What Muslims Need to Know About Taking Medicine

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So the question stated, can Muslims receive heparin? Since it has four Sinai components? Of course and of course there's some pork related videos. So maybe you can answer this specific to necessary prescriptions that have some pork derived in it or even things that are not necessarily essential like vitamins etc that has some some portfolio do it with it.

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So in general medications that come from haram sources, is it permissible to use medications that come from haram sources?

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There are certain conditions there are certain things they agree on. So, if you have a halal alternative than it is not, if you have a halal comparable alternative, like a halal alternative that will do just as good as as a job as the other medicine that is haram then it would certainly not be halal to use the Haram medicine or the medicine that comes from a haram source. And that is by by agreement. Now.

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Barring that particular exception, is it halal and to use certain haram medications? You will find that Hanafi is and Safa e's are the most lenient in this regard. And the magic is unhand berries are the strictest in this regard. And there is a reason why they are like this. You know, it has to do with their interpretation of the Hadith where the prophets of Allah Salam advised that already in the drink camels, urine. So people's interpretations varied, thematic is an honeyberries didn't consider camels urine to be not just impure, or haram, and the honeybees and JFETs consider that to be impure. But consider this prescription the prophetic prescription to be basically a proof that

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you could use natus impure substances for the purpose of treatment.

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So, if you don't have an alternative, if you don't have an alternative than the use of impure substances, whether portside or other substances would be permissible, according to the majority,

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at least that the Hanafi shafa is will say permissible categorically, if you have no alternative the use of mpr substances will be permissible according to the Hanafi Phillies.

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The magmatic is 100 bodies will have what ask you further questions. And it is very possible that they would also say it as Khaled because, for instance for America is on somebody's topic and application would be Holland for the hunt berries they mentioned if you don't consume it, if you don't eat it or drink it, it would be Khaled what is an injection they did not have injections at the time, but they were talking about topical application. But then there are other issues also basically trivial amount is it a trivial amount is it nostalgia like meaning subsumed in add in another

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liquid or substance subsumed in another substance that all of its characteristics, qualities have completely disappeared, because it was completely subsumed and another substance. So, there will be other questions to be asked. So, the bottom line is, if there is no harmful alternative, the majority of the scholars when consider it permissible to use impure and haram substances for treatment, there is one exception where it is flipped.

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That is

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harmless. Basically pure comedy, you know any

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you know, alcoholic beverage that is meant to you know for drinking is not allowable to use as a medicine by the majority.

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Now that is not alcohol mixtures. That is pure alcohol that is a pure alcoholic beverage. There is no pure alcohol in the sense of that 100% alcohol but an alcoholic beverage like he can drink whiskey, for instance for treatment or beer or something that was made made for this purpose.

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He you know, aside from this exception, they would say that, given that you you're credible physicians are prescribed this medicine

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You and your credible physicians have told you that there are no Halal alternatives. It is permissible to use it.

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So as a patient as a Muslim patient, what should you do when you have when you are prescribed the Haram medicine? Tell your physician. Is there an alternative that doesn't have porcelain ingredients?

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Comparable alternative and alternative that will do the same job that does not have precise ingredients? Have they told you? No there are no alternatives. Take