Zakir Naik – Quran is Unscientific when it says in 31-34 that only Allah knows Sex of Child in Mother’s Womb

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks a doctor about the theory that the knowledge of the art in the art field is only for individuals. The doctor explains that the theory is only for the doctor and that the translation of the theory is inaccurate. The caller questions how the theory can be applied to the medical field and wonders if a woman will be beneficial for the parent or if it will be a disaster.
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Again from the YouTube salmaan Khurshid.

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I am salmaan Khushi from Kashmir. My question is that it is mentioned for Look, man, last verse no one can predict what is inside the womb of the pregnant woman but to the medical science can how is it contradicting with science? The question poses there, there wasn't the Quran in chapter number 31, the last verse, that Allah says that the knowledge of the art is only with Allah subhanaw taala. And only Allah knows when and where it will drain, and what will a person earn and what is in the womb of the mother? So one of the things that only Allah knows I mentioned the Quran is what is in the womb of the mother. But unfortunately, some of the translations especially will do translations,

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they have translated it as only Allah knows what is the * of the child in the mother's womb, which is not a part of the Quran. It is their own addition, what the Quran says, Only Allah knows what is in the womb of the mother. It means only Allah knows whether the child in the mother's womb will be a boon for society or will he be obeyed for society? Will he go to jail now? Or will he go to Jana will go to Paradise? Or will he go to *? Will he be beneficial for the parents? Or will it not be beneficial? This with all the medical equipment in the world? No doctor can tell you when the child in the mother's womb will go to heaven or *? Will it be beneficial for the man not? Will it be

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benefit for the mother or not? For this is the real translation that we don't know about what in the womb of the mother talking about the other thing is not about the *? That's a mistranslation, so that error goes to the translator not Allah subhanaw taala

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