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Yahya Ibrahim
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ol salatu salam, ala rasulillah, Salam

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Alaikum, WA Sunday.

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All of them are Vedic.

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Now, this is our third session of the reflective lick.

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And it's the things that we do in the mornings. But just to think a little bit about how it affects our life and other things. So we've had two sessions, and we've learned six different

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or no five different decodes the prophets, I send them and we said, every day, the third one is going to be speaking about something new about the Salah walk upon the prophets on itself. The question that I want to begin with before, is to ask how we use them.

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And for some kind of law for myself, there's so many things that I know. And there's so many things that I love, forgive me that I don't do. And it's not something that's bad, but it's something that we should all improve on. And it's one of the reasons apostatize lm says in the dictionary to buddy man listening, who's from the lens that we're visiting, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he that I'm about to come, be shamed. If I give you instructions to do something, that to me, he must talk to me to as much of it as you can. And the reason the Prophet says do as much as you can, is he knows that you and I, there's going to be things that we're not going to do. So the last thing you

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want is that someone has conveyed to you something from the prophets, I send them and you leave it off in its entirety. So he says, Mazel Tov, whatever is in your capability, when it comes to the suburgatory, the extra act of worship, the extra victory, the extra sound a lot the extra morning prayers, the night prayers will go how prayers, do as much of it as you can. The prophets I send them is aware that there will be negligence, it's not a negligence that earns the Wrath of Allah, it's a negligence that limits your reward with a loss of time. So, therefore, when I admit to you, there's so much of the vicar of the prophets, I send them that I know that I don't practice as much

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as I should. It's something that I must try to improving. But as a reminder, I say to you, you know, we spoke about how you take kusi wasn't one of the things you recited before coming down today. Was it something you were excited after every one of your prayers? As you fulfilled them? Was it something you were excited before you slept? The two verses that ends? Or was it something that you made a genuine effort to begin your day with today to end your day with yesterday? the vicar of the saltwater, the profits on the law, what he was sending him? Did you increase it in your practice? Did you attempt to count how many you've done? And I want you to know that counting is from the

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summit. And that's why the prophets I send them he sets for you tasks in numbers. So he says after so not 33 times, not 30 times not 34, not 31. He says 33. So a lot, he was 11. And in fact, it becomes a big die. If you intentionally do 34, like intentionally, not that you made a mistake, or you miscounted. But you said the profits of 33. But I need more. So I'm going to do 34 I'm going to do 47 I'm going to do more know the profit game. I couldn't find a noun, someone want audios. And so when he defines it, we stick to it as Muslim to the best of our ability. So with that in mind, I'm going to share with you the first It's from emammal hotties book of the book of vocations. It's I

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just checked on my app. So it's not like I had to memorize is how the number 98 of the atheist chapter so if you were to go back in the ADF chapter, it's the book of invocations there are at dialogue. And in it in the 1980s. Near the end, he shares this beautiful Habib with the prophets I send them and the prophets I send them said that the one who rises and the one who makes it a practice in their day, where they say, and it's a dict All of us know, la, la la la, y la sharika lahu Mui. Wha wha hoo. Allah could do me a Tamara 100 times in their morning, that he doesn't say their morning by the end implies it's in the morning. Yeah, tomorrow 100 times in their day, meaning

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they begin their day trying to get to 100 before the end of the day.

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It's not that you began the day and you sat there 100 times immediately, right. But you began and it's 100 times in your day, by the end of the day you've accomplished it. What do you get for that? Whether it's, you know, an amazing kind of reward for that washer car. It's like you freed

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10 slaves from bondage.

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And I want you to consider that. Like, I want you to consider that there's a human being whose freedom has been usurped. Someone has taken hold of them, whether as a child or from war or something tragic has happened in their life, where their whole liberty, everything about them has been taken captive.

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And they have no power to free themselves. And you, by your doing, by your word, by your wealth, and in this case by your Vicar of Allah, have given them freedom of life, not one or two or 510 people

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for saying what da da, da, y.

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Imagine the law was your lawful ankle hearing this study? But can you imagine the law who was tortured in the desert cut up burned rocks on his chest,

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unable to do anything for himself and Abu Bakr radiallahu said, I would have given you his weight in gold. like back then I would give anything to free this man. Imagine 10.

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For something as simple as that short, big,

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But it doesn't stop there.

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When that will be hit, and you will have actually bought a job that will give you 10 levels in general 100 levels, excuse me, methodology. It'll raise you 100 levels in general. So you just an entry level Muslim, minimum wage Muslim, you're on the dole and gentlemen, you just walked in, you're like 100 live in Ghana? And I said, No, no, no, hold on, go up. 100 levels a lot.

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For that simple.

