Hadith Series – #40 – Everything In Moderation

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The speaker discusses the use of the word "vesodifies" in Islam, as the Prophet Mohammed Firefox is pointing out that individuals should avoid excessive waste and eat very little. The use of the term "vesodifies" is also highlighted, as it refers to consuming something or someone without any consequence.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Eat, drink, and where is the literal word that he uses without excess without waste? So the Prophet Mohammed Salah Saddam is giving us a corrective He's helping us stay balanced and moderate so that we don't go to either extreme. Because there's usually two extremes one could imagine that we,

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as people of faith aren't supposed to enjoy anything in this life, that we're supposed to just eat very, very, very little and not enjoy the things that Allah subhanaw taala has created, where someone might feel guilty, right, enjoying the good things that Allah created in this life. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was saying, No, eat and drink and wear clothes and

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enjoy these things. But and here's what's to prevent the other extreme, don't waste and don't go to extremes and don't go to access.

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So this is a specific application to something Allah says in the Quran about how this OMA is supposed to be a moderate OMA, a middle path in between some sort of false piety that is really harmful. Like celibacy. We don't have a tradition of celibacy in Islam. This is denying the self in an in an oppressive way. But neither is that nor is it hedonistic. It's not just flinging open the doors and telling you that you can consume however much you want. Every Muslim is supposed to be in the middle