is called up be my Lord, my master

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must say it.

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Does you find inside inside even May Allah forbid is a Muslim country tell Muslim to shave their beards when they serve in the army and you didn't hurt them? How can you tell another Muslim? You don't want to grow your beard? How can you impose upon another Muslim? You don't want to do the action imposing we're not talking about non Muslims. Muslims impose it if you want to serve inside the army you have to shave your beard. How can you do such an action imposed upon another individual?

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The Prophet is absurd to this individual that my Lord commanded me commanded us to grow our beds in your tree bamboo stashes, you Holly for the shocks, what are the new yarmulke Madison for eternity because omura food is from our middle you feed will boom in the solar thick Elijah can occur in the commandments of the Prophet Allah Islam are obligatory. Whenever he commands you to do something, you have to do it. Unless there's an exception to the rule, or there's something he highlights inside the Hadith, dementia, whoever wants to whoever wants to, or it's not obligatory, as in every single commandment by default, then a person has to uphold it. And this leads to then secondly, that

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the ager in the war at that time. We don't need to wear it today in a modern world, we don't need to wear the hijab, that was at that time. They had problems in society so they have to avail themselves the owner flippy there was this there was that study done at that time we don't need to do in today's time. Who a job.

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A job of the heart My heart is pure.

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Allah knows my heart is pure. So my external beauty is displayed. Allah knows that I'm pure.

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Allah says a young woman Hala quality for Sabir.

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Allah says, Allah Subhana Allah does not Allah knows what he's created is more subtle than most aware. He's created the human being, he knows the human being. So he places rules and regulations upon the human being to better their own soldiers to make them better individuals. And as we find this approach, rejection of the application Sharia just what it leads to harming the prophet Elijah some tatsuta have numerous verses inside the 33rd chapter of Quran speaking about the role, the privilege, the honor, the dignity of the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, Makana rasulillah is not for you to harm the messenger. What does it mean in today's time to harm the messenger? At that time it

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could have been the slogan the comments or they say and what they've done to the prophet Elijah today is the same thing with a non Muslims may make attacks and what Muslims are dismantling Sharia is sadhana, speaking elegances sadhana is not befitting for you to harm the messenger.

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And look how the surah begins, which is a strangest thing is this surah full of replete of so many ayat? Allah begins the surah by highlighting and maybe you all have been meaning a min and foresee him. Allah is closest to the believers and even their, their own selves. Look out a lot so panda is describing the Prophet Allah is not to say

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This should be awakening us. The Prophet Alayhi Salam is more closer to us than even our own selves. That's how beloved he should be. That's how worried we should be about him. And even studies show that we find we find a verse locker can Allah configure a Sunni lady who certain hassanal has in a tournament Cana, you're too low and Yeoman aska de la casa de la, one of the most Pinnacle verses in the Quran that we find, speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala rasulillah de PUE sweatin Hashanah for you to follow him to emulate him is the best example of whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day. I remember the last contact abundantly and as you mentioned, when Allah Allah

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mentioned I sought an alum speaking about the Prophet Alexandre Nicola Anna Hello, can

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anyone wonder mufa Siri in Spanish, and min Andalus, who wrote based upon his IRA, co located in

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New Jersey as Kelby

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garate. He said when families if you extract some 2828 for wide that come up is one worth we're in luck Allah Allah who can have been speaking about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and look at his Sudanese etiquettes at a time is harsh, but at the same time he's leaning he said, What is the matter what is Marbella? Had the neuropathy What is this this cushion, giving you the opportunity to speak what give explain herself, and she gives excuse what it is,

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and you find other narrations or other things that she didn't cut it up and she made it into a cushion so stuffed it and gave it to the professor then he recorded it was no problem because it had been disfigured.

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And here we find the concept of stuffed animals

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buying animals which are stuff that we find maybe for us it's not applicable, you find that many rich Muslims and people who think that it's a sign of of good living, to get animals stuffed animals, lions, tigers, etc, Fine, whatever it may be special species of birds that they stuffed in to keep them inside their homes.