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And it doesn't stop there. Then the prophet SAW, Selim said, whenever we have me as a hustler, you have 100% not with a lot 100 levels of reward. So 100 levels in genda and 100 levels of a loss reward, and every hustler they actually am. So when you put a hazard it's actually multiplied by 100 by 10. So it's now 10 to 100. So a lot harder.

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Who may say and take him from your account is 100 series. So you've already begun your day. 100 deeds up 100 deeds that you're gonna commit negative already forgiven to you by law some kind of time. So you're not just beginning up 100 but now you're already up another 100 because your mistakes are already forgiven by a monster panel, Jada?

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It's a phenomenal Heidi.

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And it's a phenomenal victory. The victory is so important that it is the number one victory for our dear brother and sister who were with me hatch. Mashallah, what was the victory that we made in anaka? That's the thing that you

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can do on a condition called when you stood on the Mount of suffering, what would the victory mean? La ilaha illallah wa, una sharika.

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You ran all the way to model one, what would they not? ilaha illallah wa sharika.

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Why is the victory so important? There are not when they speak about this for the youth and they speak about the words chosen by the prophesies that are taught to him by a lot through gibreel. The Vicar of the prophets, I sell them it's an act of rebellion and everything that was an act of very bad that was not self determined by the prophets.

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Allah says when I am defining However, he doesn't speak in acts of worship and faith from his own volition if something inspired to him by Allah, right? So this is something a lot demands of the prophets license. It begins with your kelemen that either have been done and not just you say there's no god that's where the worship but then you make tolkiens you establish it further waga alone, is he alone? Is he in his supremacy so alone? Is he in his kingdom and His ability to create an alone is he in a supremacy somehow no to lash Erica not just alone. There's an impossibility in mind believe that anyone could be partnered with him. No one could ever come to a level that they

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could be on any equal footing with a loss of continuity in anything in my life.

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Because the him alone is the kingdom while I hold hands because of it to him alone is all praise.

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And anything that is an obstacle in my life, Allah is capable and able to remove it or increase it.

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Whatever good I have, it's because of his little, whatever strength I have is because of the power he gave me whatever wealth I have, it's because of the risk he provided. And whatever has been taken, it's because he has power over me and I can't change my circumstance, I'm in complete submission to the color of a law some kind of time. And therefore in this, Your Honor, you affirm everything about the supremacy of Allah, so he will know he will be well as man.

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It is the total heat of Allah in him being God, the Lord, your master, your Creator, your sustainer, in him being the only one you are going to worship, and in recognizing him with his names and his attributes.

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And therefore beginning today, as you're walking as we're visiting, that he got lost, why

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I share with you is it is conducted in the sunon with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said,

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and he used to make this not reciting just for himself, but also for his grandchildren and his loved ones. So he would bring and he said, You're saying, sometimes he brings some of the children of the Sahaba. And they would narrate and your boss says, The Prophet did it for me, others say that he's done it for me. And he would say, and he would make your act

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of asking a law for protection from the harms that affect us in life. And he would say, now that we can you imagine that he can match each other as

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I see, through the perfect words, the most complete words given to us by Allah.

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I seek refuge with a lot we can imagine that through the words Allah has talked to me Mohammed's I send it through the words in the home, through the words of this drive, at a time Mad Men children, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect me in the most perfect way through his most perfect means, with the most perfect words from any harm that needs to be followed. men shall be Mahalla from evil that is found in what he has created to Pamela, min shadow masala. And this comes from a verse that we know from the whole hand right, as the end of the whole, and in an hour with that, When shall we man follow

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that statement is a very profound statement in our al Qaeda. It establishes that we don't believe Allah subhana wa Taala created evil for it to be evil. Rather, he created people and creation and from them they produce evil men shall masala from the shadow, the evil that comes out of the good that he has created, some kind of he went on, and therefore a loss of kind of talent, creativity, and intended for me to be a righteous person and to live in a good clean way. But to Pamela, as a result of my income, incapacity and

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lack of capability to be honorable in all my means, I produce evil May Allah subhanaw taala forgive you and I, and therefore I asked a lot to protect me from the evil within myself, and there's your art of the prophets, I seldom woman shovel enough see from the evil that I result in myself. And the evil that is inspired to me from the shaitan. And therefore, in this drop, are three important benefits. First, you recognize that Allah subhanaw taala, has sent a complete word, a complete word of protection. And the complete word of protection is the book of Allah subhanaw taala. It is a hill, it is the greatest fortress that you can fortify yourself. There is no greater victims in the

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words of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he used and asked us to use and therefore you hear the prophets I send them when he would be given these darat they would have sections of the whole I mean, God, man holla it's a statement from the whole and used by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa. And I will do that the word that I was I was

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it begins our we left him in a shake on

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it begins, you know, asking, making tau which is a powerful word in the Arabic language, it means it gives you three things, the three things that come to mind. First, you understand you're weak.

