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The conversation is difficult to follow and appears disjointed. The speakers discuss various topics including a book called "The Line on the Storm" and a generation called "igrapher Man." They also mention "igrapher Man" as a person who made up for their parents' lack of knowledge and technology.

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So how do we begin? If you remember, you say the author, may Allah have mercy on him set. Why do we do that? Why do we say the author? May Allah have mercy on him said, why do we start like that? Always every time?

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No matter what book we're reading, yes, he may have made a mistake. It's not it's possible he made a mistake. Well, that's human for sure. Well, why are we doing that?

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To give credit to him, and

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I respect and technology that you're taking knowledge from him. Right? So you're just going to take knowledge from him and not, you know, the least you can do is say, may Allah have mercy on him. Right this person, centuries after being in his grave, you're benefiting from his knowledge what he did, right, so the least you can do and that's a beautiful etiquette is that those people who you have, who have taught you, those people have benefited for you that you seek mercy from them. For them. That Quran teacher who taught you back in the day Sunday school, that person who who taught you anything of the deen that you remember them in your dua you remember them in your schedule that

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Arabic teacher that you had that person who you know, the honor that Uncle whoever it is in your life, that you remember them in your drought for the rest of your life. Imam Shafi

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we talked about the chain right So Imam Malik type who's fit for studying taught Imam Shafi any mama Shafi taught me Muhammad min humble and the Imam achmad would make so much for a Shafi in his Salah in his late nights a lot that his kids asked him and they said who is this Shafi that you're always mentioning? And he said, Yeah, when a my son a chef and he was like a chef suited dunya will ask you to have done a Shabbat he was like the sun for the world and he was like wellness to the body. I want you to imagine you making dua for someone so much that your kids know that person's name. And that's something beautiful, something I would encourage you to do is to know who your parents make

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dot for

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Who do you make out for mom? That Who do you make doubt for?

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If your parents ever leave this earth and that's the path that we're all going to take that the beautiful manifestations of Bill is that that person who they loved so much that they make up for that do out for them is uninterrupted because you're making that for them still.

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Okay, so we say Rahim Allah to Allah right we say a codon what I live for Him Hola. Or we say the author may Allah have mercy on him said