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What is the outcome regarding this dilemma I have concluded that is rough,

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a wasting of wealth because somebody somebody ornaments, these, these these pieces stuffed animal that may go into 1000s, or 10s of 1000s of pounds

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is a waste of wealth, that this is falling under the prohibition, just like photography, or the displaying of images is forbidden. Likewise, this is forbidden as well. The stuffing of dead animals that we find and placing it inside our homes takes away the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Another Hadith we find that gibberella recently came to the door, or he never came, he was delayed. The prophet Isaiah was expecting him. And so when he then met with a man and he said you asked him what delayed you from coming. He said, Because images inside the home.

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And one word in the dog being placed inside the home It prevents the angels of entering into the home. So how severe is the affair in us how bad is for us add the bone that people these images are going to be punished. When you call him you muscle octone that we say to them create that which you've been that you think you've created your hands give life to it, that which you think you've created to McAllen elbaite under the fee, so that whole melodica Indeed, the home whereby images are placed there, then you find the angels don't enter into those homes, as you mentioned that some of us some Muslims can't seem to comprehend these affairs, they find it trivial. Or they give a

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modernistic interpretation of these and say that how does this how this imagery, the displaying of pictures? How does it lead to idolizing a person? And that in itself is an evidence against them because it's in our modern society, even today is visualized. If we go back in time, if you look at sort of, well, I mentioned about these five individuals, if you read it to see the McCarthy era about these individuals, how they will revert after the death they will pious individuals who wish to feed the poor take care of people for shavon came along and said to them look Why don't you build these Timothy will build these images. Will these pictures of these five individuals skeleton the

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home just to remember them?

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Not to worship them just to remember them build these five statues of them so people can remember these are pious people. For Jean Jean one generation after another generation what eventually happens shavon has a long term strategy. shaitan doesn't work like some of us on a small scale. He works a long term strategy that generation after generation people are going to come and do what they began to worship these statues think that they harm and they benefit them. And as we find the idolizing evil to the imagery that we find people when people plaster pictures of people inside their bedrooms inside their homes. They are idolizing these individuals is a form of ideal for them

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is a form of respect for them. You find Don't be surprised amongst Muslims of pop stars, idols football players singers

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Whatever it may be plastered in their rooms placed inside their rooms. This is a form of idealization that we find. And if you have film stars, and somebody even dressed appropriately to place them inside the rooms have it inside their rooms. This takes away the mercy of Allah Subhana. Allah takes it away from the individual that the angels don't enter into that environment, there is no mercy for lost count upon that obscene images that we find that people that they will display them. And then we find the other extreme. There are people who placed religious and political leaders. They placed their pictures all around them, as you spoke about many times, you find that

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people take even their religious clerics or what is Phil Phil a religious character pictures them inside their cause? When you asked him the question, why, why do you have this picture? It's a form of Baraka. It may be an initial form of remembrance, but then they say, fill his soul form of Baraka protection. Now you do when a young father

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does a benefit, does it harm you, in any manner, this picture

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in any manner, and some people may think they're very extreme. I witnessed with my own eyes, a picture what they claim to be a saint with my own eyes, and the person was putting perfume on this person's face a picture. And I said to this individual, me and him, I said, this is just a picture, just an image, your your, your copying machine deikun you'll give you're giving it reverence, respect, you're giving worship is a picture of an individual, that you claim to be a pious individual.

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Why are you doing this? He says, You don't understand this is a form of of respect and dignity towards this individual that I'm doing this.

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This is dismantling a towhee, the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, all forms of imagery, idolatry. Any form of Tocopilla nurse, you see, all takes away the pristine element orthodox conviction in belief in Allah subhanaw taala. And as we mentioned, all these political figures and leaders that we find that people are compelled to place them inside their buildings or just force their places around the dish to show reverence towards us. reverence is only to Allah subhanaw taala if you want to follow that that mystical approach, even in mysticism leads you to emilija to action. That's a real mysticism leads you to it leads you to live a life of actually not just reverence that you just

00:32:26--> 00:33:00

show reverence respect to something externally. bishal haffi. A famous scholar that we find we shall have will have the be Myrna matana Elvis Nalin getting used to wear shoes, and it must be a new Kodama nice Kabuto well being speaks about bisher and haffi. numerous stories are mentioned about him that he was a robot is a thief and involved in all types of haram actions. And one day when a woman left his house, and then she bumped into an Imam, a religious scholar and a religious scholar said that he lives in this home

00:33:02--> 00:33:10

because a person who behaved to this man and did this his actions our world up the word alone, is he a servant? Or is he is he a free individual?