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I, I can't help myself a lot. I need your help. If I could help myself, if I could stop the shavon from influencing me. If I could stop someone from envying me from a distance I would, but I know I can. So now I have to see your ability and your strength to assist me in this protection. So it's a self admission of you as a creative being that I am weak without you all along. I come to you but we I stand before you humbled. Second, it's declaring of law supremacy. Because I'm weak. You're the one that can help. Nothing else can help. No one's grave can help. No one's Baraka can help. No one else is your I can help me if you don't accept it.

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in any way, no one can provide me assistance if it's not given to me by you. So at first you come humbled to Allah, I need you, I have no one, I can't help myself. I have no one to help me. Number two, except you yet Allah, no one has the power except you. And number three is that you understand that there is danger that is beyond you. I will do you can imagine, I know that it's not just me that commits mistakes. It's not just engendered for me. Sometimes some time of law, the shape on can inspire me, sometimes a friend can lead me away. Sometimes I see something that can inspire me to evil, I need help from my own self against myself, right. So those are the three statements of that

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come to mind when you hear the word and when you say who I seek protection.

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Who you're asking for protection and your admission of weakness, and knowing that there is danger that surrounds you. Those are the three steps of you becoming a more competent believer and self aware of the danger that surrounds

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with words.

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We always underestimate the power of words. We don't think words matter. But words can be more harmful and more difficult upon a person than actions. And what a person may say to you may cut you more than a razor cuts, a razor will heal. I got cut with, it'll heal. Upon a law a word can cut you so deep. As Yusuf Islam says the First Cut Is the Deepest Right.

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Right, the cut. It's something that you know, it can injure your heart. Every time you see that person you remember, every time you walk down that street, it comes back to you. It's really difficult to overcome words words matter. And upon the law, therefore you find the foreign was sent as canavalia the best of words, it's the best of statements and your deen is built upon a kenema a word of belief in a belief in the law. So you're asking a lot of you can imagine law he

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is asked Allah subhanaw taala with the best of words, the most completed words the best statement, the best read citation, the best scripture that was given to us through our individual comments, I sent him the most complete Deen the fitrah the inclination of mankind to come to a lot is in those words, at tab mad men shall know how to protect me from the evil that resides in his creation. And therefore you assume that there is evil that can come from anything that was created. This grass can result in evil. It can give you some people that have an allergy to grass. There's something that can harm some of us

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in anything there can be something that can can give you harm your best friend your wife your husband's

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you it was her

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it could be your best friend it could be your children love Warren's you have them in the homeland in them as well.

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And other verses and why I do what love is an enemy to you.

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It's an enemy to your your spouse is your enemy. Not in the dunya you don't sleep with one eye open.

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Know, it means that they will be your enemy on the Day of Judgment. If you aren't just with

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your wife, your husband on the Day of Judgment is going to be the greatest hurdle for you to enter. They're going to stand in front of you and say oh ally what my husband? He treated everyone well at work. He was polite at home he was

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your father your mother gonna stand in front of you and they're gonna say no, you don't just go I want my coffee in the dounia I raised you I fed you I closed you I yield you I nurtured you ice I like ice I stayed awake so you could sleep. I healed you with my body everything. I held you for years. And so upon the law you mistreated me I want my

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coffee we're only here for a video

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you know, there's

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such power it's it's unfortunate. Anything that is created by a law there could be harm that comes from and you and I we have to be very cognizant.

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I think that

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the best of friends can lead to each other. But I'll do what I do on the Day of Judgment they will be the worst enemy animosity in enemy enemy and and harm to each other. I'm not gonna let you go.

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But we were best friends. Yeah, that was that. But I want my heart right now wants to kind of go to Allah grant us His protection and his love a lot. So you make your beginning magic.

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From the evil that resides in what he has created, and we are from his creation, so you're asking a lot to protect you from yourself. You are from the creation of Allah, Oh Allah protect me from the desires that I have that lead me away from, from the things that make me go overboard into Leon's, in an insane layout of Apple stuff. And now, mankind is prone to overstepping and transgressing upon others than themselves, why and what Apple stuff in that they believe themselves self sufficient, so brings you back to the first word of heroism. I'm not self sufficient, I know I need you. I know I'm in trouble without you.

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And therefore, that's a powerful drive, that I asked you to make at least three times in your morning, or over the weekend, the magic that he said that when children are older, we can imagine lacking in children.

