Hadith Series – #67 – Share Your Soup

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if you are making soup, then add a little bit to the broth, because then you can share it with your neighbor.

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This hadith, it captures a lot of what Islam is about. One of the things is similar to another Hadith that we talked about. Don't underestimate a little deed. Sometimes it's the little things that make life really nice. You might think, Oh, I'm making this food, I would like to share it with my neighbor. But it's not that good. Or there's not enough to go around. The Prophet Mohammed says Saddam was much more concerned about getting us in a habit of regular gift giving, then he was about us scrutinizing how great a gift that we're going to give will be. So he said, just add a little bit to the broth. Just give a little bit of broth to your neighbor every time you make soup. Can you

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imagine if every single time you made soup, you just gave a little bit to your neighbor? How much love that would cause and how much? How many good feelings that would help grow between you and your neighbor, you will become a lot closer.

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And it's those little things that make life special. If someone were to do that to you imagine how you would respond. You would be really

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enamored, you would be very close to a kind of person or a neighbor who did that for you know, somebody else is going to have the same reaction to you. So never underestimate the things that you can do. Even if it's a little bit even if you don't have that much to give even just giving a little bit of extra. It's the thought that counts. As we say, Allah, there's only one God and Muhammad is the messenger Allah. Lila long