Mohammad Elshinawy – Pain is the Bridge to Pleasure

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of suffering from pain and evil existing in the world, including unlocking people's happiness and achieving their goals. They also touch on the importance of experiencing the joy of living in a constant state of being and finding pleasure in the world. The success of tennis players in the world is highlighted, and the theory that culture gathered from a culture of pious and burying important things is discussed. The success of people achieving happiness and happiness for everyone is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of suffering for achieving happiness and helping people feel less proud and less appealing.
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In Alhamdulilah metal and metal polystyrene v want to stop therapy when I was a villa column and Julian fusina say Dr. Molina de la la la modelo de forma

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de La Hoya de la ilaha illallah wa la sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammedan Abu whenever you who are solo yeah you hola Vina I'm an otaku Maha porta potti velata moto nylon Tomasi, mon yohanna suta hora de como la de la comida de wahida wahala caminhada amin humare gel and casier on manisa otter por la la zita ser aluna v he will have him in LA LA LA como la Kiba. Yes, yeah, you had Latina mano de la Hello Hulu Colin sadita useless la kumala como el camino become a la hora Sula, who fukada further frozen albina after praising Allah azza wa jal and testifying that none is worthy of worship with him and him alone. So kind of who was the Allah the Almighty without any partners, and after

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testify of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger whom he said, as a bearer of glad tidings, and a warner and a mercy to all the worlds before the coming of the hour.

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And emergency to all the worlds on the last day in the final hour, we begin by reminding ourselves in you with the tough love, a lot of diligence, being conscious of Allah being dutiful to him, in the manner that he deserves to kind of * with Allah in the most way, and not dying except in a state of complete and total willing and consistent, loving surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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After welcoming everyone back, we've been reflecting on the past few weeks on the wisdoms behind which events occur in the world that are chaotic, or in our lives that are so disturbing.

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And we spoke a bit about the fact that a lot of villages has incredible wisdom that can be observed by the by virtue of by the fact that this entire universe has incredible design, has incredible functionality has incredible sustainability for life.

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And that it was from Allah's wisdom that there be some crunching involve some limiting involved in the luxury, the comfort, the ease the pleasure of this world.

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And of that wisdom, what we discussed last week number one is to determine our ranks in the Hereafter, to be crunched for a moment, to see who are those that will not be crushed by virtue of their faith that keeps them there and their confidence in Allah which anchors them. And we said all four of the profound wisdoms which leads up to you working for your rank through pain, working for your rank through evil, working through your rank on this uphill climb, is you not recognizing not being diluted or confused about the insignificance, the temporary nature, the little value that this world actually has.

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So these are some of the primary wisdoms why pain and suffering exists for our prosperity in the next life to be determined by it, and us not being stopped from succeeding in the next life by misunderstanding the nature of this life. Today, I want to add a few more reflections on wisdoms behind pain, existing frustration, existing, evil existing, and these are wisdoms and benefits that are not even pertained to the next life. Because our Dean does not just say put up with the misery until you get there. There is actually great wisdom, great mercy in pain in evil existing,

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even for us here for our immediate enjoyment in this life. And that will be the discussion of these next few minutes. That pain in this world is necessary for us to experience pleasure in this world.

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And let me summarize that in two points, what do we mean by it? The first of them is that we will not enjoy the things we have.

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Secondly, we will not enjoy the things we accomplish unless we get deprived of some of the things that we have.

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And unless there are obstacles to the accomplishments, I hope it's as simple and clear. So a lot of religion says Kela in an insert inland in Santa little beach be like a new human being certainly towards his Lord. He's always denier he's so ungrateful. This is the prevalent norm and people

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What that means is it has been the buffet buffet my whole life said, yeah. about what I do.

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He only stops to think about why God at calamity, okay? And he doesn't stop to think and list and try to account for all of the blessings.

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And so what happens is that those who are aware of God confidence in God, when they see a calamity, they become the exception to the rule. They start saying, Man, I was actually really blessed. I really overlook the value of these little things, they're actually so big. So they don't see evil in the world. Those who believe in Allah as some unwise objectionable pointless evil,

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unnecessary evil, they see it and see through it as a priceless treasure for us to notice how much good is in our life. This is the counterpart of last week, see, when you see the insignificance of this world through evil, which we spoke about last week, this world is not forever This world is not fulfilling, when you see that once you see the world for what it is have lower expectations of this world, that's when you actually can start enjoying this world.