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The final, of course, we end with the best view which is the saga of the Prophet Mohammed, some of them and we mentioned the halifa will very easily count yesterday and we continue in sha Allah was speaking about

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upon the profits of a muscle. It is

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it is the salvation is what gives you protection and assist you when you are in trouble. So part of the understanding of solo ads is that it is a preventative measure. So you ask Allah subhana wa tada to assist you in your life by remembering the prophets and what he means to you in your life. But now that you're in a moment of hardship, nothing that the reader might have identified is of a greater draw for a lot to assist you than you remembering the difficulties of the prophets I send them and how he was saying, Where do we get this from? Well, everywhere you look in the Koran, you find that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says that the prophets before you Yeah, Mohammed experiences

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Moosa experience that he brought him experience that Allah is always giving the puppets I sell them reassurance, that as I save them, I will save it. And therefore it's that same thing. So it's the same thing that a lot of the prophets I send them remember Ibrahim was goofy kitabi Ibrahim, while confini kitabi Moosa was the coffin kitabi right. Remember in your remember in your memories, and what I've said in the book, look what I did here, here and here, in that same way, that is the intention you have in your

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mind you say the prophets, I send them on the day and then you save them on the day you put them together. You save them and then yeah, yeah, Allah. As you have blessed our enemies, ally synonyms, continue to bless and even peace, Oh Allah, I would rather be in my hardship and that he is in his salvation in his comfort than I have comfort in my life. That's how that's how the Sahaba understood, also that upon the prophets, I said, in a beautiful Hadith, in Sahih, Hadith, which is in the book

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that relates to our sauna, they asked the Prophet

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initially, they used to make their at the end of their prayers, they would, as a part of their love of Allah, they would take a day yet, As salam o Allah Akbar, they will say, I said, hameau, Allah Allah. So the Prophet, Allah who who has said that, you can say I give peace to Allah, Allah is the origin of peace. A lot of men and women casilla Allah, you are the origin of peas and from EU countries. So don't say that rather say yes to say our greetings to a Martian panel. And then he taught them and they said, Oh Allah, I O Messenger of Allah, you've taught us how to pray to Allah, and how to make this reading to a must adhere to the law or Salatu was the event. So now what should

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we do? How do we greet you? How do I show my love and appreciation of you? So a lot reveals to the prophets I send them to read this ends and says teach them this. I select Monica, you have never been one of the lucky one. Okay. I send out more I need that why not a bad thing that

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I showed you alert, lock in one rewire? Why?

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Why shadow?

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And then they said O Messenger of Allah. This is a general one. How do we specifically mentioning how can I greet your messenger bot? If I'm distant from you? How can I send you my Salaam if I'm not able to see you and be near you? You're sending me to Yemen you're sending me here. So the prophets I send them receives that Uppsala and Ebrahimi

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a lot of Muslims

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and the Sahaba, Abu Zubaydah, puri and others they report, the Prophet would teach them this Allah upon him the way he would teach them slow down. Now remember yesterday I told you the Prophet said when you pray, pray as you have seen me pray like Be careful.

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Watch me how I pray, watch how I say watch how I stand, watch, watch my movements. He was very particular with sola. And these two emphasize how important so that is. They said, The Prophet taught us how to make ourselves I was upon him with the same care that he taught us how to pray towards a loss of control. And then the Prophet said to them say, Allahu Muslims

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can also make Donna Brahim Rahim. A lot of them early find out more feminine Shama Baraka, Allah,

00:25:39 --> 00:25:41

that shows you the importance of

00:25:43 --> 00:25:57

the care that he had. That was instructive for him by a lot to give to establishing this so that that it becomes a regularity in your life. So once again, I come back to where I began today, how much of our solar was up on the property?

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And Have we reached that number of at least 100 try to increase it a lot as you're falling asleep on the bus. Well, I'm talking

00:26:07 --> 00:26:23

a lot right? As you're getting ready for your bed make your solar water from the province I sell them as you're walking around and, and it doesn't have to be something outward. And the shortest sought out upon the prophets I tell them is a lot of Muslims for so long.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:30

And the prophets I send them an end with this, he said as is generated in different collections.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:32

I've heard

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that most miserly Mystique, geez. Meaning the ones whose heart don't have the capacity to assist others. He links it with your ability and your desire to assist others in life. The most stingy person, the most miserly person, the taker and not the giver. Right? And the He is the one who takes takes takes and rarely use the one who consumes and doesn't produce, right?

00:27:02 --> 00:27:29

And the worst of those kinds of people in my own map who are takers and not givers is the one that okay with their anger, who is the one whose heart when I mentioned in front of them mentioned not named just mentioned, do cute. Just make mention just my description. Just someone kind of off the head mentions me. Does it sense all that upon me some of it is a sign of your

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wakefulness of your heart, that you have a love for the prophets, it compels you to greet him, even from a distance so long it was similar. And we'll continue with more about the prophets I send him and his son tomorrow be in the lakita Allah Subhana Allah who will be having the potential to under evaluate and he will they will send over anything

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