00:33:12--> 00:33:14

And she's the woman said that this is a free man.

00:33:15--> 00:33:23

Many servants are the ones with these low class people are censored that time they do haram things. a free man doesn't do ignore but actions.

00:33:24--> 00:33:31

So Bishop Bishop when he saw this, would you speak to this to this Imam. He didn't ask me later said What did the Imam say to you?

00:33:32--> 00:34:07

What did he ask you? So when she told him this, what he's saying, he felt so upset, so ashamed that he came running out of his house, bare footed approach that he felt remorseful for his activities or woke him is 111 story about how he became a woken up returned back to us and so he would walk around barefooted and as I used to say to the people said, Why don't you wear shoes? He said that Allah guided me while I came running barefooted. So I want to remain barefooted. Remain that state. Another story about Bishop healthy that is right there in the state of drunkenness. There's a parchment on the on the floor

00:34:08--> 00:34:17

with a small a monkey, a piece of the Quran or some writing that was there. When he saw that on the floor, he was taken aback.

00:34:18--> 00:34:21

So he got some perfume, and he placed perfume on it.

00:34:22--> 00:34:24

And he picked it up and he said look at these people.

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

Look how they show reverence to respect to your name, dropped on the floor. So he picked up and he put it in a hole inside the wall. And he walked away. Some people said other people had a dream we had a dream in the evening. And I said your Bishop, just like you showed Tallinn, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah He showed respect to the name of Allah Subhana Allah, we're going to show respect to you upon this dunya falcata urine so from that day onwards, he became a scholar of Hadith in his own right became an alum became a scholar, reading, studying

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

turned away from that doesn't equal vim does equal reverence awakens the person that they see symbols of Allah subhanaw taala, or many of them share in Allah He, whoever glorifies magnifies the symbols of Allah and Allah for enamel taco kalu. That's what takala is. That's what it is that you glorify the symbols of Allah, you live by them, you praise them, you send them out inside society, you speak highly of them.

00:35:28--> 00:36:08

person who praises people, voted again, person should be praising Allah subhanaw taala praise the Lord and Allah glorified love Subhana Allah praise him subhanaw taala and as we began with those gatherings, Allah whoever makes mentioned about last serpentines at a gathering, Allah makes mention of that person in a gathering far better than any of the gatherings of this dunya whoever remembers the last count lF enough CD, whoever made that last part that we did himself that allows us to remember that individually with himself. Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala that's what we want. We want the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, that's what it needs, the mercy of Allah

00:36:08--> 00:36:12

Subhana Allah to come down to be companions of reading the Quran.

00:36:13--> 00:36:18

The Wi Fi find a companion reading the Quran is worried about his son, yada, yada, he may get trampled, and we looked up in the sky.

00:36:19--> 00:36:56

What do you see, he saw masabi he saw lamps clustered together like together. And then he mentioned that report. He said, I saw this. He said, You know what that was? That was the angels who came together to listen to reciting the Quran. And if you carry on reading it, they will remain there till the morning everyone would have visualized them. They are there the angels have lost count at the mercy is there. The compassion is there in us as Muslims are drifting away, and we're preventing the mercy of Allah Firstly, from entering into our lives, and secondly, entering into our homes. And then thirdly, entering into our community for the entire Muslim Ummah, preventing ourselves, may

00:36:56--> 00:37:14

Allah Subhana Allah give us all the Tofig and ability to find the mercy of Allah and Allah within ourselves within our homes, within our family in our environment, whilst others throw down his mercy upon us to take us out from this calamity. The sicknesses diseases is hardship, this lockdown you're facing to take away this hardship and throw down upon us His mercy