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You know, it's like that analogy of the rest area.

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If you think the rest area is a good place to build your future, so you show up in the rest area, or you show up in the motel room, and you bring the wood with you and you bring the hammer and you bring the nails. So this person is deluded, they're out of their mind, who builds the house here, not a place to stay, he's going to be forced out soon.

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But once you come to terms that are not going to be here for long, you might as well enjoy the view, you might as well in many distressed areas, great, it's cold drink, there's some shade, there's a fuel station, good stuff. This is the wisdom for for us to experience evil, even in this world. it unlocks our pleasure in this world.

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You know, when we have a certain blessing, and we hear about people that don't have this blessing this nirma

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we may not we may be distracted, right? So we don't feel our mental difference, it would be to actually be like that, right when you hear about these people that are have less than us, or are more deprived enough in one way or another. But then when you see a person you come face to face with them close contact, it is more impactful right than you hearing about them. But Allah knows that what is most beneficial to you is you experiencing a little bit of this yourself.

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Seeing is better than hearing, but feeling living is better than seeing. And so a lot causes us to live disturbances in our life. So that we realize how blessed we are in our life, we may not stop to do that, and enjoy our life without that.

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And that is why it's a panel of people that have so many luxuries in their life. And so many times be the most unhappy with their lives. Because they're not given the most important tool by wisdom from Allah also to appreciate this, which is a hiccup in these pleasures, a hiccup in these comforts.

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You know, speaking about some of the most successful for the most prosperous people in life, but we expect that at least in this regard, he passed the test.

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It was the famous tennis player, I always thought He always comes to mind and I mentioned it, Arthur Ashe, he's supposed to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

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As the end of his life, he had a heart surgery. And he received bad blood, he had bad blood transfusion. And the blood was infected. And he caught the HIV virus.

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He caught AIDS.

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And so so many fans would write letters from all over the world like of all people, you're such a nice guy. You're great athletes. We all love you. You're so nice. Why did God pick you? Of all people? He never became a Muslim to our knowledge, but nonetheless great wisdom to benefit from he saw it right. confidence in God was reinstated through that, as you will see. They said to him, why did God pick you? So he wrote back to that fan of his? He said to him listen,

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there are 50 million people in the world children who try to learn how to play tennis. Okay, and 5 million of them actually learn.

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And 500,000 of them become professional.

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He says and 50,000 of them actually make it to the circuit. They become travelling athletes and they make it to the circuit. The big leagues if you will,

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he says and 5000 of those 50,000 actually make it to a Grand Slam

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Only 50 of those 5000 actually make it to Wimbledon right the top of the top of the top of the tennis world, the most competitive

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tournament, only 50 make it to Wimbledon. And only four of them make it to the semi final fourth. And only two of them make it to the final. And so when I won the finals when I was carrying the Wimbledon trophy on top of my head, I never asked God Why me? Why have all these countless millions I become the number one undisputed tennis player in the world. So today when God chose me for this disease, I will not ask him why me.

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Sometimes it requires something that vicious that turbulent in your life to make you realize you are so blessed. And once again, that's an example that could be misleading. That's an example of the big things, the rare things

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and to be appreciative of a love blessings. This is a mentality. Sort of a moment. It has to be appreciative of the little things. That's what our Dean taught off. You know, when our lives though it when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in La la la de la vignette, an acolyte of Allah. Allah is pleased when his servant is that type of person that when he eats a bite, he thanks a lot for it. Why shabu shabu bata Allah and when he takes a sip or a drink, he praises him for it because if you're not going to do it with the little things, you won't see the big things. And so noticing the little things is something that pain and pinching does for our defense helps us best

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food, drink safety family, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to the other Hadees that we should always rehearse whoever wakes up in the morning secure in his home party than his body, he can get up and walk out he can move around he can reach pardons in his body has today's meal, then it's as if this entire world for candy machines at level dounia B has a theory. It's as if this entire world was gathered for him from its farthest corners.

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You know, last year I've had

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a very dear brother of mine in New York City who I worked with from the Dow for a while.

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Due to a chronic illness lost his daughter, mahalo, Darla. She was a half of the Quran May Allah make Kirsty Jen in general and opened the doors of agenda for her parents.

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She was 19 years old,

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or in that range. And I was unable to attend her agenda as I was at Hajj. And people were relaying back to me some very difficult

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recalls of some of the things he said. And we expect that he's a very pious brother have a rare strand of brothers that I've ever met.

