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Welcome back from the break. In the early part of our episode, we were looking at fasting as a general principle and its great benefits.

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The prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him but said

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for in the hula, Allah indeed

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there is nothing equal to it. Now the best fast according to john dub,

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who narrated from the Prophet Phil rsls that he said, of the lucea me bother Ramadan, I shot a lady that the owner who and Muharram the best fast after Ramadan because we know in terms of fasting in a month, the best month for fasting is Ramadan. But the best fast after that

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is the month you call our Mahara this month, which is considered to be the first

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month of the lunar calendar.

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It has the day the 10th

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known as Ashura,

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Ashura, a day which we are strongly recommended

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to fast on

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the day of Ashura. The reward for fasting on the day of Ashura is that it

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removes the sins that is the minor Sins of the previous year. This is, in other words, it's a purifier, a great reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala. For fasting on one day,

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that is in the month of

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fasting in that month in general is also recommended, as the best month to fast in after Ramadan. So

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fasting, in Muharram

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should be a regular practice within our homes, we should

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encourage the rest of the family members to fast along with us not just know this, and then we only fast by ourselves, no, we should try to engage all the family members too fast in the month of Muharram, but especially the 10 and the prophet SAW Selim also recommended either fasting along with it the ninth or the 11th.

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Now, in terms of the month for fasting, the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him on another occasion used to fast himself

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more in other months, then, in the general months of the year, Ayesha said, Canada habashi huri illa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam them, I assume a chai ban. Some may ask you know who the Ramadan, the fast which the messenger most likely to fast voluntarily was Chabad fasting of the month of Siobhan the month before Ramadan, then he would join it to Ramadan. So this was his own practice.

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However, his recommendation was almara. His own practice, which was observed was Chai ban. So we can look at char ban is also being amongst the best month to fast. In fact, in some narrations, it was mentioned that he used to fast in that month in the month of Sha ban more than in any other month, more than in any other month.

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And that doesn't contradict the fact that he said the best month to fasting for everybody in general, the best month to fasting was

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a Muharram

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Ramadan, and we should note here that you used to connect it up chavan you connect it up with Ramadan, we're not allowed to do that. We're supposed to stop fasting a few days before Ramadan starts, we're not allowed to connect it to Ramadan. This was something special for the Prophet, Muhammad sallahu wa sallam himself in terms of continual fasting.

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For those who want to fast, more, that we mentioned, the two days, Mondays and Thursdays, also, the prophet mentioned, the days of the full moon, fast on those days, that's the 13th 14th and 15th of every lunar month. These are further recommended days for fasting. But for those who wanted to fast even more, when they came, and they mentioned to the prophet SAW Selim, they want to fast like all the time, he forbade it, he didn't allow them to fast continually, though he himself did so on certain occasion, certain time, but he didn't allow it for anybody else. And what he said for those who wanted to fast continually, he said the best fast is that of my brother that would have the

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soul. So more actually, that would. Can I assume Yeoman, while you still Yeoman? Well, I have federal is that lack of the best fast is that of my brother,

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who used to fast every other day, and he would never flee when he met the enemy in battle, the fast food

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This is the preferable fast for those who would like to fast, continually. Every other day, you faster day, you break faster Next, you fast The next day, you break too fast after that. So why is that better than fasting continually, because if you fast every day, what tends to happen is that your body adjusts itself to a new cycle. Right now. It is our norm that we fasted night. We don't really call it fasting, morning, eat in the morning, what do we call that morning meal, break fast breakfast, we're breaking the fast of the night. We haven't eaten all night we slept. So if we fast every day, and that's just a continual thing, then the day will become like the night, you will

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become so used to it, that

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it becomes the norm, you don't feel and experience all of the things that you should feel and experience in the past anymore. It's lost. So that's why it's better to fast the day and break the fast the next. So your body never gets used to it. There's always a challenging aspect to the fast, you're always conscious of the fast, you have to make conscious decisions concerning the fast, this is what is best. So the fast for those who want to fast, continually throughout the year should be the fast of download the fast every other day. And in that way, we can also renew our intention. Make sure we don't end up in an automatic mode, where you're just fasting out of ritual. It's just

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the norm. We eat breakfast, we fast at night, we don't even think about it. Oh, I fasted last night. No, it's just the norm doesn't have any meaning.

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So similarly, we don't want to get into fasting in that way. That's why we only do it in the month of Ramadan. That set once in a year, we fast every single day. Outside of Ramadan, we don't do it.

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Instead, we choose the fast of download. And in that way, that's why the prophet SAW Solomon said that if you don't set your intention before the fast, you really don't have a fast before the beginning of the fast if you have not made the intention, and you just slide into the fast in Ramadan, much of the value of the fast is lost, because it has now just become an automatic ritual for you. You're on automatic pilot, it's a norm. You don't feel it really. You're not really conscious of it. So, so as not to take it in that way. as just a common habit and custom. We are required even in the month of Ramadan, to make an intention every day for the fast. We don't start

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in the beginning of the month of Ramadan. So I'm going to fast all the days. And that's it. We don't need to make any more intentions No. Each day that we go too fast. We should renew our intention to fast in order to keep the fast on a conscious level and not others.

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Allow it to be reduced to an unconscious level, where we're automatically doing things without even thinking about it. So the fast recommended for us outside of Ramadan is the fast in the month of chawan. That is the best fast to do

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in terms of the month of shabaan of Mohammed Salim is to fast more in that month than any other month. But in terms of continual fasting, the best continuous type fast is the fast of Tao Wu Alayhi. Salam, the fast of every other day, we knew our intention for fasting every other day. And that way, the fast stays alive. We stay conscious. We're active spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, we will remain active in our fast and not fall into a sleep mode, where we're just doing things as everybody else does it. It's all prepared around us. It's just the custom. If our fast is reduced to that, then we have lost its meaning. We need to revive fast in our lives fasting

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in Islam is a way of life. With that their viewers would like to thank you for being with us on this episode of the best Islam. We hope that you will continue to follow this series throughout the year. I bid you all farewell and pray for your success. So I want Aiko Rama to lie Rahmatullahi wa barakato si.

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Si see

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when you

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pray, praise him ever

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