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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses two se year's Surah and their differences in titles. The first se year's title focuses on criticizing the Prophet's actions, while the second se year's title focuses on criticizing the Prophet's actions. The speakers also touch on the use of "fer frac" in various surahs, including the ones of Islam, and the rapid rise in moral inflation during the US military coup. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a video on "fer frac."
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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome to amaze by the Quran a series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about Torah, I hope I'm able to share this with you. This is so cool, but it's also kind of complicated. So it's tough job but I'll try to do this okay. So we're going to compare two seudah SoTL aarav seven surah and solitude 11 surah. And in both of these sutras you have just one contrast between the two in one of them a level talk about how the crush in total after college don't listen to what the prophets I said them says and they don't, you know,

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Allah homogeneous should not be at neptuna be how are you know, nipsey want to be how awesome he is man wanna be happily through Chicago, like Allah criticizes their idols, do their idols have feet, that they can walk away their hands that they can grab with or eyes, they can see whether they have ears they can hear with, he starts critiquing the idols that are being worshipped. And at the end of it all, he says, Call all of your partners, why don't you call all of these idols and have them scheme against me for key doing so monkey doing that? Then Then go ahead and make a scheme against me for that only? No, no, no, please don't give me any extra time, make your scheme and then attack.

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Go ahead, do what you can. It's kind of this call out, right? He calls them out. And the same kind of calling out happens in solitude, but it actually happens on the tongue of who's who is talking to his people. And he says fucky dooney Jamie on go ahead scheme against me all together, fell out on the road. And don't know, don't wait for me. Don't give me extra time. Just go for it. Let's let's have it, you know, now in both of them, there's this kind of aggressive calling out and asking for the scheme scheming to take place against the other prophet. But before I tell you the remarkable difference between these two which I find just absolutely mind blowing, just some more things about

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this sort of, specifically sort of, sort of food and soda who would the the, the opposition is actually from the enemy. In other words, in the in solara, Allah is criticizing what the mushrikeen believe.

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But in solitude, it's actually the opposite the missionary goon are criticizing hood. They're criticizing the Prophet. And they're coming after his character. And so what they say is yahood magic cannot be anything. You haven't brought us anything clear? Well, Amanda can be tariki Ali hottie now, we're not going to be ones to ever abandon our gods. And COVID, just off of your word. Well, my nephew will be with me, and we are never ever going to give in to what you're saying. In Gulu in Iraq, Abu Dhabi. So all we have to say is some of our gods got mad at you, and have put some kind of curse on you. So you're probably curse because of some of our gods. And that's why you've

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become delusional color in neusiedl law, what does she do in Niva? Yamato? shikun, I'm a Gara witness and I make you witness that I have nothing to do with these kinds of this blasphemy that you people do these associations with God that you make, so who is actually debating with them? Okay, now check this out. In the first case, it's actually Allah criticizing the the disbeliever. In the second case, it's the disbeliever, criticizing Allah's Messenger. And in this second case, when the disbeliever is criticizing the messenger, Allah, His Messenger is the one under attack. He's the one under attack. So you have to understand, right, I'll sum it up in solara allies on the attack, but

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incertitude, it's the Prophet was under the attack who is under attack. And when who is under attack attack, he says fucky dooney. Go ahead and attack me, like the knee is long. And in the other, it's so casual, he extends the attack and says, go ahead and attack me. Like he Dune is not extended.

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It's not extended. So when the attack comes, you're supposed to retract, and you're supposed to become defensive, because they're on the offensive, but actually, Allah reverses it. And when they're on the offensive, the prophet becomes even more offensive and says, go ahead and make a plan against me. And the me is loud. fucky dooney. So Pamela, it's so epic. And then that's just one difference between them, then there is this is just absolutely remarkable, the literature of the Koran and the structure of the Quran, one says find out on the moon, then don't give me any time. And the other says from my Latin zero thereafter, don't give me any time. So the Arabic word for

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then is far or summer. So I ate that I drank.

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So far for sure it if you say so much left if you used another another word for then some which actually means I ate then

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I drank. In other words, there was a gap between the one and the other. When you say far it happens immediately. And when you say thermite happens over time, and the case of houde there's actually a time gap and the case of out off its immediate, one uses fire and the other

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Other uses some kind of question arises what justifies that? Why would you use an immediate one in one surah and a delayed response from them? And the other sort of what's absolutely fascinating and sort of all over the surah what come from the beginning what come in Korea in Atlanta? Ha, ha ha, Botswana biotin opencart Elune how many towels have we destroyed that our war came against them in the middle of the night, all of a sudden, while they were asleep? The suddenness of Allah's attack coming. Then from a bandana Makana see al hacer la taco will call Luca masaba. Anna Baba was sarafa ba, ba Hola, Sharon, people in the 95th we replace their bad times with good ones until they became

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permissive and forgiving. In other words, they just let go of all of their moral inhibitions. And they said oh, our ancestors used to have a hard time, but we're living in good times. Then we seize them all of a sudden, there's a sudden grab and solara that's mentioned over and over again. And when we come to this ayah so hard Allah and I actually shared it with you for kuzhambu for MJ now who will Athena alpha alpha, alpha, our acknowleding aka the movie Aya Tina. You know, we we rescued him and those who are with him on board the ship and we all of a sudden drowned those who had bite against the flood came all too quickly. And the story of Noah de Sena it just came all too quickly,

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all of them indicating a quick response. And and as soon as that's full of quick reactions from God, he says Why don't you bring about a quick reaction? Go ahead, go attack me quickly, because that's what I do.

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So I've had a lot in the others that I'm sort of to check this out, well uninstall Fedora back home. So moto boo Illa he, you should you should seek forgiveness of your master repent towards him, uma terracotta and Hassan La Jolla massamba. He will furnish you with good furnishings, he will provide you good things until a given time until a given time when you declare the fallen for law who and he will allow time for giving everyone who possesses any goodness there goodness, we're in our low then if you still turn away then I eventually fear for you either by Yeoman Kabira. The the punishment of a big day, somehow Allah go until a given time, there's extra time in solitude, that in a harness on

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human law, if we were to delay the punishment for them, if we were to give them extra time before the punishment came in, oh, Mata muda until a very limited deadline, layer una Maya. So they're gonna say what's holding it back

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to him Lisa Sue Fernando. Isn't it the case that eventually when it comes to them, if they won't be able to get away from it? And similarly, yada, yada

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yada. Metallica, know, the story of new has mentioned his widow who also know you keep arguing with us. You've argued with us too much. Bring it already. We're tired of waiting. It's taking too long. Why is it taking its time. So the idea of punishment taking its time is in solitude. And so when the Prophet hood speaks in solitude, and says, attack me, take your time then after that, take your time.

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know Don't be rude. And then don't give me any extra once you're done making your scheme Take your time making your scheme

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because Allah is taking his time to

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just fine so much. I am amazed by the Quran. Samadhi

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