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And he was saying on top of the grave of his daughters, he was burying her, don't be afraid, don't be sad. Your approach approaching a God who is most merciful, more merciful with you than we are with you, who care about you more than us. And then he said, and I thank him for giving you to me for 19 years when I didn't deserve a moment of them.

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Sometimes it requires something that difficult to get you to realize something that's simple. You don't deserve your son's You don't deserve your doctors, you don't deserve to be alive. You didn't ask a lot to give you life. He gave it to you. And then gave us so many things that we didn't ask of him. So I know a doll. And then we overlook that and we get caught up and like frustrated these little things, these details. And sometimes things have to disappear from our life for us to value them. So that even this life can become somewhat enjoyable.

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Hola Callie has our stuff about all the money welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva La ilaha illallah wa, bajo la sharika calahonda, Donna Mohammed an avid who want to be you who are solo.

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This world becomes pleasurable. On some level because of pain. The pain that happens we said when we lose out on the things we want head. But we said the other category you wanted to think about as we exit the hotel, but I will not be able to give it as much time as the initial one is the pain of not being able to do what we thought we could do or what we wanted to do. In other words, the pleasure of accomplishment would not exist if the difficulties of struggle didn't exist.

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You know if there wasn't earthquakes and tsunamis, these heroes that risked their lives to help others would not be celebrated. Right. If there were

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not fear so much fear, then what would be the meaning of courage? This person is not brief, right?

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If there is no bitterness, sourness to some aspects of our life, then what the sweet even mean? Like, can you imagine a world without any of this? A world without temptation, that difficult feeling to make the choice or not to make the choice? That is what makes the Triumph right. Yeah, you won the war against your temptations, so pleasurable. And so sometimes, you know, we get bogged down with these people who may who don't know what they're asking for. We said, this is the number one fighted thing that atheists like to talk about. Objection, that why did God let there be so much evil in the world?

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So what are you asking for? A world without evil is a world where there's no good those things a good human being human, excellent, but enjoying you forget to hear after which is most important, because we spoke about that last week here. What does human excellence look like?

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You know what it would mean, for no one to be disadvantaged, you know, what that world would look like?

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For no one to make any bad choice or hurt any person or to struggle in any way. That means we would basically not be human anymore, we would have to be robot so that we are no longer able to do wrong. That means we can only do right, that means we're not doing Allah is treating us like the traffic lights, he turns us on and off. We're like that robot or that doll that even our emotions are not ours. It's just manipulation. Right? It becomes like a simulation, that's head game. That's all that it would be.

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Nobody would be disadvantage. You know what that means? That means nobody would be different.

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Nobody would be less smart than anybody else. less beautiful than anybody else. less wealthy than anybody else. Let less anything than anybody else. Nobody would die. Right? Nobody would get sick. Nobody would struggle. Nobody would seek to learn anything, cuz there's nothing someone doesn't know. Right? And so this is a deaf blind dead world than that we think a law only exists in the imagination in the demands of the atheist. Who wants this, a wanting to make the world like that. Why do you think people that when they retire, they struggle with depression, because there's no more purpose at the end of the month, to make ends meet and make sure my family's taken care of when

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you lose that sense of objective, right? That drive to grind into Do you also lose the life becomes tasteless. And so I will close there and took an extra two minutes today. Why is the world so messed up? This world is perfect. It is perfectly fit to suit its objectives are not destined an ounce a degree in the grander scheme of things have an uphill climb of adversity, so this life become pleasurable, and so that we reach a world of unending pleasure and prosperity in the next so that we climb the staircase to greatness.

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In the levina I'm Anwar milosavljevic hottie like

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those who believe through it all, and work righteousness against it all. They are those who are the best of creation. May Allah help us climb and understand and they are love bring the best out of us using these things that are most difficult for us sometimes, mail log though did Forgive us, mail love better our character and better our recognition of Him. May Allah make us of the most confident of his creation him so kind of what the Allah and of those who must properly rely on him. May Allah protect us and our families and the Muslims every world everywhere and read the world of this COVID virus and particularly guard are young brothers and sisters that are returning to school in the

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coming weeks from this virus. May Allah send for them security a special security from him in front of them and behind them on their rights on their left and everywhere they go. Aloha mahalo Shama, Oshima, bonamassa muslimeen Why is that Islam Ansari Muslim in de la Vela Mata one more tardiness Allah Allah Azza wa barakaatuh Bina Muhammad Ali. He was off the edge Marian.

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